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Western Studies chapter 11


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isthmus of Central America
it connects Mexico and South America
the height of land above sea level
El Nino
Spanish for "Christ Child" and means A warm ocean current that flows along the western coast of South America and also brings heavy rain and lots of flooding
Patagonia Desert
located in Southern Argentina and is the largest desert in the Americas
a large plain area that stretches through Argentina and Uruguay/ flat grassland regions
#2 Export from Latin America
agriculture/fruits and vegetables/ food
rivers and streams that flow into a larger river
Amazon River
second longest river in the world and flows 4,000 miles
a large raised area of mostly level land
Atacama Desert
the driest place on earth and is located in Chile
Amazon rain forest
covers more than 2,000,000 square miles and the air is so dense that almost no sunlight reaches the ground
Latin America's resources
fish, silver, petroleum, bananas, water and forests
3 geographic regions
Mexico & Central America; Caribbean; & South America
skeletons that meld together to form a rocklike substance
to add variety
Central America
part of Latin America between Mexico and South America
the power of rushing water to produce electricity. Huge dams are built to control hydroelectricity
nickname for Amazon River
Ocean River
El Alto
the highest airport in the world/ also spanish for "the high one"
#1 export from Latin America
oxygen starvation
less oxygen than most people are used to in the Andes
South America
worlds fourth largest continent bounded by the Caribbean sea, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and linked to North America by the Isthmus of Panama
Latin America
located in the western hemisphere
a narrow strip of land that has water on both sides and joins two larger bodies of land

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