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CS Ch20- Latin America


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Capital of the Mayan Empire
Spanish conquerers of Latin America
people of mixed European and Native American ancestry

-grassy plains in South America

-Argentina to Uruguay 

knotted string used by the Incas to keep records
local traditions that divide people in a region or country
tierra caliente

-"hot land"

-climate in Latin American lowland

-Yucatan Peninsula to Amazon Basin


tierra fria

-"cold land"

-climate in Latin American highland areas (6000 feet)

-Mexico City, Bogota


tierra templada

-"temperate land"

-climate in Latin American plateau regions (3000-6000 feet)

-Mexico, Andes valleys

-coffee, tobacco 

Tropical Climate

-75% of Latin America

-wet climate 

What are the three mountain ranges in Latin America?

-Andes: second highest mountain range

-Sierra Madre West: along Mexico's Pacific coast

-Sierra Madre East: near the Gulf of Mexico 

What creates regionalism?
Mountains and other landforms
What is the largest lowland?
Amazon Basin: occupies 40% of South America, has the largest rainforest
What is the Ring of Fire? Why is it important?

-ring of volcanoes

-pressure builds which causes earthquake and eruptions without warning

-destroys areas nearby 

What is the Rio de la Plata used for?

Farmers and ranchers on the pampas use it to send grain, meat and hides to world markets

 (industrial trade) 

Why didn't people live near the Amazon River until 1950?
the hot climate, thick vegetation and flooding made living there without technology difficult
Why is the Orinoco River important to South America?
creates a pathway through rainforests and plains

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