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Building an Aviation Safety Program


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The Line manager of an aviation safety program is responsible for
The proper use of authority and mission results
The Staff Manager in an aviation safety program
Manages a program but lacks the authority to commit to recources or make changes.
What are the existing standards for aviation safety programs
C. Military
To be effective Standards must be:
Clearly communicated
Consistently applied
How do you ensure compliance with safety standards?
Being visable/walk around
Who's job is it to ensure compliance with safety standards?
Middle Management
Upper Management
Close Call
An occurance other than an accident.
Incidents should be
A predictor or precursor to an accident.
-Published monthly
-Summarizes reports of current interest
-FAA has committed itself not to use ASRS info. against reporters in enforcement actions
How many reports have been submitted to date, without a breach of identity?
Hazard reports
Allow people to bring up hazards without any fear of retribution
6 Basic guidelines for hazard reporting systems include
-Don't waste time defining what constitutes a hazard.
-Keep the program simple
-Acknowledge all reports
-Accept anonymous reports
-Develop some method of prioritizing hazards
-Advertize the program
Information distribution systems are designed to put out
Critical information
2 inportant forms of critical information are
Flight Crew Breifings
Dispatch Systems
An important tool in keeping committee meetings productive is to:
Start on time
Quit on time
Follow up on action items
Inspection programs determine
Compliance with safety standards
Inspection programs validate
the effectiveness of the safety program
Inspections should be viewed as a
management tool
A vibrant training program
is an essential component of an aviation safety program
A sound training program explores
a variety of relevant topics
6 Possible training topics are
Hazardous material training
First aid and CPR
Fire extinguisher training
fuel handeling safety
survival training
crew recource management
The 2 purposes of aviation safety awards is to
Managing an awards program
Number of events divided by exposure to those events
Rate calculation considers two of these three variables
Number of accidents/incidents
Number of flying hours
Number of operations
Cumulative rate calculation
Sum the number of events for each month then divide
The NTSB is
an independant agency that determines the probable cause of transportation accidents, and promotes safety through the reccomendation process
Government aircraft that are used for commercial purposes
Should be subject to the regulations applicable to civil aircraft
General aviation accident field investigations
At least one investigator goes to a general aviation crash site
General aviation accident limited investigation
is carried out by corrispondance or telephone
NTSB part 830 is for
preservation of evedence
NTSB part 831 outlines
Steps in the investigation process
A party to the investigation is
An industry representative with expertise or specific knowledge.
The state of regestry is
Where the flight originated
The state of registry has the right to
Send an accredited representative
Accredited representatives do not
take part in the development of the probable cause
The mission of the FAA is
6 Components of the ATC system
-Navigational Aids
-Communications systems
-Survalence systems
-Air Traffic Control Tower
-Terminal Air Approach Control
-Air Route Traffic Control Center
2 Categories of ATC systems
ATC Tower
Terminal Radar Approach Con
Air Route Traffic Con Center
By the year 2007, the FAA will have spent
$51 billion for modernization
FAA adminisrator serves a
5 year term
Free Flight operators have the freedom to
Select path
select airspeed
select real time
Air traffic restrictions are imposed to
-ensure separation
-preclude exceeding airport capacity
-prevent unauthorized flight through special use airspace
-ensure safety of flight
WAAS allows GPS to be used as
The primary means of en route navigation
WAAS was commissioned for instrument flight use in
LAAS yields the neccassary accuracy for
CAT I, II, and III approaches

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