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Final Semester 1


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Hebrews, contribution
Ethical Monotheism. One god, Torah
Socratic Method, Father of Greek Philosophers. Questions everything
?Punic Wars
Wars with Carthage (deatail??)
Pompey -
Fought Caeser in the Second CIvil War
slavery in ancient world
Greek City State
jihad -
Struggle or Holy War
Teachings of Confucious passed by his students
zakat -
Sumerian Preists, led religious rituals, grew corupt, then the power went to the Lugals, or landowners, which became the later king.
Salamis Bay
Themistacolyes. Final battle of the Persian war. Persians get trapted in teh bay and the greek triremes, small swift agile boats with a spear, puncture them. WIN of the war. Xerxes retreat
King Minos
First king, leader of Minoans
Who was Egypt united by?
Menes or Narmer
Imam -
religious prayer leader
Battle of Actium
Battle in the Octavian v. Antony Civil War. COast of Greece, Octavian Wins, (rome Half). Antony's and Cleo's navy flee. Leads to their death and Octavians victory
The first greek civilizations. Named after King Menos- Built palace at Cnossos and frescoes. Linear A- never deciphered. THeseus and the Minotaur. Mycenaums- on the mainland of greece- wanax kings and tholos tombs. Liinear B, deciphered by Michalel Ventris
Virgil -
Wrote the Aeneid. Equivalent to Homers poems
first main Indian City. Complex. Bronze tools, integrated economic system, good internal communication. Grid Like city. Citadel, uniformity, ater dranage and sewage system. TRADE=bull with seals
Hellenic- everything greek is good and superior. Everything non Greek is barbaric. Hellenistic-
Latifundia -
Plantations formed after the Catrthaginans destroyed much of Roman Soil. Bought by Patricians, slave labour. Caused higher unemployment and homelessness.
Architect of the Golden Age
Middle Kingdom
Shift from pyramid building to public work projects
Greek geography
Tyrant. Rose to power on the discontent of the masses. Time with him was HEAVEN ON EARTH
Name of Roman Republic. Consuls
Stone Age (eras)
Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic
Harun al Rashid
Leader of the Abbasid State. Conncurent to Charlamangne. Cultural Golden Age under him
Ancient Runner who ran from Marathon to Athens when Greeks win.
rivers in India
Indus and Ganges
caliph -
Rightly guided one, After muhammad 1. Abu Bakr 2 Umar 3 Uthman 4 Ali (cousin)
year of Muhammad's birth -
570 died 632
Power of the Kings, Fathers. ABsolute Control
Golden Age
Period of an EXPLOSION of cultural Achievement. Sculpture, Drama, Architecture- Parthenon. 4 math science, philosophy
Indus trade partners
India and Mesopotamia
Persia (modern day)
Ruler-Cyprus the Persian. known to be Empire Builders- allowed their captured to keep their own culture and local leaders. Made them pay tribute. satrapies with Satrap. Organized empire. Located Asia Minor.
"people of the book"
Non arab muslims who had to pay taxes. Head Tax
Cleopatra -
Married Antony in the civil war Antony vs. Octavian. Lets him settle in egypt. Daughter of Ptolemy Auletes
Ruling family in Mecca
Farmer king who was sent to fight in war, came back and was a farmer.
Islam -
Religion formed by Muhmmad
Peloponnesian War
Between Spartan and Athenians
Egyptian Prophet, led the Hebrews
Text of the Hindi Religion
Marius -
Fights against Sulla in the first civil war. Marius steals credit from Sulla, Results in war, Sulla wins
Mandate of Heaven
The thought that the rulers in CHina had a mandate from god himself that they could rule. If you were losing your favor- Natural disaster, famine, civil war, economic failure.
system Caste system. Brahmins- preists- head. Kshatrias-Warriors- arms. Vaishes- Artisans and merchants- legs. Shudras- slaves and peasants- feet. Dalit- untouchables, Pariah coined by Ghandi
Copper and Tin, made in the Neolithic Age
Religion of the Indus Valley. Formed by the Vedic Aryans. 1 main god, Brhaman,one could join him by joining their atman with him. Samsara
language of Muslims. Linguistic Unity
Dao of Pooh, Founded by Lao Zi. Dao= the way of the universe. mysterious, cant be named, influx, always moving and changing. WE have to go back to simplicity and be ONE with Nature. GIVE up your earthly possessions.
Old Kingdom
Egypts age after the Predynastic Age. Held Khufu (Giza Pyramid) Kafre, Menclare
Egyptian pictographical writing. symbols
Egyptian King, Child of Akhenaton, HAs a regent represent him. Untouched tomb recovered by Howard Carter
Second Battle of the Persian War. Xerxes vs. Miltiades. 300 spartans.
Texts based on the interpretation of the vedas, speculation about the universe
Middle Kingdom
Shift from pyramid building to public work projects, for the good of the people. Democratization of the here after= everyong could be mummified, equality
Unwritten code of god set to follow by the people of Muhammad
Universal law of cause and effect. What you do will come back to you. Ordinary or extraordinary norm. Ordinary- good deeds bring good results. Extraordinary- Live like a monk, asetic, withdraw
Under Gaius Grachhus, they were rich men that supplied goods and services to the roman state. Collected Taxes......corrupt...?
Dorian Greeks
Bringers of the Dark Age- Period of Cultural Regression, no art contributions. Mass migration to the islands. Fierice barbaric warlike tribe.
market place and civic center
Appian Way
was the most important ancient Roman road.
Code of Hammurabi
Code of Law displayed for the public. Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a tooth. sexist, had social class, the lower you were, the harsher the punishment
Alluvial silt which deposited when the Nile Flooded
A relgion dominated by the essence of god. God is soverign, the wone who hold the power
Cleisthenes seizes power. Ended the rule of the nobility. Now equal rights in the Government. Council of 500
One of the founding brothers of Rome
Roman Military Boarding device used in the First Punic War
Gift of the Nile
Egypt, very miraculous, smart, Nile gave loess, ore alluvil silt that was good for growing.
Livy -
was a Roman historian who wrote a monumental history of Rome
Chinese Dynasties
Xia (shay)---Shang----Zhou
Ramses II
Pharaoh of the the Hebrew Exodus, under baby moses, Prince of Egypt. Ramses son dies, gives up his very long reign. Monuments-Expanded the empire- syria, palestine, Euphrates. Peace Treaty- with Hittite King, Egypts height in his time.
Hegira -
Muhammads flight from Mecca to Medinad (630)
CHinese philosopher, Late Zhou, Warring states period. Kong FUzi. His father died of privation, becoms a teacher and shares his wisdom. Wrote Analects. NOT an inovator ***a conservator of traditions. 5 relationships
Founder of Doaism
Abbasid cultural contributions
Cultural Golden Age
Islamic calendar -
Started on the Hegira. 630
Qin dynasty
First to use Legalism. Leader=Qin Shih Huandi. Great wall of China. Terracotta Warriors.
ancient civilizations in chronological order
Mesopotamian- Sumerians, Assyrians,Babylonians, Egypt, Persians, Phoenicians, Indians, Chinese,Hebrew,
4 noble truths
buddism. 1. ALl life is suffering (dukkha) or sorrow 2. suffering is caused by your desires. 4. follow the 8 fold path----right speaking, teachings, though, speech, action, livelihood, mindfulness, concentration.
Sulla -
Fights with Marius, Wins. Claims to be Dictator for life, sets up constitution
Battle in the Punic Wars. First. BIG carthaginain Win. Hannibal does some tricky fake out and pwn3s the Romans
solemn promise to engage in or refrain from a specified action.
Athenian Archon who warns of a tyrant. said to 1. Land redistribute 2. Clear debt bondage 3 full employment
Dome of the Rock -
Where muhammad acended to heaven. Jerusalem. Showed dominence over Jews and CHristians
Delian League
Anti Persian Alliance after the Persian War. To prevent future attack. Located on Delos. Led by Athens, collected taxes. Starts getting money JUST for Athens. Starts the Peloponnession war.
Islamic Holy City
Duty, "the right", Do your stuff assigned for your caste. YOUR WILL ENTER MOKSHA, become one with brahman.
Sunnies and Shiites
Shia took a very strict interpretation of the Quran, and wanted a decendant from Muhammad while the Suni took it and mixed it with other interpretations. They were trad.
Shang dynasty
Second Chinese dynasty. Belived in a deity above. Bronze workers. Had Antrhopomorphic, sun and moon.
Alexander the Great
Averroes -
Double Truth
Assyrian King who built a library
Set rome free. Made Romans rebel against Etruscan rul. Kills herself becuase Tarquin the Prouds SON rapes her. Becomes a martyr for ROME
Escape from rebrith
Siddhartha Gautama
Founder of Buddhism. First a Kshatriya, Sneaks out and sees the suffering. Changed, then enlightened into BUDDHA
Servius Tullius -
Carried out histories first Cencus. Very properous emperor. Made the Senate. Laid the Groundwork for the Republic.
Sea Faring People. Ceder wood in Mountains allowed for them to have good ships, good furniture, snails= purple dye, royalty. Alphabet- Phoenics, phonetic spelling. Responsible for CULTURLA DIFFUSION- spread out colonies around the mediterranean world, shared information
Muezzin -
Prayer Caller
Tall towers where prayer callers called
Aryans oldest, continuous civilization
fall of Rome (year)
Athenian Stateman public Speaker. Travls around Greece and gives his phillippics, speeches about phillip. THeme: set asside our differences, unite agains phillip...dosnt work. In the Battle of Chaerona
Julius Caesar
Emperor who fought Pompey in the 2nd civil war. Caesar crosses the rubicon and takes rome. Commentaries on the Gallic Wars makes him popular. Takes Egypt, alliance w/cleopatra.
Greek Poet, Wrote Iliad and the Oddessy
Roman religion -
Fought Antony in civil War. Because the split, ANtony fought for control of empire. Battle of Actium.
Egyptian god of the Nile, Agriculture, and Resurection, lore
Neanderthal Man
Begining of the Mesolithic Age, First Homo Sapien. Found in Neander Valley i Germany. Invented Special Tools
Rule of the Few, King is replaced by council of nobles. Athens=archons, Sparta=ephors
Athenian citizen
Gracchi -
Brothers who were activists in Roman Governmet (SPQR)
Greek Philosopher
5 pillars -
Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving, Pilgrimage to Mecca
Another civilization concurrent to Egyptians
Under the Asian Continent
- Written by Virgil
Philip II
King of Maceodina, Strrong soldier/leader, charismatic. Takes over the kindome after Peloponesian War.
United Hebrew Tribes. David vs. Goliath. UNITED THE HEBREW KINGDOM
In Democracy, can be exiled for ten years because crime or lack of participation
Father of Medicine
Cyrus the Persian
Persian Leader
Neolithic Age
Revolution, Hunters and gatherers to SETTLED AGRICULTURAL LIFESTYLE. Sharing the knoledge. , emergence of bronze, domesticated animals, horticaltualism

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