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Hawaiian Culture


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hale aina
women and young boys eating house
the puuhonua is a place of refuge
what is a lei niho palaoa?
lei made of human hair with a whale tooth as the pendant (symbol of royalty)
what is an example of dualism?
land and sea, male and female, night and day
kuula/koa is a...
fishing shrine
what is a hookupu?
an offering
what was a konohiki?
a lesser chief who managed ahupuaa
lama wood/ hula goddess
hale moe
sleeping house (hale noa)
what are the laws pertaining to niaupio marriages?
only the alii could do it (brother/sister marriage)
mapele is and agricultural heiau used to worship ku
false; lono
kalo god of peace and harvest
what is the hawaiian alphabet?
fertility/ motherhood
hoola is a...
healing heiau, medicine plants grew around, and found in each moku
hee god of ocean/ ocean wind
what are the 3 points of the polynesian triangle?
hawaii, new zealand, and rapa nui
femininity/ wahine
what is mookuauhau?
family geneology
kona winds
god of fishing/ fishermen
ilio/ god of all manly things
a moku is...
a district
what is it called when you get a w sound?
w glide
what is and underground oven?
who are the 4 akua?
ku, kane, lono, kanaloa
kii: kona
most elaborate
pliku is a higher ranking kahuna then kanalu
alii, makaainana, and kaua were considered as what?
hawaiian society
what were the different types of kahuna and what did they do?
laau lapaau, ana ana, kuhkuhipuuone, and kahuna nui. experts in medicine, agriculture, etc.
ahupuaa were marked by what?
altar with pig carving and group of kauhale
hale pea
where women stayed when they had their mai
puukohola was built in ewa, oahu
kii: post
marked a sacred boundary
mana is...
spiritual power
what is the lonos kinolau?
uala, ipu, kukui, and rain clouds
what were the different ranks of alii?
malama akua enforce
kii: slab
oldest style
what is it called when you exchange mana through breath?
what were the roles of the makaainana in the hawaiian society?
farmers work force
wai (freshwater) creator of nature
what is the 2 main divisions of kumulipo?
night and day
what was the class of kaua considered?
class with no mana; outcasts
when makahiki ended lono went back to kahiki and ku returned
kama lani was a term for being polite
hale kuku
house where women made kapa
a koi is used to chop down trees
what are the rules and prohibitions of the kapu system for?
preserve natural resources
a kahuna kuhikuhi puuone was called upon if a chief was looking to build an entirely new luakini heiau
true; architect
hale mua
mens eating house
malama aina was important to hawaiians because...
they felt that they were related to the land

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