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History Benchmark


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3/5ths Compromise
slave=3/5ths of a white for taxes and representation in government
Act of Toleration
Free Worship for Protestants and Catholics in the colonies
*For Articles of Confederation *Against strong national government
Articles of Confederation
1 Written American government *weak national government *weak military
Battle of Saratoga
Battle where we gained France as an ally
Bill of Rights
First Ten Ammendments to the Constitution (individual rights)
Boston Massacre
British soldiers kill who were protesting the Tea Act
Carolina Colonies were founded for:________________________________________________________________
Farming and Trade
Written document giving permission to settle an area
Columbian Exchange
spread of people, diseases and ideas around the world
*Written by James Madison *Written form of government
Constitutional Monarchy
Government ruled by royal family butlimited by constitution and parliment
Decleration of Independence
Written document declaring American Independence
*For Constitution *For Strong Nation government
Free-Market Economy
free trade
Georgia was founded by:_________________________________________________________________
Criminals and refugees
House of Burgesses
Representative body established in Jamestown colony
Inalienable Rights
God given rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
1st Colony
Lexington and Concord
First Battles of the American Revolution
Loyal to England
Magna Carta
*in 1200's English Written document encouraging limited power in government and life, liberty, and property
Mason-Dixon Line
Line dividing Maryland and Pennsylvania
Mayflower Compact
Written document stating the Pilgrims agreed to settle a colony and stay loyal to England
Mercantalism was important to the establishment of the colonies.... why?
Provided natural recources for England
Middle Colonies
Pennsylvania, New York, Deleware, New Jersey
Government ruled by royal family
Name the economic differences. New England Colonies:_____________ Middle Colonies:__________________ Southern Colonies:________________
New England Colonies:industry_____ Middle Colonies:__cash crops______ Southern Colonies:__farming_____
Navigation Acts
Act passed by England that regulated American Colony Trade
New England Colonies
Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut
New Jersey Plan
Government with 1 legislative house
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Created Northwest territory *North of Ohio River and West of Mississippi River
Northwest passage
A route to Asia through Americas
Patrick Henry
Famouse patriot with the Sons of Liberty and against the constitution
Against English Rule
Philadelphia Convention of 1787
Meeting to write the Constitution
Large Farm using slave labor
Proclamation of 1763
Made the Applachian Mountains the boundary for the colonies
Quartering Act
Forced colonists to house British soldiers
Salutory Neglect
Neglection of the American Colonists to make them self relient
Shay's Rebellion
Demonstarted a need for a stronger military and CENTRAL government
Southern Colonies
Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina
Stamp Act
Act on printed Goods so to make money to protect the colonies
Sugar Act
Lowered tax on molasses to reduce smuggling
Tax on imported and exported goods
The Great Compromise satisfied both large and small states by making a ___ house_________
a 2 house government one based on population the other not
Thomas Paine
Wrote Common Sense and encouraged American colonists to join in the fight against Britain
Treaty of Paris 1783
Meeting in France where England recognized America as an independent nation
Virginia Plan
Government with 2 legislative houses
Final battle of the American Revolution where America won.

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