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Polisci1050 1st exam


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american political views are very
americans are more ----- and ---- diverse than the citizens of other democracies
ethically and religiously
when americans tend to agree on fundamentals this is

after ratification of the constitution, the us maintained the existing policy of
free immigration
irish immigration became a major political issue because they were...
mostly catholic and poor
this was adopted in 1917 as a way of disenfranchising the immigrants viewed as most threatening
a national literacy test
in 1994, california passed and initiative denying state services to illegal immigrants and their children, how did the courts handle this?
they struck it down
unlike the past, immigrants today are not entering a
rapidly expanding economy
what is emphasis on individual instead of the state, basic human rights, equality under the law and limited government
classical liberalism
when a government threatens rights or fails to protect citizens, they may...
replace it with another
which american document captures the 5 tenets of liberal philosophy
the declaration of independence
a political philosophy that emphasized the welfare of the community rather than the individual
civic republicanism
a strong belief shared by many americans that individuals are responsible for their own welfare
american individualism
individuals should have an equal chance to advance
equality of opportunity
the idea that all individuals have a right to a more or less
equality of condition
new comers and people born in america are, conciously or unconciously, taught these core beliefs
political socialization
benefits of being a us citizen
-only american citizens can obtain us passports
-many countries waive visa requirements for us passport holders
-citizens may petition other family members to immigrate to the us
-citizens are eligible for state and federal jobs
-citizens have th ability to live outside of the us and never lose citizenship

what is faith in the free market called
economic liberalism
what is favoring traditional values and moralism called
social conversation
what is promoting the rights and worthiness of ordinary people called
what things result in a political culture that tends to favor low taxes, low government services, and pro business policies.
economic liberalism
social conversation

the primary political value allows for the fullest exercise of individual liberty as long as the liberties of others are not unreasonably restricted
classical liberalism
derives from the classical conservatism rooted in feudal english and european thinking that viewed liberalism with suspicion, embraced traditional hierarchical social relations, and tended to interpret social change as a threat to established practices an
social conservatism
soncial conservatives tend to support the use of government to...
reinforce traditional social relations
concerned primarily with the well being of ordinary people, and emphasizes the popular will as the chief virtue of a political position.
what is political suicide in texas?
is there state income tax in texas?
after reconstruction, the ---- party enjoyed electoral dominance on ---- level(s) of ----- and ---- government(s)
state, national

was democratic rule dominated by conservative white political elite that strongly promoted economic development?
was democratic rule dominated by resisted change either in race relations or social programs for the poor.?
is a comparatively low level of state services maintained by a neral hostility toward progressive taxation an enduring characteristic?
is a generally anti-union work environment and enduring characteristic?
is a limited environmental regulation an enduring characteristic?
the life long process by which individuals learn their political orientations, allegiances, and values
political socialization
major economic innovations in agriculture and transportation in texas set the stage for transformation of the
texas economy
pushing of ----- lower in the class structure.
middle-class mexican americans
texas ranks---- behind-----and ----- in total ----
new york
gross state product (gsp)

texas ranked at or near the top among the fifty states in terms of ----- ------ in the early 2000s
income inequality
the income gap between the riches 20 percent of families and the poorest 20 percent in texas was the ------- largest in the nation in the early 2000s
what are the four largest and rapidly growing metropolitan areas in texas?
houston, dallas-fort worth, austin, and san antonio
texas is a land of...
the immigrants are
native americans, spanish, french, anglo american, african, german,and czech immigrants through the 1800s
which two dynamics made texas the fourth state in which non hispanic whites represent less than fifty percent of the population?
high levels of immigration, and high birthrates
if public opinion is silent, public officials may still acto or fail to act because they fear...
arousing it
influence is indirect and passive
law of anticipated rfeactions
if pub opinion is silent or latent public officials may still act or fail to act because they fear arousing it
law of anticipated reactions
the ways in which people learn beliefs and values are

might change a generation that have to do with personal experiences...
historical experiences
associated with a more tolerant outlook, especially higher education which promotes tolerance, diversity
the technical term for the scientific design and administration of public opinion polls
survey research
if selected ----- a poll of 1,500 people can give----
accurate results
a sample size would produce results within
plus or minus 3 percentage points
the error that occurs when a sample systematically includes or excludes people with certain attitudes
selection bias
small groups used to explore how ordinary peple think about issues
focus groups
measuring something subjective like public opinion is subject to structure of the questions
measurement error
which poll was confusing and poorly constructed
the holocaust poll
both ----- and ----- advocates claim a majority of americans support their position
pro choice
pro life
each question contains words and phrases that predispose people to answer in one direction
suspect survey questions
the time and mental effort required to absorb and store information, whether from conversations, personal experiences or the media
information costs
groups of people particularly concerned with or affected by a specific issue
issue public
where respondents who want to be cooperative come up with an opinion to please the surveyor
doorstep opinions
a system of beliefs in which one of more organizing principles connect the individuals views on a wide range of issues
activists and officeholders who are deeply interested in, and knowledgeable about, politics
political elites
which is a fundamental listed in the constitution
free speech
most citizens favor ----- for all but they would restrict ----- for groups they like the least
free speech
free speech
the range of policy options acceptable to mass of public opinion
zone of acquiescence
perception of broad signals from the voters. outcome that appears to represent victory of a particular policy agenda
electoral mandate
voting behavior is driven by three factors:
-party identification
-salient issue positions, sometimes very general as to "how things are going"; sometimes specific regarding a particular issue.
-general candidate evaluation-trustworthiness, physical appearance, etc. also referred to as "image"

the aggregated views held by ordinary citizens on issues, events and public figures
public opinion
group of people one wants to learn about
a subset of the population that carries the same characteristics as the entire population
drawing a sample by randomly selecting people from the population where each and every person has an equal chance of being selected
random sampling
how can we best sample the american adult population?
random digit dialing
a computer randomly selects area codes and phone numbers
random digit dialing
what are unit nonresponses
-no phone
particularly common for obsucre issues or those requiring extensive knowledge
item nonresponses or nonopinion responses
subjects take part in a weekend of activities where they are provided with balanced information on a particular issue
deliberative polling
degree to which and issue is important to a particular individual or group
issue salience
surveyors claim to be polling, but are actually trying to give biased information
push polls
voting places are randomly selected and workers ask every 10th person how they voted
exit polls

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