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poetry term quiz


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imaginary gardens with real toads in them
anything in the poem you can experience through your senses
create effective word pictures, poets often make special comparisons called figrures of speech
figures of speech
compares one thing to something unlike it using like or as
makes a comparison without using like or as
makes a comparison in which something that is not human is described with human qualities
makes exaggerated comparisons for the effect
devices poets use to make their poems sound pleasing to the ear
sounds of poetry
the repeating of the beginning consonant sounds
the repetition of vowel sounds
the repetition of consonant sounds anywhere in the words
the rhyming of the owrds at teh ends of two or more lines of poetry
end rhyme
the rhyming of words in the middle of lines
internal rhyme
the use of words whose sounds make you think of their meanings
the repeating of a word or a phrase to add rhythm, or to emphasize a certain idea
the way the poem flows from one idea to the next
a poem that tells a story
five lines in lenth with a certain number of syllables or words in each
two-line verse form that usually rhymes and expresses one thought
a poem in which states a poet's sadness about the death of an important person
a long story poem which describes the adventures of a hero
poetry which does not include patterned ryhme or rhythm
free verse
type of Japanese poetry about nature
funny verse in five lines
song-like poem which uses sensory details yo express personal feelings
a long poem lyric that is deep in feeling and rich in poetic devices and imagery
fourteen- line poem which states a poet's personal feelings
a form of poetry which states a creative of humorous idea using part of the alphabet, often written as a list
alphabet poetry
a form of humorous or light verse created by Edmund Clerihew
clerihew poetry
petry in which the shape or design helps express the meaning or feeling of teh poem
concrete poetry
poetry that defines a word or an idea creatively
definition poetry
each line in this type of poem answers one of teh 5 W's
five W's (headline poetry)
a form of poetry which lists words or phrases
list poetry
formed using letters of a name or a word to begin each line of the poem
name poetry (acrostic poem)
states an idea with a list of phrases
phrase poetry
each line in this type of poem describes a subject using one of teh senses
sensory poetry
a form of humorous verse made up of two words that rhyme and have the same number of syllables
terse verse
form of poetry in which letters that spell the subject of poem are used to begin each line
title- down poetry

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