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Chapter 4 from Carlong Sec. Social Studies


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When were the labour riots taking place, and were the beginning of our road to nationhood?
What did the riots lead to, and when was the first election under universal adult suffrage held?
A new constitution, and in 1944
When did World War II end?
What were the world's resources now focussed on instead of warfare?
What inventions were about to be improved?
electrical appliances, telephones, production of gasoline, fuel oil from petroleum etc.
Who wrote the book, "When Me Was A Boy" and what does the book provide?
Charles Hyatt, and the book provided info. about life in Kingston during the 1930's and 1940's.
When was the electric light bulb invented and where?
In 1879, and in the USA
Which town was the 1st to have electric lights and when?
In Black River and in 1893
When was electricity re-introduced in Black River?
Which parish were the electricty consumers concentrating mainly on?
What is plastic made from?
What were used as domestic items instead of plastic?
Ceramic, glass, enamel, or metal
Up until what year was plastic used widely?
Name some heavy-duty equipment that are now familiar to Jamaica because of technology?
Tractors, bull-dozers, cranes, forklifts etc.
Now instead of eating at home, what do people do?
They go to restaurants and 'eat out'
What was the first radio station in Jamiaca called?
When did ZQI begin operation?
In November, 1939
When did ZQI start transmitting for 4 hours each day?
In 1947
When did ZQI become RJR?
In 1950
About how many radios were there in Jamaica?
About 22920 radios
What does RJR mean?
Radio jamiaca Rediffusion
What allowed people to listen to RJR without a radio?
When was RJR able to transmit about 118 hours a week on radio and rediffusion?
In 1955
What were the first radios able to change to reduce their size?
Their tubes to transistors
When did RJR and JBC FM Radio begin? (when did they get FM transmissions)
In 1972
What does JBC mean?
Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation
When did JBC begin?
In 1959
When did JBC TV, the first TV station begin?
In 1963
When did RJR purchase JBC?
In 1997
What was the TV station renamed to?
SSTV (Super Surpreme)
What wer the first radios able to change to reduce their size?
Their tubes to transistors
When was SSTV renamed TVJ?
In 1998
What is the FM radio transmission of JBC now called?
Radio 2
What is described as "the list of all people involved in the making of the show"?
The Credits
Name some of the people working in the radio/TV station.
broadcasters, sales people, tecchnical staff, producers, office staff, newsroom staff, library staff
Who ensures that the host of the programmes has complete knowledge of the subject and of the interviewee?
The producer
What are most of the programmes on TV transmitted by?
Up until which year did manual typewriters change in secretaries' use to electircal typewriters?
Until the 1960s
What do secretaries use now to type?
Word processors
When was the first telephone installed in Jamaica and where?
In 1878, and in Kingston
When did people watch the first Pan American flight into Jamaica land in the Kingston harbour?
On December 3, 1930
What were tthe planes described as in Jamaica, before there was an airport?
What were the planes called?
Flying boats
Where was the first plane coming from?
From Miami
When did a direct flight across the Atlantic from Kingston to London begin?
Some time after the World War II
How many passengers coulld the plane take?
How many tourists visited Jamaica in 1937?
65 000
How did most of the tourists come? (transportation)
By ship
In 1997, how many tourists came to Jamaica?
1.9 million
How much percent of them came by air?
Who makes transportation, hotel and entertainment arrangements for clients?
A travel agent
Name some traditional export crops in agriculture.
banana, citrus,coffee, cocoa, and pimento
Name some traditional exports in mining.
buaxite, alumina, and gypsum
Name some traditional exports in manufacturing.
sugar, rum, citrus products, coffee products, and cocoa products
Name some non-traditional exports.
okra, cucumber, pumpkins, dasheens, sweet potatoes, yams, avocadoes, mangoes, watermelons, cut flowers etc.
Name another important non-traditional export.
Where are most apparel made?
In Free Zones
How is this material brought into Jamaica?
Duty free
What are many of the Free Zones owned by?
In 1994, how much millions worth of apparel was exported?
J$8187 Million
Name some occupations providing transportation on the road in 1943.
Bus lines, taxicabs,Carriages and trucking
Who makes the shoes needed for horses?
A blacksmith
Where do blacksmiths work mostly today?
Near the Caymanas Race Track in St. Catherine
What had tree had its bark being used to make dyes and its nectar being used by bees to make honey?
The logwood tree
What replaced the logwood dyes?
Synthetic dyes made chemically
Where are glasses made in Jamaica?
The West Indies Glass Co. Ltd.
What company washes glass bottles and uses them again and againto sell soft drinks?
Desnoes and Geddes (D&G)
At least how many years will a plastic bottle take to disintegrate if thrown into the garbage?
100 years
What computers were used to make rapid developments take place in information services from 1970?
What is the 4th ccategory of industry that scientists say uses high technology?
What combines familiar components like telephones, computers etc. to link computers?
Information Technology
What is the network of linking computers around the world called?
What must be created and then linked to the internet to put information on the internet?
A web site
What is the linking of the internet with your computer termed as?
"going online"
What went online in 1997?
The Gleaner
Give another product of information technology used to send a message to anywhere in the world.
Electronic mail (e-mail)
What do you needd to receive an e-mail?
An address
What does "www" mean?
World Wide Web

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