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Algebra Vocab CHP2


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The absolute value of a number N represented as |n|, is its distance from 0 on the number line
Absolute Value
any natural number or 0
whole number
every positive rational number and its negative pair
numbers that cannot be expressed as terminating or repeating numbers
irrational numbers
the ratio of the number of favorable outcomes for an event to the number of possible outcomes of the event
the set {1,2,3...}
natural number
the ratio that compares the number of ways an event can occur (sucess) to the number of ways the event cannot occur (failure)
a number line labeled with a scale to include all the data with an X placed above a data point each time it occurs
line plot
a number whose square root is a rational number
perfect square
How often a piece of data occurs
numbers or pieces of data that can represent the whole set of data
measures of central tendency
outcomes for which the probability of each occuring is equal
Equally Likely
a display of data using certain digits as "stem" and the remaininf digit(s) as "leaves"
stem & leaf plot
the set {-2,-1,0,1,2}
a number -C is square root of a if c to the 2nd = a
square root
real numbers consist of the rational numbers & the irrational numbers
real number
If the sum of 2 numbers or expressions is 0 they are additive inverses of each other
Addivtive inverses
a single event
simple event
a number that can be expressed as the ratio of two integers in the form a/b where b doesnt = 0
rational number
the nonnegative square root of a number
perfect square root
set of all possible outcomes of an experiment
sample space

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