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Chapter 24 2


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how many miles of RR were there b4 the Civil war? How many after? How did the government help the RR?
There were only 25,000m of track b4 the war and in 1900 there more than 190,000m of track. Congress gave the RRs land in a checkerboard fashion, whatever land they didnt use they could sell to raise money to construct the RR.
What is some useful info to know about the Union Pacific RR?
1) credit mobilier
2) started in Omaha, Nebraska to California.
3) Irish dropped their picks, picked up their rifles and then went back to work
4) It was comissioned to start in 1862 by Congress
what difficulties did the Central Pacific RR have? What were the benefits of the RR
1)The Central Pacific union had to drill thru the Sierra Nevada
2)used chinese workers
3)the RR united the nation, helped market, created jobs, aided industrialization, stimulated mining and agriculture
what led to creation of time zones in 1883
The Railroads
what were the reactions of ppl on the RR pools/trusts
1)The Grange was created to combat the corruption of RR trusts.
2)state efforts to regulate the RR
In 1866 what case said that the states couldnt regulate the interstate commerce for RRs (this was in response of the act that said RRs couldnt charge more for long hauls than short hauls)
The wabash case
what Act passed in 1887 banned rebates, pools, and required the RR to publish its rates openly and forbade unfair discrimination against shippers and banned charging more for a long haul than a shorter one. It also set up the ICC which was the 1st time C
The interstate act of 1887
what made the US the #1 manufacturer in 1894?
1) abundant liquid capital
2) complete exploitation of natural resources
3)innovation methods were improved
4) massive immigration=cheap labor
In what year did Alexander Graham Bell create the telephone
in 1876
Andrew Carnegie was the king of steel. So what it is the name for controlling all aspects of an industry
Vertical integration since Carnegie controlled every aspect of the Steel Business
rockefeller controlled the oil industry and used allied himself w/competitors to monopolize a market. He used to be his own men on the board of directors of rival companies, so what was that called
interlocking directorates this helped him to produce superior oil at a cheaper price
Hoiw did the bessemer process make steel?
cold air is blown upon iron and that removes the carbon deposits. Then it is purified
How was US steel corp formed in 1901?
Carnegie sold his steel business to Morgan for 400 million. This became the first billion dollar business
what is the gospel of wealth
a strange interpretation of Natural selection (Darwin disliked this interpretation) which said that some ppl were destined to work hard and be successful.
what reverend portrayed the belief in the Gospel of wealth
Reverend Russell Convwell became a millaire delivering his speech, "Acres of Diamonds" where he preached that poor ppl made themselves poor and rich ppl made themselves rich
what act forbade combinations in restraint of trade
the Sherman Anti-Trust Act which was passed in 1890
what contract banned ppl from joining unions
Yellow dog contracts. if ppl didnt comply they could be blacklisted
what was significant about the National Labor union?
It was started in 1866 by William Sylis. the union lasted for only 6 years. It excluded the Chinese. It included but didnt encourage the participation of blacks+women. It worked for the arbitration of federal disputes
The National labor union was started in 1866 and ended 6 years later. Why?
The Panic of 1837 killed it
what is some info about the Knights of Labor
It was started in 1869. It campaigned for social/economic reform. It was led by Terrence Powderly. They had a successful strike against Jay Goulds RR. however, they became affiliated with the failed May Day strikes and the Haymarket Riot in 1866
In 1892 John Altgeld lost reelection to be a governor in illinois. Why did this happen?
He studied the case of the Haymarket rebellion and freed the 5 jailed men who were allegedly associated with the riot(the other 3 had been murdered).
What were the goals of the AF L, which was led by Samuel Gompers
The AF of L was founded in 1886. Gompers sought better hours, wages, and working conditions. It was composed of skilled workers "labor trust"

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