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22 November 2004
Report: British Authorities Thwarted 9/11-Style Attack
Source Says Attacks Were Planned For 2 Major Sites

Source Says Attacks Were Planned For 2 Major Sites

POSTED: 8:21 pm EST November 22, 2004

LONDON -- A British broadcast report says British security services thwarted a planned 9/11-style terror attack on Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf, a financial district of London.

ITV News is reporting that plans to crash planes into the two high-profile targets were among four or five al-Qaida strikes that security chiefs believe they stopped.

ITV also quotes an unidentified government source who indicates that authorities also disrupted training programs for suicide pilots. The report did not say when or where the plots were uncovered, or how close they came to being carried out.

British security officials, Metropolitan Police in London and a spokesman for the prime minister aren't commenting on the report.
22 Nov 2004
Albion Lines Streets To Salute Fallen Soldier
Edward Iwan Remembered As Leader
21 November 2004
In Your Face at the CIA
Porter Goss says the CIA needs an overhaul. But is he fixing what's broken — or conducting a purge?
29 Nov 2004
Hiding In Plain Sight
Why Pakistan still isn't aggressively pursuing the ex — Taliban leaders living inside the country
23 Nov 2004
Entitlements driving deficit (projected spending)
23 November 2004
Military ponders a call for more troops
Friday Nov 26
Marine from Falls City dies of injuries received in Iraq
Fri Nov 26
Green Zone is hit in mortar atta
Thurs Nov 27
After taking offensive in Iraq, returning students defensive
Thurs NOv 25
New Darfur battle condemned
27 Nov Thurs
Thousands salute fallen Omaha Marine
28 November, Sunday
With 17 dead, Nebraska paying high toll in Iraq
28 November Sunday
Surge in detained insurgents strains U.S. facilities in Iraq
29 November Monday
ACLU: U.S. opposed privacy for passports
29 November Monday2004
Election crisis deepens in Ukraine
28 November 2004
Pakistan defends efforts to secure data on nukes
28 November Sunday 2004
Pentagon looking to Africa, East Europe for bases
27 November Saturday
Ukraine's opposition leader insists on revote
27 November Saturday
Ukraine's parliament agrees vote was invalid

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