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Who built and designed the houses in Levittown?
William and Alfred Levitt
Why were the houses built here?
There was a house shortage on the East Coast after WWII.
Why was it over populated?
The houses were built to support the Baby Boomers.
Where was the house shortage concentrated?
Why didn't Levitt build the houses in Trenton?
There was not enough room, already very crowded.
How did BillLevitt make his name?
He helped his father, Abraham Levitt, build Levittown, PA.
Where was was the first Levittown built?
New York
What was Levitt's plan?
He would build 17,311 houses between Routes 1 and 13. They would be built cheaply and quickly.
Who was the target consumer of these houses.
Steel workers and their families.
What method was the building of the Levittown houses based off of.
Assembly Line method- one job at a time, keeps moving.
What was the average rate of houses built a day?
18 in the morning and 18 at night
What was different about the Levittown in New York and the one in Pennsylvania.
New York was improvised, while Pennsylvania was planned, down to every sewer grating, and every shrub.
Name an advantage for American fanmilies living in Levittown.
A child would never have to cross a major highway to get to school.
What two styles of housing were used in these developments.
Ranchers and Cape Cods
What was a common aspect of the developments.
All of the streets' names began with the development's first letter. In Quincy Hollow all of streets start with Q's
What was Levittown's dirty secret.
No black families allowed.
After the families moved in, what made the houses different?
People began to add their own individual touches, turned the car ports into bedrooms and added bathrooms.

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