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copy deck
Storage for documents
Block Printing
Incised carving (intaglio) of script, usually in a block of wood. The grooves are
filled with ink and the surface is wiped clean. When a writing surface like paper or parchment is
applied, a page of printing results.

A manuscript made of separate pages fastened together (as opposed to a scroll).
Writing on clay marked by wedge-shaped elements in its symbols.
Demotic writing
A simplified form of hieratic writing used by educated Egyptians.
Hieratic writing
A cursive form of hieroglyphics used by Egyptian priests.
Ancient Egyptian script using picture symbols.
A picture symbol representing a concept (e.g., the deer-crossing
highway sign) or an object, not the representation of a speech sound like an alphabet letter.

Phonetic alphabet
A script consisting of symbols that represent language sounds.
A picture symbol such as a hieroglyph,
Technological determinism
The belief that technology has been the main controlling factor in
human affairs.

A small object made of clay. Its shape and markings indicate what it represented.
Vernacular: The everyday language spoken by ordinary people.

B.C.E and C.E
Before the Common Era and the Common Era. This designation replaces the
terms B.C. and A.D.

A book available in an electronic, digital form, often read on a portable device.
The Renaissance philosophical movement that placed life on Earth as the proper
field for study, not life in the hereafter. It drew on classical (ancient Greek and Roman) writing,
much of it newly discovered.

Letter press
A printing system that uses raised, inked letters and symbols.
The ability to both read and write. There are obviously varying degrees of literacy.
A printing system using a flat surface. Lithographic printing is based on the fact
that oil and water do not mix. Only the portion of a page that is to be printed retains ink.

A printing process using a rubber blanket that makes contact with the lithographic
printing plate, then transfers that image to paper.

Paper made from reeds growing in the Nile Valley.
A treated animal skin used as a writing surface.
Penny press
Cheap tabloid newspapers featuring sensational news. They were published
primarily for the working class readers, but the middle and upper classes read them also. They
later became powerful community voices.

A means of printing photos and other graphics by letterpress. The halftone
process is the best known example.

Rotary press
A printing press that has the pages of type on rotating cylinders, as contrasted with
the flat-bed press.

Rooms in monasteries used for storing and copying manuscripts

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