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ABeka History 11 - Chapter 1 - Section 1 and 2 Review


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(10, 1.0) What invention brought Europe out of the Dark Ages? Who invented it and when?
the movable-type printing press; Johann Gutenberg, about 1440
(10, 1.0) Who began the Protestant Reformation and when?
Martin Luther, in 1517
(10, 1.0) How did the first Americans probably reach North America?
by way of a land bridge across the Bering Strait
(10, 1.0) Explain how the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation helped set the stage for the discovery and development of North America.
The Renaissance led to advances in the science of navigation with the development of more accurate maps, improved rudders, the astrolabe, and the compass. The movable-type printing press was also invented during this time, making the Bible more accessible to the common man. The revival of Biblical Christianity throughout Europe during the Protestant Reformation influenced many groups of people that would later settle in America, giving the colonists a strong Christian heritage rooted in the Word of God.
(10, 1.0) What were the three most advanced civilizations to develop in the Western Hemisphere?
the Mayas, Astecs, and Incas
(10, 1.0) As trade with the Orient increased, what new social class arose in Europe?
the middle class
(13, 2.0) Name the Portuguese explorer who sailed all the way around Africa to India in 1498.
Vasco da Gama
(13, 2.0) Name the three ships Columbus led on his first voyage to the New World.
Niña, Pinta, and the Santa Maria
(13, 2.0) What imaginary line divided newly discovered lands between Spain and Portugal? Who originally drew this line?
Line of Demarcation; Pope Alexander VI
(13, 2.0) Who finally agreed to finance Columbus's expedition?
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
(13, 2.0) Who is credited with being the first to realize that Columbus had discovered a new continent?
Amerigo Vespucci
(10, 1.0) What were the four greatest nations to emerge in Western Europe?
England, France, Spain, and Portugal
(10, 1.0) List three important effects the Crusades had upon world history.
They revived European interest in trade with the Orient; they gave rise to the middle class; they served as a model for the conquest of the New World.

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