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AE Module 2


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copy deck
Streamlined enclosure which covers a wing-mounted engine
Information Signs
Yellow signs with black lettering
The intersection of two lines of position
The chemical process of burning
A recurring series of events (Intake, Compression, Power and Exaust)
Throttle Valve
Controls the amount of air going into the carburetor; a "gate" that is controlled by the pilot
Nautical Mile
6076 Feet
Ground Speed
Time it akes for the airplane to fly between two or more points on the ground
A small, or abbreviated mark on a line
Instrument that monters the electrical current, or flow
Direction Signs
Yellow signs
Destination Signs
Yellow signs with black letters and a distinctive blakc arrow
Mixes air with fuel and sends it to the engine
A chemical substance which is used as a source of energy
Noise Abatement
A policy that controls the noice impact upon a community surroundign an airport
Lean Mixture
A mixture of gasoline and air in which there is less fuel and more air
Instrument on the outside (usually on a wing) which determines the airspeed for the airspeed indicator; looks at difference between "rammed air" and "still air"
A device that gives an indication of the landing direction of an airport
A type of engine that processes air and fuel by a back and forth movement of its internal parts
Circuit Breakers
Protect the system from eletrical overloads
A term which applies to the airplane's engine and its accessories
A projection, usually on paper, showing a body of land and other features such as water
Location Signs
Black with yellow inscription and a yellow border; don't have arrows
Runway Distance Remaining Signs
A large black sign with a white number
Indicated Airspeed
The information you get when you read the airspeed indicator directly
Statue Mile
5280 Feet
Master Switch
Has to be on to engage the starter
Vertical Velocity Indicator
Dispays a rate of change in altitude
Line of Position
The concept that an airplane is located somewhere along a given line
The act of making a given volume of gas smaller
The art and science of creating charts and maps
Forms a part of the chamber in which the fuel is compressed and burned
In the example of an airplane engine, it is the movement of the piston, within the combustion chamber, to its limits
Combustion Chamber
An enclosed container in which fuel and air are burned for the production of engergy
Lambert Conformal Conic
The most widely used projection in aeronautical charts
Traffic Patter
A rectangular path arund an airport that facilitates the flow of aircraft
Runway Heading
A magnetic number that corresponds with the runway
Segmented Circle
A set of indicators, usually surrounding an airport's wind sock, that provide traffic pattern information to a pilot in the air
A method of transferring a portion of the earth's surface onto a flat chart
The process of allowing a precise amount of fuel to pass
Exhaust Valve
Needed to let the exhaust gases out
Mandatory Signs
Red background/White numbers and letters
Rich Mixture
A mixture of gasoline and air in which there is more gasoline and less air than needed for normal combustion
A ratio of fuel to air in which, upon combustion, all of the fuel is burned. In energy terms, it is 15 parts air to 1 part gasoline
Term used to describe elevations; depicted by color tins ,contour lines and shading
True Airspeed
The actual speed of the airplane through the air
Calibrated Airspeed
Indicated airspeed corrected for the erros that may occur in the instrument itself
Intake Valve
Needed to let the fuel/air into the cylinder
Restriction on the carburetor whcih causes air from the outside to accelerate as it passes
Measures pressure and displays this as height above sea level

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