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2006 Chicago Sgt. Test - 7


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Command authority over the depts operational and field response to a potential terrorist threat or actual terrorist incident rests with the?
1st Deputy Sup., Bureau of operational services.
The responsibility to coordinate the depts overall anti terrorism planning and preparation rests with?
Deputy Superindentent, Bureau of Strategic Deployment.
What members share in collective responsibility for the effectiveness of the dept response to potential terrorist threats?
Each member of the department.
The depts homeland security reference manual is a confidential document distributed on a restricted basis to______.
Selected commmand and other personnel as designated by the Superindendent.
The Supt. has delegated the command authority with respect to the coordination of the departs. anti terrorism intelligence analysis to the ________.
Deputy Superentendent, Bureau of strategic deployment.
Based on the scope of a potential terrorist threat or actual terrorist incident, the Superintendent or the __________may direct temporay emergency modifications to the dept's directives to ensure the effectiveness of the dept's response?
1st deputy superintendent.
The responsibility for distributing the homeland security reference manual is distributed by__________with the approval of______?
1st dep sup strategic deployment /superintendent.
The counter terrorist section is an intelligence gathering section operating within which bureau of the dept?
Bureau of strategic deployment.
The appointment of district terrorism liasion officers will be recommended by the __________and appointed by the ____________.
Chief of Patrol. / Dep sup., Bureau of Strategic deployment.
Who is the CPD's homeland security liasion to the office of emergency management and communications ?
Dep sup of Bureau of Strategic deployment.
Who is the lead investigative team for the dept. on investigations concerning domestic and foreign terrorist threats?
Joint terrorism Task Force.
A po has just taken an information report on a terrorist threat to the sears tower. Where should she fax the information to________after receiving approval from the watch commander?
Deployment Operations Center.
When responding to a haz mat event, CPD personnel will__________CFD personnel will _______while COS will coordinate.
Evaluate / isolate. Mitigate / evacuate.
You are the first responding sgt. to arrive at a haz mat. You realize as you evaluate the extent of the emergency you should do all of the following except______.
Refrain from requesting additonal manpower and equipment until authorized by a higher ranking member of the CPD or CFD.
As a sgt. which is not a part of your responsibility while isolating the contaminated area?
Take responsibility for initially securing the downwind side of the perimeter to reduce the jeopardy to the health and safety of neaby persons.
The_____will act as the incident commander at the scene of a Haz Mat incident.
Ranking fire official.
As a sgt you respond to a lock out incident. You determine that you will need additional legal information on the situation. Who should you call for help?
Corporation Counsel.
What is considered an abandonment of a dwelling unit?
All persons entitled under the rental agreement to occupy the dwelling unit have been absent for 32 days and rent for that period is unpaid.
________means a person who lawfully possesses a controlled substance for his own use or for the use of a member of his household.
Ultimate user.
Any drug hormonal substance, chemically or pharmacologically related to testosterone that promotes muscle growth is known as?
Anabolic steroids.
Whenever any court in this state grants probation to any person that the court has reason to belive is or has been an addict, the court shall require as a condition of probation that__________-
Probationer submit to chemical tests to determine if he or she is using controlled substances.
Any person 18 years of age or older who uses a person under the age of 18 to deliver a controlled substance may be sentanced to imprisonment for up to?
Three times the maximum allowed under the pertinent subsection of the Controlled substance act.
Any person who delivers an amount of a controlled substance to a woman he knows to be pregnant commits a?
Class 1 felony
Any person who is convicted of engaging in a street gang criminal drug conspiracy is guilty of a _________felony.
Class x felony.
Any person who knowingly grants, permits, or makes their building available for use for the purpose of unlawfully manufacturing or delivering controlled substances will commit what offense?
Permitting unlawful use of building.
It shall be a Class____ felony for which a fine not to exceed ___ may be imposed for any person to knwingly use a cellular radio in furtherance of controlled substance trafficking.
2/ 100,000
Under the Illinois Comiled statutes any person who engages in a calculated criminal drug conspiracy is guilty of a?
Class X Felony
every person who manufactures, distributes, or dispenses, any controlled substance must obtain a registration issued by the?
Illinois Dept of Regulation.
Harry Heron lawfully possesses a controlled substance for his own use. According to ILCS Harry is a?
Ultimate User
Any person who knowingly manufactures, or intends to deliver 2.5 grams of any substance containing cannabis is guilty of?
Class B Misdemeanor
Any person who deals Cannabis on school grounds within 1000 feet of the real property shall be guilty of a ?
Class 1 Felony
A victim 12 years old is pushed to the ground and has her breast fondled by a person at least 17 years of age. She sustains a laceration requiring stitches. What is the proper classification on the GOCR.
Sex Offense / Agg. Crim. Sex. Abuse.
A sex offender does not live at the address listed. What is the Primary and Secondary GOCR classification.
Other Offense / Sex Offender Failure to register new address.
You order PO Jones to remove a medical examiners seal from a residence. What type of report should Jones complete?
Misc Incident X report.
Mr. Lee is arrested and charged with battery against Mr. Smith. While out on bond Mr. Lee threatens to kill Mr. Smith if he shows up in court. What is the primary and secondary offense in the GOCR?
Intimidation / Intimidation
A cab driver picks people up from the airport and offers to set them up with prostitutes. What type of case report should be completed?
Vice Case Report.
An officer has to cancel an RD he generated when he realizes that it had already been issued for the same incident. How does the officer cancel the new RD number.
Complete another GOCR with the UCR 9999 and put CANCELLATION in both the primary and secondary boxes explaining the circumstances in the narrative.
Mr. Banks walks into the station with a bag of cocain he found in his gangway. The desk officer should complete what type of case report?
Vice Case Report.
If a citizen boards an airplane at Midway airport with a firearm which is the proper classification on the GOCR.
Other Offense / Board plane with weapon.
Mike unintentionally gives Joe some bad heroin. Joe ingests the heroin, overdosing and dies. Which would be the primary classification on the GOCR?
Involuntary Manslaughter.
Regarding Armed Violence a category 1 weapon offense is all of the following except? Sawed off shotgun, shotgun, handgun?
How many grams of marijuana does it take for a conviction of Cannabis Trafficking?
The definition of Casual Delivery under the cannabis control act means the delivery of______ of any substance containing Cannabis?
Not more than 10 grams
Tactical officers makes a bust for weed dealing nickle bags of cannabis 900 feet from a school. What is the correct charge?
Felony (within 1000 feet)
What would the next two steps be if you found a traffic control device down on the ground at an intersection?
Notify responsible agency and fill out a Mis. Incident Proceedure card.
If a private towing company employee refuses to release a vehicle, the employee will be placed into custody. Who will ensure felony review will be contacted to place the appropriate charge?
Watch commander.
Storage charges will no be assessed for the first___hours of storage?
You as sgt are requested to the scene of a tow from a private company from private property. The owner is present on the scene and agreed to move the vehicle. What would you tell the beat officer to do next?
Inform the tow truck driver to release the vehicle immediately.
Bt. 2611 needs a supervisor because a landlord want his tenant to leave his rental apartment because the tenant has not paid rent in 5 months. The landlord cannont do what?
Change the locks.
The occupant of a hotel is a Resident if he both pays rent / room charges on a periodic basis and he?
Resides in the premises and has no other permanate address.
In order to be a hotel as defined under the Innkeepers act, the structure must contain at least how many rooms?
25 rooms.
MAIU will respond to all bona fide traffic accidents involving haz mat except?
Those occurring on the interstate highway.
Tom had a one year lease. At 9 months, Tom told his landlord that he would be moving out of the apartment and he would not be back. A few days later, the landlord checked on the apartment and all of Tom's stuff was gone. When can the landlord take posses
After Tom has been absent at least one month. (32days)
_________will take precedence over__________unless those indcidents are of an emergency nature. Hint. Radio assignments.
Radio assignments / on-view
PO wise wishes to cancel an existing RD Number from a battery case report. What UCR offense code should PO wise use?
What is the primary classification for home invasion?

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