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World History Africa


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How did geography affect cultural development and the migration of peoples?
Geography affected the people because the center of Africa is a big plateau so the rivers can't be used to travel across and the people had to move around that, the forests, and the desert.
What were the achievments of the kingdom of Nubia?
They kept their independence from Egypt. They had furnaces in Meroe, a trade center, that made iron. They created their own system of writing using an alphabet instead of Hieroglyphs, but is stll undeciphered.
How did outside influences lead to change in North Africa?
The Romans built dams, aqueducts, and roads across North Africa. Arab armies carried Islam into North Africa, and camels from Africa helped trade become more efficent and allowed trade to cross the desert.
What is a savanna, and the significance
It is a grassy plain and is Africa's most populated climate zone
What is desertification and the significance
It is where land dries out and becomes desert, which forces people to move.
What is an outpost and the significance?
An outpost is a distant military station.
Why were gold and salt important in early Africa?
Gold was a way for the people to gain salt which prevents dehydration.
What is a surplus
A surplus is an excess and villagers traded any excess food they had which resilted in forming a trade network that resulted in large cities like Timbuktu.
What is a commodity?
A commidity is a valuable product.
How did the rulers of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai build strong kingdoms?
The almoravids were a group of Muslims that tried to spread Islam through war and ended up overwhelming Ghana.
How did religion influence the development of Axum and Ethiopia?
At first
What effects did trade have on city-states in East Africa?
What have archaeologists discovered about Great Zimbabwe?
Identify a)queen of Sheba b) Ezana c) Geez d)Lalibela e)Falasha f)Swahili g)Great Zimbabwe
Why did Ethiopia become increasingl isolated from its neighbors over the centuries.

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