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Unit 10+Japanese schools


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first lady
wife of the president
once in a lifetime experience
unique experience
lenient treatment
treatment characterized by tolerance and mercy
overdependent on external admiration
very dependent on the positive judgment of other people
cramming school
afternoon school where students can learn more
pick sb up at the airport
go and meet sb at the airport
this lies at the heart of the problem
this is at the centre of these problems
something that interferes with or delays action or progress
they are subjected to a rigorous series of exams
they have to take a lot of very difficult tests
The disadvantage that results from losing something (e.g. oxygen :)
Take possession of by force, as after an invasion
first-hand experience
experience agined directly
problem kids
a 'difficult', naughty child
ask sb out
to invite sb to go on a date
test yourself to the limits
see how far you can push your body
suppressed frustration
frustration which is held in check by difficulty
place where young offenders are taken (like jail)
criticise, show one's unhappiness or critical attitude
A movement upward
straightforward answer
clear answer that is free from ambiguity
ardent fans of sth
really dedicated fans
prove yourself
show others (and yourself) that you can do sth
at first
at the beginning
grab a bite to eat
eat sth very quickly
eke it out
to make sth last as long as possible
to trigger crimes
Put in motion or move to act, to start off
springs to mind
to think of sth suddenly
from first to last
from beginning to end
nourish their emotions
allow their emotions to develop
first aid
basic medical treatment
people climbing mountains
lead a life
have/live a life
pluck up the courage
to feel brave enough to do sth
race against the clock
try to do sth very fast (in a race)
at point blank range
from a very short distance
to be off somewhere
to be away from their usual place (home, work etc.)
exploitative in relations
tending to exploit or make use of others
juvenile deliquent
young offender
pick a fight with sb
start a fight with sb
first and foremost
more than anything else (with 'first')
mass production
produced in large quantities
high profile
very famous, well-known
first light
early morning
highly competitive environment
environment where students must keep proving they are better than others
peak (of a mountain)

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