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The West 2


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great plains
the vast grassland that extends through the west-central portion of the U.S.
homestead act
a law, enacted in 1862, that provided 160 acres of free land in the west to anyone who would live on and cultivate for 5 years
an African American who migrated from the South to Kanasas in the post-Reconstruction years
Sand Creek Massacre
an attack by U.S. soldiers on a Cheyenne encampment in the Colorado Territory in 1864, which 200 Native American men, women, and children were killed
Sitting Bull
a medicine man for the Sioux Indians
George A. Custer
Civil war hero and colonel in the 7th calvary to investigate and report back - was involved in the Battle of Little Big Horn
a minority group's adoption of the beliefs and way of life of the dominent culture
Dawes Act
a law enacted in 1887, that was intended to "Americanize" Native Americans by distributing reservation land to the individual owners
Ghost Dance
a Native American ritual intended to bring about the restoration of tribal like, popular among the Sioux prior to the Battle of Wounded Knee
Battle of Wounded Knee
brought the Indian wars and entire era to a bitter end
Crazy Horse
chief of the Sioux Indians that killed Custer and his men
Fort Laramie Treaty
the Indians lost their land
Chief Joseph
Indian Chief of the Nez Perce (were at battle of wounded knee)
Transcontinental Railroad
a railroad line linking the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the U.S. Completed in 1869
Promontory Point
where the Union and Central Pacific railroads met in Utah (Transcontinental Railroad)
land set aside by the government
Battle of Little Big Horn
George Custer and his men were killed by the Native Americans (Sioux)
a breed of sturdy long-horned cattle brought by the Spanish to Mexico and suited to the dry conditions of the southwest
barbed wire
farmers put it up to keep cattle from straying or trampling the crops
sod house
s house built of blocks of turf
cattle drive (long drive)
the moving of cattle over trails to a shipping center
James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok
was a violent man who was shot and killed while playing poker
Morill Land Act
laws enacted in 1862 and 1890 to help create agriculture colleges by giving federal land to states
Hatch Act of 1887
established agricultural stations to communicate new farming technology
National Grange
to provide a social outlet and an education forum for isolated farmer families
a late 19hth Century political movement seeking to advance the interest of farmers and laborers
William McKinley
was the Republican candidate for the election of 1896
William Jennings Bryan
was the democratic candidate for the election of 1896
Farmers Alliance
organized people to simpathize with the farmers because they wanted to lower interest rates
farmers who got together and pooled their money
place where you but things in bulk at a cheaper rate
Free Silver
they wanted silver-backed money along with gold-backed money
Gold Bugs
bankers and businessmen
farmers and laborers

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