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Chapter 7

Wheelock's Latin


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amor, amoris
m. love
terra, -ae
f. earth, ground, land, country
virtus, virtutis
f. manliness, courage, excellence, character
tempus, temporis
n. time, occasion
rex, regis
m. king
corpus, corporis
n. body
audeo, audere, ausus sum
to dare
homo, hominis
m. human being, man
civitas, civitatis
f. state, citizenship
pax, pacis
f. peace
labor, laboris
m. labor, work, toil
uxor, uxoris
f. wife
carmen, carminis
n. song, poem
novus, -a, -um
new, strange
+ acc. after, behind
nomen, nominis
n. name
mos, moris
m. habit, custom, manner; pl. habits, character
littera, -ae
f. a letter of the alphabet; pl. a letter
+ abl./acc. under, up under
neco (1)
to murder, kill
regina, -ae
f. queen
virgo, virginis
f. maiden, virgin

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