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Force & Motion 1

FOSS Force & Motion Vocabulary 1


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An interaction between masses; a force exerted for a period of time: F X ∆t.
The property of mass that resists change of motion. Large masses have a lot of inertia.
acceleration (a)
Change of velocity per unit of time.
initial position (xi)
The position of an object at the start of a motion.
final position (xf)
The position of an object at the end of a motion.
force (F)
An interaction between masses. A push or pull.
distance (d)
The amount of change of position between an initial position and a final position; always a positive number.
gravity (g)
The force due to gravitational attraction between Earth and other masses.
air resistance
The force exerted by air molecules on objects moving through air.
delta (∆)
The fourth letter in the Greek alphabet; the symbol indicates change: final state minus initial state.
A mathematical statement showing relationships between quantifable variables.
A force acting between surfaces in contact. Friction acts to resist
average speed
The theoretical constant speed at which an object would have to travel in order to go a given distance in a given period of time. Total distance divided by total time.
displacement (∆x)
The amount and direction of change of position
Action between two (or more) objects that affects both objects.
constant speed
Speed that does not vary over time.
A rolling car that records time and distance data as it moves. Data can be recorded mechanically by making an ink dot on paper at regular intervals or electronically in a microprocessor carried by the car.
data table
A two-dimensional system for recording data that shows correlation's between the data entries.
One of the four known forces in the universe.
A two-coordinate system for displaying and analyzing an independent variable (y).

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