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Islam people


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Arab prophet of Islam. At age 40 he began to preach about gods "true" religion
wife of Muhammed
Abu Bakr
reunites Bedoum Tribes on the arabian penisula? First Caliph
establishes the Islamic Empire. Muslim expands to include Syria, Jerusalem, Persia, Egypt
first official Quran is complied under his rule.
muhammed cousin. Assinated. Controversy of his leadership causes the split in Islam
challenge Ali's right to be caliph. Starts civil war. Governor of Syria
Abu'l Abbas
one of the famous astronomers working for the Abbasid caliphs in the 9th century;He was involved in the measurement of the diameter of the Earth together with a team of scientists under the patronage of al-Ma'mūn in Baghdad.
Harun Al-Rashid
the fifth and most famous Abbasid Caliph. stablished hospital
muhammed daughter, Ali's wife
Had the right to interpet the Quran. Built the house of Wisdom
Al-Rahzi (Rhazes)
a versatile Persian physician, philosopher, and scholar who made fundamental and enduring contributions to the fields of medicine, alchemy, and philosophy;credited with the discovery of sulfuric acid, the "work horse" of modern chemistry and chemical engineering.
Ibn- Sina (avicenna)
a Persian physician, philosopher, and scientist; He was the author of 450 books on a wide range of subjects. Many of these concentrated on philosophy and medicine. He is considered by many to be "the father of modern medicine."
Abd-al-Rahman III
the greatest and most successful of the princes of the Ummayad dynasty in Spain.
fictional princess that tells a story of the 1001 arabian knights
Ibn Khaldun
a famous Arab historiographer and historian is sometimes seen as one of the forerunners of modern historiography, sociology and economics.
the founder of the Mali Empire.
Sonni Ali
the first great king of the Songhai Empire, and the 15th ruler of the Sonni dynasty. He was not a Muslim, but a believer in African animism. Songhai extended to cover a great chunk of the Niger River area and gained control of crucial trading areas such as Timbuktu, surpassing the height of the Mali Empire.
Askia Muhammed
lead led the Muslim empire of the Sonhai Dynasty. built mosque and schools to study the Quran.
Mansa Musa
14th century king of the Mali Empire. He is remembered for his fabled hajj and as a benefactor of Islamic scholarship.
W.D Muhammed
son of Elijah Muhammed who turned away from the nation of Islam.
Elijah Muhammed
1st leader of the nation of Islam
Malcolm X
American activist. A member of the Black Muslims (1952-1963), he advocated separatism and Black pride. After converting to orthodox Islam, he founded the Organization of Afro-American Unity (1964) and was assassinated in Harlem.
Louis Farrakhan
current leader of The Nation of Islam
Charles Martel
wins the battle of tours. which stops the Islam empire from expanding.
Alexius I
Pope Urban II
proclaimed 1st Crusade for the Holy City
founded the Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt and Syria. He was also renowned in both the Christian and Muslim worlds for his leadership and military prowess tempered by his chivalry and merciful nature, during his struggle against the Crusaders.
was a Muslim mathematician, astronomer, astrologer and geographer of Persian origin;He was the author of the book on the systematic solution of linear and quadratic equations. Consequently he is considered to be the father of algebra
Thomas Aquinas
phiolosopher who wrote a book, about
Iba Battuta
explored asia. Afrian version of
Marco Polo
Turkic-Mongol conqueror founder of Delhi Sultenate; descendant of Ghengis Khan
the founder of the Mughal dynasty
the wife of Jahangiui who ruled in his place; coins money with her face on it
was the founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Gurus of the Sikhs.
Shah Jahan
built the Taj Mahal for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Wanted to build a black marble Taj Mahal. ; arrested his wife
Mumtaz Mahal
wife of Shah Jahan
the son of Sha Jahan; who fought against gain his brothers the throne locke his father in a tower; reversed the laws of Akbar.
greatest emperor of Mughal empire; marries hindu princess; abolished tax on hindu and non-muslims
succeeded Akbar, built many structures

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