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Learn your places, and then practice going TO them


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Nous allons à la gare
We are going to the train station
le collège
the middle school
le restaurant
the restaurant
the college
le lycée
the high school
Je vais à l'église
I am going to the church
Ils vont au supermarché
They are going to the supermarket
aux toilettes
to the toilets
à la campagne
to the countryside
Elle ne va pas au collège
She isn't going to the middle school
la campagne
the countryside
le champ
the field
Tu vas au zoo
You are going to the zoo
the hospital
the airport
le musée
the museum
la piscine
the pool
la cathédrale
the cathedral
Je vais à la piscine
I am going to the pool
la synagogue
the synagogue
Nous allons à l'aéroport
We are going to the airport
Tu vas au lycée
You are going to high school
tu vas au musée
You (fam.) are going to the museum
à l'université
to the college
la gare
the train station
le zoo
the zoo
à la temple
to the temple
la ville
the city
à la maison
at the home
Vous allez à la maison
You (plural) are going home.
la temple
the temple
the factory
je vais au restaurant
I am going to the restaurant
the church
le supermarché
the supermarket
les toilettes
the toilets

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