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TJ Prep Day Seven


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a whole or total 2. (v.) to gather into a
aggregate - The three branches of the U.S. Government form an aggregate much more powerful than its individual parts 2. The dictator tried to aggregate as many people into his army as he possibly could
a false name or identity
alias - He snuck past the guards by using an alias and fake ID.
distressed, wronged, injured
aggrieved - The foreman mercilessly overworked his aggrieved employees
quick, nimble
agile - The dogs were too slow to catch the agile rabbit
believing that the existence of God cannot be proven or disproven
agnostic - Joey's parents are very religious, but he is agnostic
agriculture - It was a huge step in the progress of civilization when tribes left hunting and gathering and began to develop more sustainable methods of obtaining food, such as agriculture
to increase or make greater
aggrandize - Joseph always dropped the names of the
.) a passageway between rows of seats
aisle - Once we got inside the stadium we walked down the aisle to our seats
to soothe, ease
allay - The chairman of the Federal Reserve gave a speech to try to allay investors' fears about an economic downturn.
eagerness, speed
alacrity - For some reason, Chuck loved to help his mother whenever he could, so when his mother asked him to set the table he did so with alacrity

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