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Japans 139


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hikkurumete (引っ包めて)
altogether; including, inclusive of
himitsu o akasu (秘密をあかす)
to disclose a secret
himitsu o mamoru (秘密を守る)
to keep a secret
hikōtai (飛行隊)
a flying corps
himitsu no (秘密の)
secret, private
hiku (挽く)
to saw, to mince, [轆轤で] to throw
hima ga nai (暇がない)
to have no time
himeru (秘める)
to keep secret, to conceal
himatsu (飛沫)
a splash
hima (暇)
time; time to spare, leisure; dismissal, discharge
hikōshikishunōkaigi (非公式首脳会議)
an unofficial top-level meeting, an unofficial summit meeting
hikōkijiko (飛行機事故)
a plane accident
hikuteamata de aru (引く手あまたである)
to be much sought after
hikyōmono (卑怯者)
a coward
hikoku (被告)
a defendant; the accused
himojii (ひもじい)
to be hungry
hikui (低い)
low, [背が] short, [鼻が] flat, [身分が] humble, [声が] low
yakanhikō (夜間飛行)
a night flight
himajin (暇人)
a leisured person, an idler
hima de aru (暇である)
to be free, to be not busy, [商売が] to be dull
himatsubushi ni (暇潰しに)
to kill time
himitsuni (秘密に)
secretly, privately
hikōshikini (非公式に)
informally, privately, unofficially
hime (姫)
a princess
himo o musubu (紐を結ぶ)
to tie a string
himawari (向日葵)
a sunflower
hikōshi (飛行士)
an airman, a pilot
himoto wa ~ de (火元は~だ)
The fire started in ~
himan (肥満)
hikōkai no (非公開の)
private, informal, closed
himotsukiyūshi (紐付き融資)
tied loan, a conditional loan
hikōshiki no (非公式の)
informal, private, unofficial
hiku (弾く)
to play
hikōki o nottoru (飛行機を乗っ取る)
to skyjack
hikōkinottori (飛行機乗取り)
himen suru (罷免する)
to dismiss, to remove [a person from]
himei (碑銘)
an inscription (on a monument), an epitaph
himo (紐)
a string, a cord, a band, [皮の] a strap; a condition, a string; [売春婦の] a bully
hikō suru (飛行する)
to fly, to make a flight
himangata (肥満型)
a stout size
hikōkyori (飛行距離)
a flight
himan shita (肥満した)
fat, plump, stout, obese
himan suru (肥満する)
to grow fat
himitsu (秘密)
a secret, a mystery,
himen (罷免)
himitsukaigi (秘密会議)
a closed-door session
himanji (肥満児)
an overfed child, a fat child
hikōjō (飛行場)
an airport, an airfield
himago (曾孫)
a great-grandchild
hikō (非行)
misconduct, a misdeed, a delinquency
hikutsuna (卑屈な)
servile, mean
hiku (碾く)
to grind [corn]
yūranhikō (遊覧飛行)
sightseeing flight
hikō (飛行)
a flight, aviation
himashini (日増しに)
day by day, every day
himatsu o ageru (飛沫をあげる)
to splash
hikuku suru (低くする)
to lower, [声を] to drop, [清音を] to subdue
hikyō ni ochiiru (悲境に陥る)
to be in distress, to be reduced to distress
himono (干物)
dried fish
hiku (引く)
to pull, to draw, [船を] to tug; [注意を] to attract; [辞書を] to consult, to look up; to quote, to cite; [数を] to subtract, to take, to deduct; [値を] to reduce, to discount; [車/幕を] to draw; to lead, to conduct; to drag, [裾を] to trail; to oil, [蝋を] to wax; [電話を] to install, [ガス/水道を] to lay on
hiku (退く)
to retreat, to withdraw, to retire; to abate, to subside, to recede
hikui koe de (低い声で)
in a low voice, in a whisper
hikōki de yuku (飛行機で行く)
to go by air, to fly
hikōjikan (飛行時間)
flight time
hin (品)
elegance, refinement, dignity; an article, goods; a course, a dish
hikōkigumo (飛行機雲)
a vapour trail, a condensation trail, a contrail
himitsubunsho (秘密文書)
a confidential document
hikyōna koto o suru (卑怯なことをする)
[相手に] to play [a person] foul
himoto (火元)
the origin of a fire
himitsu ni suru (秘密にする)
to keep secret
hikōsonin (被控訴人)
an appellee
hikōshōnen (非行少年)
a juvenile delinquent
himei o ageru (悲鳴をあげる)
to scream, to cry
hikokuseki (被告席)
the dock
hikōsen (飛行船)
an airship
shikenhikō (試験飛行)
a test flight
himo o hodoku (紐をほどく)
to untie a string
hikyō (悲境)
misery, distress
hikōki (飛行機)
an airplane, an aeroplane, a plane, [Generally] aircraft
hikuku (低く)
hikyōna (卑怯な)
cowardly, mean; foul
himei (悲鳴)
a scream, a cry
hiku (轢く)
to run over, to hit
hima o tsubusu (暇をつぶす)
to kill time

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