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World Civilizations Test One


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What was the Hebrew "covenant"?
Hebrew's contract with their God
When was the Hebrew "covenant"?
during the New Kingdom
Signifance of the Hebrew "covenant"?
Idea of monotheism

Worship only Yahweh and in return he would protect them and give them land.
Who were the Phoenicians?
A semantic people
When were the Phoenicians around?
during the New Kingdom
Signifance of the Phoenicians?
They developed new sea routes and introduced new trade good from their explorations.
They developed an alphabet which used letters to to designate speech sounds that has been passed on to western civilization.
What was Zoroastrainism?
Persian religion
Where was Zoroastrainism?
during the Persian empire
Signifance of Zoroastrainism?
This brought in the idea of monotheism. Also, it introduced many ideas central to Christianity such as the struggle between good and evil, belief in angels, a final judgment, an afterlife, and a Messiah.
Who was Yahweh?
Hebrew God
Signifance of Yahweh?
This brought in the idea of monotheism. Yahweh was not depicted in human form. He created nature but was not in it.
What was the Kingdom of Judah?
A city conquered by the Babylonians
When was the Kingdom of Judah?
586 BC
Signifance of the Kingdom of Judah?
The Jewish temple inside the kingdom was destroyed and the Jews were taken as slaves.
What was mummification?
Egyptian process for embalming the dead
Where was mummification done?
When was mummification done?
during the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom
Signifance of mummification?
The Egyptians believed that their body had to preserved for afterlife. At the beginning it was only for nobility but then others could get it if they could afford it.
What was the Nile?
A river
Where was the Nile?
What is signifance of the Nile?
This river provided transportation and a means of communication. The Egyptians view it as a life giving source. It acts as a natural border and its floods left rich black soil.
What was the Tigris and the Euphrates?
Two rivers in Mesopotamia
Where the Tigris and the Euphrates?
Significance of the Tigris and the Euphrates?
The Tigris and the Euphrates acted as a restraining force on the political development of Mesopotamia. They made it difficult for the different areas to unite.
Who was Cyrus the Great?
He created the Persian empire.
Where was Cyrus the Great?
in modern day Iran
Significance of Cyrus the Great?
He is successful because he treats people he conquers with respect and tolerance. He allows the Hebrews to return to their homeland.
What were hieroglyphics?
sacred writings
When were hieroglyphics?
during the Old Kingdom
Significance of hieroglyphics?
These carvings served a spiritual purpose. They depicted a journey to the afterlife.
What was the Hyksos invasion?
An invasion of Northern Egypt
When was the Hyksos invasion?
during the Middle Kingdom
Significance of the Hyksos invasion?
They introduced bronze tools, the composite bow, and the horse drawn chariot. These allowed them to dominate the Egyptians until they learned to make them themselves.
Who was Akhenaton?
An Egyptian Phoaroh
When did Akhenaton reign?
during the New Kingdom
Significance of Akhenaton?
He changed Egyptian religion from polythesism to monothesism. He ignored all other duties besides religious duties. As a result, the Egyptian empire starts to crumble.
Who were the Minoans?
sea going/sea trading people from Crete
When did the Minoans live?
during Ancient Greece
Signifance of the Minoans?
They wrote in Linear A which we cannot read yet. We have found evidence of indoor plumbing.
What was Mycanae? and when?
city in Ancient Greece
Significance of Mycanae?
They their neighbors, the Minoans, and wiped their biggest trade competitor. They eventually turn on each other and enter a Dark Age.
What was the Iliad and the Odyssey?
They were stories written by Homer about the wars of Ancient Greece.
When were the Iliad and the Odyssey written?
During Ancient Greece
Significane of the Iliad and the Odyssey?
The Greeks based their moral codes and their behavior on the teachings of these two writings.

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