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Sociology terms


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activities of daily living (ADLs)
Personal care activities, including bathing, dressing, getting into and out of bed, walking indoors, and using the toilet.
Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)
A federal program of financial assistance to low-income families, commonly known as "welfare" until it was replaced by Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) in 1996
Maintenance payments from an ex-husband to an ex-wife.
androgynous behavior
Behavior that has the characteristics of both genders.
assigned kinship
Kinship ties that people more or less automatically acquire when they are born or when they marry.
assortative marriage
The tendency of people to marry others similar to themselves.
authoritarian style (of parenting)
A parenting style in which parents combine low levels of emotional support with coercive attempts at control of their children.
authoritative style (of parenting)
A parenting style in which parents combine high levels of emotional support with consistent, moderate control of their children.
The acknowledged rigth of someone to supervise and control others' behavior.
baby boom
The large number of people born during the late 1940s and 1950s.
In Native American societies, a man or woman who dressed like, performed the duties of, and behaved like a member of the opposite sex.
bilateral kinship
A system in which descent is reckoned through both the mother's and father's lines.
biosocial approach (to gender differences)
The theory that gender identification and behavior are based in part on people's innate biological differences.
block grant
A fixed amount of money that the federal government gives each state to spend on a set of programs.
boundary ambiguity
A situation in which people are uncertain about who is in thier family and what roles these people play.
care work
Face-to-face activity in which one person meets the needs of another who cannot fully care for her- or himself.
centralizing women
Women who specialize in maintaining the links of kinship.
child abuse
Serious physical harm (trauma, sexual abuse with injury, or willful malnutrition) of a child by an adult, with intent to injure.

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