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GRE Verbal Session 3


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adjectiverude in a mean-spirited and surly way : it seems ~ to complain.
noun1 a small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall, typically of a castle.~ 1• a low, flat armored gun emplacement, typically one that revolves, in a ship, aircraft, fort, or tank.• a rotating holder for tools, esp. on a lathe.2 (also ~ shell) a mollusk with a long, slender, pointed spiral shell, typically brightly colored and living in tropical seas. • Family Turitellidae, class Gastropoda: Turitella and other genera.
adjectiveshowing a lack of courage or determination; timid.
noun ( pl. -treaties)an earnest or humble request : the king turned a deaf ear to his ~ies.
adjectivecharacterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons : an ~ life of prayer, fasting, and manual labor | a narrow, humorless, ~ face. See note at severe .
nounan aggressive dog or one that is in poor condition, esp. a mongrel.• informal a contemptible man.
noun ( pl. ~es |ˌeɪˈpɛksəz|or apices |ˌeɪpəˈsiz| |ˌøpəˈsiz|)the top or highest part of something, esp. one forming a point : the living-room extends right up into the ~ of the roof | figurative the ~ of his career was when he hoisted aloft the World Cup.• Geometry the highest point in a plane or solid figure, relative to a base line or plane.• Botany the growing point of a shoot.• the highest level of a hierarchy, organization, or other power structure regarded as a triangle or pyramid : the central bank is at the ~ of the financial system.verb [ intrans. ]reach a high point or climax : melodic lines build up to the chorus and it ~es at the solo.
verb [ trans. ]destroy utterly; wipe out : figurative the memory was so painful that he ~d it from his mind.• cause to become invisible or indistinct; blot out : clouds were darkening, ~ing the sun.
adjectivemoderate or average in size, amount, or rank : the village contained no poor households but a lot of ~ ones.• neither very good nor very bad : he had had a fair to ~ season.• [ predic. ] informal (of a person) in reasonably good but not perfect health.noun ( ~s)bulk goods of medium grade, esp. flour of medium fineness.adverb [as submodifier ] informal datedfairly or moderately : ~ rich.
adjectiveof, relating to, or obtained from milk.
adjective(of a person) fat.
a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime : aficionados of the finest wines. noun an aficionado of classical music connoisseur, expert, authority, specialist, pundit; enthusiast, devotee; informal fan, buff, freak, nut, fiend, maniac, fanatic, addict, junkie.
nouna long-bladed hand tool with a beveled cutting edge and a plain handle that is struck with a hammer or mallet, used to cut or shape wood, stone, metal, or other hard materials.verb ( -eled, -eling; Brit. -elled |ˌtʃɪzəld|, -elling |ˌtʃɪz(ə)lɪŋ|) [ trans. ]1 cut or shape (something) with a ~ : carefully ~ out a groove for the hinge.2 informal cheat or swindle (someone) out of something : he's ~ed me out of my dues.
adjectivehaving or showing no skill; clumsy : the ~ handling of the threat.
noun (usu. ~s)an attack on the reputation or integrity of someone or something : I don't think anyone is casting ~s on you.
adjective tending or able to change frequently or easily : it is difficult to comprehend the whole of this ~ subject.• able to do many different things; versatile : Shostakovich was a remarkably ~ composer, one at home in a wide range of styles.
adjectiveresponding rather too readily to something new or stimulating; too easily excited : Chip could be a bit wayward and ~.• (of tissue or a cell) responsive to stimulation.
verb [ trans. ] (usu. be ~ed)free (someone) from illusion; disappoint : he may have been ~ed by the loss of his huge following | [as adj. ] ( ~ed) he became ~ed with his erstwhile all
adjectivevery complicated or detailed : an ~ network of canals.
verb [ trans. ]1 stop (someone) from being angry or discontented; placate; pacify : concessions were made to ~ the peasantry. See note at pacify .• [ intrans. ] act as a mediator : he sought to ~ in the dispute.• formal reconcile; make compatible : all complaints about charges will be ~d if possible.2 archaic gain (esteem or goodwill). : the arts which ~ popularity.
adjectiveattractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous : she was ~ in a sea-green dress. See note at bright .
noun1 a semiprecious stone, typically opaque and of a greenish-blue or sky-blue color, consisting of a hydrated hydroxyl phosphate of copper and aluminum.2 a greenish-blue color like that of this stone : [as adj. ] the ~ waters of the bay.
nouncasual lack of concern; indifference : an impression of boyish insouciance.
adjective(of an atmosphere or event) friendly, lively, and enjoyable.• (of a person) cheerful and friendly; jovial.
verb [ trans. ]spread or disperse (something, esp. information) widely : health authorities should foster good practice by ~ing information. See note at scatter .• [usu. as adj. ] ( ~d) spread throughout an organ or the body : ~d colonic cancer.
adjectivenot allowing fluid to pass through : an ~ layer of basaltic clay.• [ predic. ] ( ~ to) unable to be affected by : he worked, apparently ~ to the heat.
1 files ready for ~ sending, posting, mailing, e-mailing.2 efficiency and ~ promptness, speed, speediness, swiftness, rapidity, briskness, haste, hastiness; literary fleetness, celerity.3 the latest ~ from the front communication, communiqué, bulletin, report, statement, letter, message; news, intelligence; informal memo, info, story, lowdown, scoop; literary tidings.4 the capture and ~ of the rogue bull killing, slaughter, massacre, extermination, elimination; murder, assassination, execution; literary slaying.
verb [ trans. ]give a lot of public attention and approval to (someone); treat as a celebrity : modern athletes are ~d.
adjective [ attrib. ]having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change : he was an ~ gambler.• (of a feeling or habit) long-established and unlikely to change.
nouna magical word or phrase uttered with the intention of bringing about evil or destruction; a curse.
verb1 [ intrans. ] ( ~ by) accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation) : I said I would ~ by their decision.2 [ trans. ] ( can/could not ~) informal be unable to tolerate (someone or something) : if there is one thing I cannot ~ it is a lack of discipline.3 [ intrans. ] (of a feeling or a memory) continue without fading or being lost.• archaic live; dwell.
adjectiveso lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring : songs with ~, repeated words.
plural noun [usu. treated as sing. ]a structure, typically of two uprights and a crosspiece, for the hanging of criminals.• ( the ~) execution by hanging : saved from the ~ by a last-minute reprieve.
adjective(of a person's voice) loud and powerful : he introduced me to the staff with a ~ announcement.
adjective1 in a state of nervous excitement or anxiety : she was too ~ to listen to reason.2 (of a piece of writing or a work of art) too elaborate or complicated in design or construction.
nounan animal lacking a backbone, such as an arthropod, mollusk, annelid, coelenterate, etc. The ~s constitute an artificial division of the animal kingdom, comprising 95 percent of animal species and about 30 different phyla. Compare with vertebrate .
adjective1 not sufficiently strict or severe : ~ security arrangements at the airport | he'd been a bit ~ about discipline in school lately. See note at lenient .• careless : why do software developers do little more than parrot their equally ~ competitors?2 (of the limbs or muscles) re~ed.• (of the bowels) loose.• Phonetics (of a speech sound, esp. a vowel) pronounced with the vocal muscles re~ed. The opposite of tense 1 . noun -xity
nouna tool with a heavy broad blade, used by butchers for chopping meat.
noundeceit used in order to achieve one's goal.• a statement or action resorted to in order to deceive.
adjectivewithout consolation or comfort; unhappy : he'd met the man's ~ widow.• (of a place or thing) causing or showing a complete lack of comfort; cheerless : solitary, ~ clumps of cattails.
adjective1 looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar : ~ brightly colored clothes | the most ~ ideas.2 archaic foreign; alien.
verb [ trans. ]1 (often be ~ed) praise formally or officially : he was ~ed by the judge for his courageous actions. See notes at approve, praise .• present as suitable for approval or acceptance; re~ : I ~ her to you without reservation.• cause to be acceptable or pleasing : this recording has a lot to ~ it.2 ( ~ someone/something to) entrust someone or something to : I ~ them to your care.PHRASES~ me to archaic remember me kindly to (someone) : ~ me to my son, and bid him rule better than I.ORIGIN Middle English : from Latin ~are, from com- (expressing intensive force) + mandare 'commit, entrust.' Compare with command .
adjectiveloyal, reliable, and hardworking : he remained a ~ supporter of the cause.• dated strongly built and sturdy : he was of ~ build.
adjective(of the former holder of an office, esp. a college professor) having retired but allowed to retain their title as an honor : ~ professor of microbiology | [ postpositive ] the gallery's director ~.
adjectiveworthy of great respect.
adjective(esp. of a liquid) only slightly warm; lukewarm.• figurative showing little enthusiasm : the applause was ~.
make a forcefully reproachful protest : he turned angrily to ~ with Tommy | [with direct speech ] "You don't mean that," she ~d.
noun ( pl. -ties)immoral or grossly unfair behavior : a den of ~ | a liberal lawyer could uncover the ~ies committed on his own doorstep.
adjective(of a person) calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or animation.
nounan uncouth or aggressive man or boy : drunken ~s.
noun ( pl. -dos) informalthe style of a person's hair.• an act of styling a person's hair (used esp. of a woman's hair).
nounentertainment held in a nightclub or restaurant while the audience eats or drinks at tables : she was seen recently in ~ | [as adj. ] a ~ act.• a nightclub or restaurant where such entertainment is performed.
noun ( pl. -ties)1 intense happiness : domestic ~.2 the ability to find appropriate expression for one's thoughts : speech that pleased by its accuracy, ~, and fluency.• a particularly effective feature of a work of literature or art : the King James version, thanks to its ~ies of language, ruled supreme.
adjective1 of or concerning a province of a country or empire : ~ elections.• of or pertaining to a style of architecture or furniture in fashion in the provinces of various European countries : French Provincial furnishing.2 of or concerning the regions outside the capital city of a country : scenes of violence were reported in ~ towns.• unsophisticated or narrow-minded, esp. when considered as typical of such regions.noun1 an inhabitant of a province of a country or empire.• ( ~s) (in Canada) athletic contests held between teams representing the country's administrative divisions.2 an inhabitant of the regions outside the capital city of a country, esp. when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded.3 Christian Church the head or chief of a province or of a religious order in a province.
verb [ trans. ]1 (often be ~ed) make (someone) anxious or unsettled : they were ~ed by her capricious behavior | [ trans. ] they were ~ed that the bank had begun switching some of its problem loans.2 subject (a system, moving object, or process) to an influence tending to alter its normal or regular state or path : nuclear weapons could be used to ~ the orbit of an asteroid.
adjective often derogatorypracticing or affecting strict religious or moral behavior.
adjective1 [ attrib. ] (of something bad or unpleasant) utter; complete (used for emphasis) : it's a ~ disgrace.2 (of a person's manner or behavior) straightforward; so direct as to be blunt : her common sense and ~ attitude to life surprised him.adverb [as submodifier ]to an extreme degree; thoroughly : he was ~ rude.
adjectiverelentlessly severe, stern, or gloomy in manner or appearance : a hard, ~, humorless fanatic. See note at glum .
noun1 a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.2 a member of an armed group formed to fight secretly against an occupying force, in particular one operating in enemy-occupied Yugoslavia, Italy, and parts of eastern Europe in World War II.adjectiveprejudiced in favor of a particular cause : newspapers have become increasingly ~
nouna collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place : an arms ~ | a ~ of gold coins.• a hidden or inaccessible storage place for valuables, provisions, or ammunition.• (also ~ memory) Computing an auxiliary memory from which high-speed retrieval is possible.verb [ trans. ]store away in hiding or for future use.• Computing store (data) in a ~ memory.• Computing provide (hardware) with a ~ memory.
adjective dry; arid : a harsh life on the ~ granite ledges of those remote offshore islands. See note at dry .• (esp. of plants) withered.{DEF 2}noun Ecologya natural succession of plant (or animal) communities, esp. a full ~ies from uncolonized habitat to the appropriate climax vegetation. Compare with succession .
adjectivedifficult or annoying; hard to endure : it had been a very ~ day. See note at hard .
adjectivequiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive : I used to call her Miss Mouse because she was so ~ and mild | the ~ compliance of our politicians.
verb [ intrans. ]compose, perform, or produce something such as music or a speech without preparation; improvise : he ~d at the piano | [ trans. ] she was ~ing touching melodies.
noun1 a humorous imitation of something, typically a film or a particular genre of film, in which its characteristic features are exaggerated for comic effect : a Robin Hood ~.2 a trick played on someone as a joke.verb [ trans. ]1 imitate (something) while exaggerating its characteristic features for comic effect : it is a movie that ~s other movies.2 hoax or trick (someone) : they proceeded to ~ Western intelligence with false information.• interfere with (radio or radar signals) so as to make them useless.
adjectiveof or connected with the sense of touch : vocal and visual signals become less important as ~ signals intensify.• perceptible by touch or apparently so; tangible : she had a distinct, almost ~ memory.• designed to be perceived by touch : ~ exhibitions help blind people enjoy the magic of sculpture.• (of a person) given to touching others, esp. as an unselfconscious expression of sympathy or affection.
verb [ trans. ] archaiccoax (someone) with kind words or flattery : I was ~ing her with imprudences to get her off the subject.
adjectiveproceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects : sexually transmitted diseases can be ~ and sometimes without symptoms.• treacherous; crafty : tangible proof of an ~ alliance.
adjective(of a person or action) showing dedication and diligence : he watched himself with the most ~ care. See note at busy . noun -lity
adjectivecorresponding in size or degree; in proportion : salary will be ~ with experience | such heavy responsibility must receive ~ reward.
adjective(of a person) having the ability to create or design new things or to think originally : she is the most ~ painter around. See note at creative .• (of a product, process, action, etc.) showing creativity or original thought : methods of communication during the war were diverse and ~.
adjectiveeager or quick to argue or fight; aggressively defiant : his days of ~ defiance were over.
keep (someone) away from other people : I ~d myself up here for a life of study and meditation.
adjectivefull of twists and turns : the route is remote and ~.• excessively lengthy and complex : a ~ argument.
adjective1 [ attrib. ] (of a situation or condition) extremely bad, unpleasant, and degrading : ~ poverty.• (of an unhappy state of mind) experienced to the maximum degree : his letter plunged her into ~ misery.• (of a failure) absolute and humiliating.2 (of a person or their behavior) completely without pride or dignity; self-abasing : an ~ apology.
adjective1 in a state of nervous excitement or anxiety : she was too ~ to listen to reason.2 (of a piece of writing or a work of art) too elaborate or complicated in design or construction.
verb1 [ intrans. ] stand, move, or sit in a lazy, drooping way : he ~ed against the wall | ( be ~ed) he was ~ed in his chair.2 [ trans. ] dated bend one side of the brim of (a hat) downward.noun [in sing. ]1 a lazy, drooping posture or movement : his stance was a round-shouldered ~.2 [usu. with negative ] informal an incompetent person : my brother was no ~ at making a buck.3 a downward bend of a hat brim.
adjectivelacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward.
verb [ intrans. ]engage in plots and intrigues; scheme.
nounthe main body of an aircraft.
adjective(of vegetation) growing luxuriantly : ~ greenery and cultivated fields. See note at profuse .• opulent and luxurious : a hall of gleaming marble, as ~ as a Byzantine church.• (of color or music) very rich and providing great sensory pleasure : ~ orchestrations.• (of a woman) very sexually attractive : Marianne, with her ~ body and provocative green eyes.
adjective(of a person) calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or animation.
adjectivedeserving censure or condemnation : his complacency and ~ laxity.
verb 1 [ reporting verb ] ask someone earnestly or anxiously to do something : [ trans. ] his friends ~ed him not to go. See note at beg .• [ trans. ] ask earnestly or anxiously for (something) : a message had been sent, ~ing aid for the Navajos.2 [ trans. ] archaic treat (someone) in a specified manner : the King, I fear, hath ill ~ed her.
verb ( ~red |əˌvərd|, ~ring |əˌvərɪŋ|) [ reporting verb ] formalstate or assert to be the case : [with clause ] he ~red that he was innocent of the allegations | [with direct speech ] "You're the most beautiful girl in the world," he ~red.• [ trans. ] Law allege as a fact in support of a plea.
verb [ trans. ]diminish or put at rest (fear, suspicion, or worry) : the report attempted to educate the public and ~ fears.• relieve or alleviate (pain or hunger) : some stale figs partly ~ed our hunger.See note at alleviate .
adjectiveshowing no regret for one's wrongdoings : he was ~ and said that his comments were completely accurate.
nouna spiked stick used for driving cattle.• a thing that stimulates someone into action : for him the visit was a ~ to renewed effort.verb [ trans. ]provoke or annoy (someone) so as to stimulate some action or reaction : he ~ed her on to more daring revelations.• [ trans. ] drive or urge (an animal) on with a ~.
verb [ trans. ]cancel or postpone the punishment of (someone, esp. someone condemned to death) : under the new regime, prisoners under sentence of death were ~d.• abandon or postpone plans to close or put an end to (something) : the threatened pits could be ~d.
adjective(of an animal) having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as if in a deep sleep : ~ butterflies figurative | the event evoked memories that she would rather had lain ~.• (of a plant or bud) alive but not actively growing.See note at latent .• (of a volcano) temporarily inactive.• (of a disease) causing no symptoms but not cured and liable to recur.• [usu. postpositive ] Heraldry (of an animal) depicted lying with its head on its paws.
adjectivenot likely to provoke dissent or offense; uncontentious or inoffensive, often deliberately so : ~ new age music | I attempted to keep the conversation as ~ as possible.nouna pain-killing drug or medicine.• figurative something that alleviates a person's mental distress : an ~ to the misery she had put him through.
verb [ trans. ]cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition) : the issue ~ed continuing controversy.• archaic (of a father) beget (offspring).• [ intrans. ] come into being; arise.
adjectivevery attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail : he chooses his words with ~ care.• very concerned about matters of cleanliness : the child seemed ~ about getting her fingers sticky or dirty.
noun1 a lump of earth or clay.2 informal a stupid person (often used as a general term of abuse).
noun1 an antechamber, hall, or lobby next to the outer door of a building.• an enclosed entrance compartment in a railroad car.2 Anatomy a chamber or channel communicating with or opening into another, in particular• the central cavity of the labyrinth of the inner ear.• the part of the mouth outside the teeth.• the space in the vulva into which both the urethra and vagina open.
nounintense white light obtained by heating a cylinder of lime in an oxyhydrogen flame, formerly used in theaters.• ( the ~) the focus of public attention : the works that brought the artists into the ~.
noun informal often derogatoryan uneducated and unsophisticated person from the countryside.
adjective formal or poetic/literarytearful or given to weeping : she was pink-eyed and ~.• inducing tears; sad : a ~ children's classic.
verb [ intrans. ]abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, esp. as a religious observance.nounan act or period of ~ing : a five-day ~.
adjective(of speech or writing) using or containing too many words; tediously lengthy : he found the narrative too ~ and discursive.
adjective1 pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely : ~ figures at bus stops.2 (of an aim or endeavor) unlikely to succeed or be fulfilled; hopeless : a ~ attempt to escape.PHRASES ~ hope a persistent or desperate hope that is unlikely to be fulfilled. [ORIGIN: mid 16th cent.: from Dutch verloren hoop 'lost troop,' from verloren (past participle of verliezen 'lose' ) and hoop 'company' (related to heap ). The phrase originally denoted a band of soldiers picked to begin an attack, many of whom would not survive; the current sense (mid 17th cent.) derives from a misunderstanding of the etymology.
adjective1 sending out light; shining or glowing brightly : a bird with ~ green and red plumage. See note at bright .• (of a person or their expression) clearly emanating great joy, love, or health : she gave him a ~ smile.• (of an emotion or quality) emanating powerfully from someone or something; very intense or conspicuous : he praised her ~ self-confidence.2 [ attrib. ] (of heat) transmitted by radiation, rather than conduction or convection.• (of an appliance) designed to emit such energy, esp. for cooking or heating.nouna point or object from which light or heat radiates, esp. a heating element in an electric or gas heater.
adjectiveeasily irritated; bad-tempered : they fight and squabble like ~ children.• (of an organization) difficult to control; unruly : the ~ coalition of Social Democrats.
noun ( pl. -tanti |ˈdɪləˌtɑnti|or -tantes |ˈdɪləˌtɑnts|)a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge : [as adj. ] a ~ approach to science.• archaic a person with an amateur interest in the arts.
verb1 [ reporting verb ] admit that something is true or valid after first denying or resisting it : [with clause ] I had to ~ that I'd overreacted | [ trans. ] that principle now seems to have been ~d.• [ trans. ] admit (defeat) in a contest : he ~d defeat.• [ trans. ] admit defeat in (a contest) : ready to ~ the gold medal.2 [ trans. ] surrender or yield (something that one possesses) : to ~ all the territory he'd won.• grant (a right, privilege, or demand) : their rights to redress of grievances were ~d once more.• (in sports) fail to prevent the scoring of (a goal or point) by an opponent : the coach ~d three safeties rather than kick into the wind.• allow (a lead or advantage) to slip : he took an early lead that he never ~d.• [ intrans. ] make a concession:: Zoie ~d with a grin and went with Jay.
adjectiveof, relating to, or denoting substances that prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.• (of medical techniques) based on the use of such substances.See note at sanitary .• figurative scrupulously clean or pure, esp. so as to be bland or characterless : the ~ modernity of a conference center.
adjectiveexcessively interested in acquiring money or material things. See note at greedy .
noun (usu. ~s)a hole in a ship's side to carry water overboard from the deck.• an outlet in the side of a building for draining water.verb [ trans. ] chiefly Brit.sink (a ship or its crew) deliberately.• informal prevent from working or succeeding; thwart : plans for a casino were ~ed by a public inquiry.
adjective(of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.
nouna person who believes that a system or society should be ruled or dominated by an elite.• a person who believes that they belong to an elite : designers are a bunch of ~s who don't live in the real world.adjectivefavoring, advocating, or restricted to an elite : the old, ~ image of the string quartet.
adjectivecontemptibly lacking in courage; cowardly : a ~ abdication of his moral duty.noun archaica cowardly person.
nounfood and drink regarded as a source of strength; nourishment : poor rural economies turned to potatoes for ~.• the maintaining of someone or something in life or existence : he kept two or three cows for the ~ of his family | the ~ of democracy.
nounvariant spelling of ketchup .
adjective(of organic matter) decaying or rotting and emitting a fetid smell.• of or characteristic of rotting matter : the ~ smells from the slaughterhouses.• informal very unpleasant; repulsive : the cocktail is a ~ pink color.
adjectivepompous or extravagant in language, style, or manner, esp. in a way that is intended to impress : a ~ celebration of Spanish glory.
adjectiveshowing or giving emphasis; expressing something forcibly and clearly : the children were ~ that they would like to repeat the experience | an ~ movement of his hand• (of an action or event or its result) definite and clear : he walked stiffly, with an ~ limp.• (of word or syllable) bearing the stress.• Linguistics denoting certain Arabic consonants that are pronounced with both dental articulation and constriction of the pharynx.noun Linguisticsan ~ consonant.
adjective(of speech or writing) using or containing too many words; tediously lengthy : he found the narrative too ~ and discursive.
adjective1 completely fascinated by what one is seeing or hearing : Andrew looked at her, ~.• indicating or characterized by such a state of fascination : they listened with ~ attention.• filled with an intense and pleasurable emotion; en~ured : she shut her eyes and seemed ~ with desire.2 archaic or poetic/literary having been carried away bodily or transported to heaven : he was ~ on high.
noun ( pl. -ses |ønˌtɪθəˈsiz|)a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else : love is the ~ of selfishness.• a contrast or opposition between two things : the ~ between occult and rational mentalities.• a figure of speech in which an opposition or contrast of ideas is expressed by parallelism of words that are the opposites of, or strongly contrasted with, each other, such as "hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins" : his sermons were full of startling antitheses.• (in Hegelian philosophy) the negation of the thesis as the second stage in the process of dialectical reasoning. Compare with synthesis .
adjectivewanting or devouring great quantities of food : he had a ~ appetite.• having a very eager approach to an activity : his ~ reading of literature.
noun1 offense or annoyance : she took ~ at his remarks.2 archaic shade or shadow, esp. as cast by trees.
noun ( pl. -eries)a state or feeling of great distress or discomfort of mind or body : she went upstairs and cried in ~ | he wrote endlessly about his frustrations and ~ies.• (usu. ~ies) a cause or source of great distress or discomfort : the ~ies of war.
diminish or reduce or cause to diminish or reduce in thickness toward one end : [ intrans. ] the tail ~s to a rounded tip | [ trans. ] David asked my dressmaker to ~ his trousers.• [ intrans. ] gradually lessen : the impact of the dollar's depreciation started to ~ off.nouna slender candle.• a wick coated with wax, used for conveying a flame.• a gradual narrowing : the current industry standard ~ of 5 degrees.
nouna public speech or published text in praise of someone or something : Vera's ~ on friendship.
plural nounfoolish, outrageous, or amusing behavior : the ~ of our political parties.
nounthe quality of being open and honest in expression; frankness : a man of refreshing ~.
nouna person who makes slow progress and falls behind others : there was no time for ~s.adjective slower than desired or expected : a bell to summon ~ children to school.
verb [ trans. ]diminish or put at rest (fear, suspicion, or worry) : the report attempted to educate the public and ~ fears.• relieve or alleviate (pain or hunger) : some stale figs partly ~ed our hunger.See note at alleviate .
nounthe solemn or emphatic declaration or statement of something : I fear that you offer only unsupported ~ | the dogmatic outlook marks many of his ~s.
verb [ trans. ] (usu. be ~ed)cause (someone) to submit to one's wishes by intimidation : the intellectuals had been ~ed into silence.
noun1 deceitfulness; double-dealing.2 archaic doubleness.
adjectiveslow and clumsy because of great weight : her footsteps were heavy and ~. See note at heavy .• dull, laborious, or excessively solemn : Liz could hardly restrain herself from finishing all his ~ sentences.
verb [ intrans. ]leave hurriedly and secretly, typically to avoid detection of or arrest for an unlawful action such as theft : she ~ed with the remaining thousand dollars.• (of someone on bail) fail to surrender oneself for custody at the appointed time.• (of a person kept in detention or under supervision) escape : 176 detainees ~ed.• (of a colony of honeybees, esp. Africanized ones) entirely abandon a hive or nest.
adjective(of a person) lean and haggard, esp. because of suffering, hunger, or age. See note at thin .• (of a building or place) grim or desolate in appearance.
adjectivecharacterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons : an ~ life of prayer, fasting, and manual labor | a narrow, humorless, ~ face. See note at severe .nouna person who practices such self-discipline and abstention.
noun1 poetic/literary a wasteful or good-for-nothing person.2 archaic a waif; a neglected child.

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