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GRE Master Words XV


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Rostrum (n)
platform for speech-making; pulpit
Retrench (v)
cut down; economize
Restive (adj)
restlessly impatient; obstinately resisting control
Rider (n)
amendment or clause added to a legislative bill
Rebus (n)
puzzle in which pictures stand for words
Respite (n)
interval of relief; time of rest; delay in punishment
Rubric (n)
title or heading (in red print); religious directions; protocol
Ratiocination (n)
reasoning; act of drawing conclusions from premises
Riddle (v)
pierce with holes; permeate or spread throughout
Rejoinder (n)
retort; comeback; reply
Remonstrance (n)
protest; objection
Renegade (n)
deserter; traiter
Refulgent (adj)
brightly shining
Raucous (adj)
harsh and shrill; boisterous
Remiss (adj)
Revile (v)
vilify; attack with abusive language
Rotunda (n)
circular building or hall covered with a dome
Rotundity (n)
sonorousness of speech; roundness
Retiring (adj)
modest; shy
Rococo (adj)
ornate; highly decorated
Rhapsodize (v)
to speak or write in an extravagantly enthusiastic manner
Redolent (adj)
fragrant; odorous; suggestive of an odor
Reverie (n)
daydream; musing
Recidivism (n)
habitual return to crime
Rectitude (n)
probity; uprightness
Ravel (v)
fall apart into tangles; unravel; untwist; entange
Regatta (n)
boat or yacht race
Roil (v)
to render (water, wine, etc.) turbid by stirring up sediment; to disturb
Requite (v)
repay; revenge
Rancid (adj)
having the odor of stale fat
Retinue (n)
following; attendants
Ribald (adj)
wanton; profane
Roseate (adj)
rosy; optimistic
Reprove (v)
rebuke; censure
Rile (v)
vex; muddy
Redoubtable (adj)
formidable; causing fear
Remission (n)
forgiveness or pardon; temporary moderation of disease, symptoms, cancellation of a debt
Ramify (v)
divide into branches or subdivisions
Reprise (n)
musical repetition; repeat performance; recurrent activity
Ramification (n)
branching out; subdivision
Repartee (n)
clever reply
Rebuke (v)
scold harshly; criticize severely
Recapitulate (v)
Runic (adj)
mysterious; set down in an ancient alphabet
Regeneration (n)
spiritual rebirth
Repine (v)
fret; complain
Retrograde (v)
go backwards; degenerate
Retentive (adj)
holding, having a good memory
Rakish (adj)
stylish; sporty
Recrimination (n)

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