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Geography ch.18


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Iran used to be called ____.
The people of Armenia are called ____.
The people of Afghanistan are called ____. They are not ___ and most are ____.
Afghanis, Arabs, Muslims
What are the 4 most populated cities?
Cairo, Alexandria,Baghdad, Casablanca
Define: hieroglyphics
Egyptian writting system using pictures and symbols to represent words and sounds
The Phonecians are known for achieving what? Where did they settle?
alphabet, phonics(letters stand for sounds); Lebanon and Israel
What is the largest ethnic group?
In Turkey the people are called ____. They are not _____ and most are ____.
Turks, Arabs, Muslims
what are the three most populated countries?
Turkey, Iran, Egypt
define: ethnic diversity
a difference in peoples based on their origins, languages, or beliefs
Define: qanats
underground canals
The Persians lived in ____ and they built ____.
Persia and qanats
Define: mosques
houses of public worship
The followers of Christianity are called ____ and they worship in a ___.
Christians, church
8 countries have what as their government?
Libya has what as their goverment?
military dictatorship
Iran government is based on what?
Islamic laws
Define: Yom Kippur
day of atonement, day of fasting & nearly unbroken prayer, asks for forgiveness of sins committed in the past year.
Most Arabs are ____.
What is Iran's nickname?
Land of the Aryans
What are the two types of muslims?
what year was Israel established?
to take plants and animals from the wild and make them useful to people
What are the Sumerians known for achieving?
-engineering, cuniform, and soil science
Define: monotheism
the belief in one god
Define: nationalism
the right of each people to have its own independent nation
define: nationalized
placed under government control, the foreign- owned oil companies in their countries
The Islams are ___. Their holy city is ___ and their worship place is the ___. They also worship the god ___. Their holy book is the ____.
Muslims, Mecca, Mosque, Allah, Quran
Iraq has what as their goverment?
What are two examples of countries that have a monarchy as their government?
Jordan and Saudi Arabia
Define: Passover
celebration the exodus of moses leading the Israelites out of bondage from Egypt& theirreturn accross the Red Sea
Define: hanukkah
Festival of Lights, celebration of the rededication of the temple of Jerusalem
What are the only two countries that do not have a muslim majority?
Israel and Cyprus
What are the only two countries with Christians?
Lebanon and Cyprus
---% of Christians live in this area.
__% of people are Sunni Muslims in this area.
____% of the people are Shitte Muslims in this area.
__% of the people in this area are Jewish.
___% of people in this area are Muslims.
What are the three wealthiest countries?
Israel, Quatar, and Saudi Arabia
What are the two poorest countries?
Afghanistan, and Egypt
Define: Zigirat
mud brick temples
Define: Beduin
desert marketplace
define: suq
Why are the muslims and Jews fighting?
They both want pocession over the land.
The people of Iran are called ____. They speak ____. They are also ____ Muslims.
Iranians, Farsi, Shitte
____ is the most densly populated country with ____ p.s.m
Bahrain, 2400
Define: cuneiform
summerian writting system using wedge-shaped symbols pressed into clay tablets
What are the Egyptians known for achieving?
365 day calendar, hieroglyphics, and the building of pyramids
Define: prophet
In Judaism, ___ made the city of ____ their holy city. They worship in a ____ and believe in the ____. They are also ____ which means belief in one god.
Jews, Jerusalem, synagogue, Torah, monotheistic
In the year ____ AD, ____, one of god's prophets who lived in ____, believed that people should change their ways and believe in one true god.
600, Muhammed, Saudi Arabia
Israel has a ____ as their government
parliamentery democracy
Egypt has what as their goverment?
Define: the fast of Ramandan
Islamic holy month in which Muslims fast all day

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