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American Heritage 100 III


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15th Amend
enfranchisement of all black men
16th amend
Progressives: income tax
17th amend
Progressives: Popular election of Senators
19th amend
Women can vote; women's suffrage
New Deal alphabet program; Federal Deposit sfety net of $100,000.
1987 stock crash
no bank runs
Limits of new Deal
created more gov't beaurocrats
didn't end GD (WWII did)
gov't expansion
Accomplishments of New Deal
helped ppl psychologically
-work programs helped economically
architects for religious freedom
Public Goods
lighthouses, nat'l defense
Pollution, vaccine, Hershey PA
severe recession
fiscal policy
gov't uses public expenditures and taxes to offset/eliminate expected decline
Monetary policy
Federal Reserve (nat'l bank) increases $ supply and thus pushes down interest rates
Republican, only committed to small gov't in PRINCIPLE, not in action
CLIP Republicans
Breech of Contract, Pork barrel projects skyrocketed
Bush's political model
Powerful gov't
Patriot Act
2005 Fed. deficit
$319 billion
2006 projected deficit
$423 billion (a record)
What do we tend to do when we want freedom from fear?
Grow central gov't
Why should I care about politics?
Gov't growth; debts will come due at some point; prophets tell us to
Who spreads the contagion of liberty?
CLIP citizen responsibility
Vanderbuilt University
CLIP Spread of Liberty?
no; christian death sentence in Afghanistan; Taliban gone but culture remains
CLIP Inclusion?
Merry Christmas--Happy Holidays, those who fight againsts this
CLIP Sesame Street
All I need to know I learned in Sesame Street
Challenges to Jim Crow
-1954 Brown v. Board of Edu.
civil disobedience- blacks are not challenging the Supreme Court, they are upholding nat'l law by exposing contradictions in state/local laws
Brown's Impact
rise of massive resistance with white citizens councils; put the 'supreme law of the land' behind the movement
Montgomery, AL bus boycott
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Bus boycott significant because:
-got grassroots ppl involved as well as others on nat'l scale
CLIP local authorities resist nat'l law
Little Rock, AK Central High School; Eisenhower sends in nat'l guard to control state troops
-Birmingham, AL
-June 11: JFK urges support for civil rights legislation
-June 12: dramatically, Medgar Evans shot dead
-Peaceful march on DC
MLK I have a dream speech
SNCC leader
John Lewis
Malcolm X
Separatist, anti-white
MLK becomes nat'l hero
CLIP Just one man -U2

voice of AA in South and in North/Harlem
Civil Rights Movement inspired
-Women's movement
-Gay rights movement
-Environmental movement
Environmental movement
-turn to grassroots
-major demonstrations; Earth day (1970)
-Ask Fed. gov't to extend reach (EPA established, 1970)
CLIP Env. movement and Civ. Rights Movem.
Soilent green; Earth will vomit
--> they were wrong!!!!
Civil Rights Act
Jan 1964
-outlawed discrimination in public accomodations/ employment
Watts riots
LA nieghborhood race riots provoked by northern A.A. sufferings: economic inequality and police brutality
Huey Newton; Black Pantehers
"Revolution--time to pick up the gun"
caused white backlash

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