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Unit 5 Review

world history flashcards on people , events , eras , and terms for unit 5


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Isacc Newton
motion of gravity
used in the crop rotation , where once every four years a field wouldnt grow any crops
Johann Sebastian Bach
born-1685 germany musical family challenged tradtions of the church Barque style - mulitlayered.
french ; book- spirt of laws belief- power within government should be divded amoung branches
Johannes Kepler
showed that the planents moved in elliptical orbits , helped proved heliocentric
Constitutional Monarchy
gained power by document ruled mostly in england shared power with parlament
Charles 1
supported the divine right , executed in 1649 for being a tyrant.
Scientific Revolution
emphasis on observation and reason
Miguel de Cervantes
Don Quixote considered first novel - a man who thinks he is a knight
William Harvey
showed that the heart was the center of the circulatory system
Glorious Revolution
contributed to the bill of rights ; no as 'glorious' because there was no blood shed
developed as a result of scientific revolution
Age of Reason
introduced new technology , in agriculture (crop rotations) trasnportation (all weather roads) and art and literature
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
born 1756 austria ; musical prodigy; rebelled against church; classical style
Age of Absolutism
time period when the absolute monarchs ruled.
English Bill of Rights
1689 parliment increased over royal power
Oliver Cromwell
leader of military ,ruled england as lord protector until 1658
John Locke
book- two treatises of government ; belief- good by nature 3 main rights life liberty and property
Nicolaus Copernicus
heliocentric theory
Frederick the Great
ruler or prussia , royal drill sergeant , prussian army = great.
french ; book-candide ; belief- free speech speration of church and state.
Galileo Galilei
built a telescope
earth is the center of the universe
Peter the Great
ruler or russia pulled country out of isolation , new captial called st. petersburg
Louis XIV
sun king , most powerful monarch , moved capital from paris to versaille
sun in the center of the universe , what we beleive today
English Civil War
war between parliament supportors and kings supporter ; contribuated to the growing rights of englishmen ; creation of consitutional monarchs
Eugene Delacroix
born 1798 france; romantic ; used color; historic themes
William and Mary
replacements of James 2 husband and wife
Thomas Hobbes
book- Leviathon ; belief- people by nature are evil
Divine right of kings
believed they were chosen by God
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
french ; book-the social contract ; belief- people natuarlly good. democracy ; decleration of independence.
Charles 2
disliked for support of Catholicism ,

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