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pre colombian americas


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which statemtnet about the incan society is not true?
developed a written language of glyphs
what evidence suggests that the norte chico had developed a strong central gob?
the construction of roads, cities, and canals
which of the following statements about the toltecs is true?
they shared common gods/religous beliefs with aztecs
which statement does not describe the city of teotihuacan?
the cultural center of the zapotecs?
which accomplishment of early american civilizations shows knowledge of astronomy?
development of 365 day calendar
how were the norte chico and chavin civilizations similar?
they built stone temples
how were the norte chico and the moche civilizations similar?
they built canals to water crops
which ancient culture of americas inhabited parts of present day ecuador, peru, chile, bolivia, and argentina?
the purpose of the ayllu in incan society was to?
manage agricultural land use and organinze labor
why did many early american civilizations build pyramids?
to honor rulers and please gods
what was the significance of the reign of the incan ruler atahualpa?
he was the last independent incan ruler
which olmec creation was adopted by most early mexican culture?
a game played with a hard rubber ball on a court
what was a significant about the structure of the mayan government?
it included a number if independent city states with competing rulers
how did the aztecs strengthen their empire?
strong allaince with neighboring civilizations
early civilizations of mexico used the solar portion of the 52 year calendar round to?
plan farming seasons

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