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As defined, 1/4 of American children are ___________.
Related to amount of __________, we have leading to feeling hungry sooner than those of same weight because more signals are being sent to ____________ in brain.
adipose tissue
__________ year olds need 2,000 calories a day.
GMS (Gross Motor Skills)=
Still improvements in myelination of neurons connecting cerebellum to cortex
The mose important factor in athletic performance is __________.
reaction time which gradually improves from early childhood to about age 18, but then begins to increase again (become slower) in adulthood.
But ___________ year olds still outperform young children in gross motor skills.
FMS (Fine motor skills) improvements in middle school children are:
tying shoe laces, holding pencils, fasten buttons, zippers, brush teethm coordinate
Large gender differences in motor skills during middle school children are more due to __________.
-the pressure is on boys to be athletic
26-65% of children who have __________ have one dyslexic parent and 40% in siblings.
Teh owl saw a brid.
(The owl was a bird)
example of dyslexia
Genetic factors seem to be involved in __________.
__________ in left hemisphere of the brain also may be smaller in dyslexic children.
Faulty writing hypothesis
It is also hypothesized that children with dyslexia learn the alphabet in the __________ hemisphere of the brain instead of the left.
-problem with part of the brain is responsible for dyslexia
Recent evidence shows more __________ in prevalence between sexes with dyslexia.
__________ and __________ combine so some kids are predisposed for sports.
Inborn talents and experience
What is obesity?
-Disorders characterized by excessive accumulation of fat
High correlations exist between obesity in children and obesity in adults. True or False?
Research shows that even __________ children show negative attitudes towards overweight people.
Obesity leads to:
1. rejection by peers
2. usually perform poorly in schools
3. Are less popular as adolescents
4. are less likely to be found attractive by peers of the other sex.
Middle school children that are obese also are more likely to be __________ and __________ than peers of normal weight.
depressed and anxious
Obesity runs in families. True of False?
Research suggests that obese children inherit a tendency to turn their extra calories into fat, and other studies show childhood experiences to have little effect on adult weight. True of False?
Family, peers, and other environmental factors are likely to influence dietary behavior. True of False.
__________ and __________ eating may also play a part in obesity.
Emotional and Stress
Children are considered to have a __________ when they are performing below the level expected for their age and level of intelligence.
Learning disorder
Children with learning disorders are more likely than other children to have __________.
Children with learning disorders may not communicate as well with their peers, have poorer __________, show more __________ in the classroom and are more likely to experience emotional problems.
have poorer social skills; behavioral problems in the classroom
__________ are difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities.
Learning disabilities
The __________ is the setting most similar to that of children without special needs.
least restrictive environment
__________ is an educational approach in which exceptional children are integrated to the greatest extent possible into the traditional education's system and are provided with a broad range of educational alternatives.
The integration of all students, even those with the most severe disabilities into regular classes as well as every other aspect of school and community life is called __________.
full inclusion
You are a researcher studying nutrition in children. Which of the following is most likely false?
Children who have poor nutrition have more moderate activity levels than their peers who received more nutrients.
Chad's obesity can be linked to his poor diet, lack of __________, and continual television watching.
You are the parent of an overweight child. Which of the following should you NOT do to encourage him or her to become more physically active?
Push to have your child get involved in organized sports.

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