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Cities Grow and Change Chapter 4 pg 156


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When was the Erie Canal Completed?
1825 on the time line
Which was founded first, New Amsterdam or the colony of Pennsylvania?
New Amsterdam
A trading Center where ships are loaded and unloaded.
A person who comes to live in a country.
The freedom to govern themselves.
An official statement of independence.
Bodies of water that boats can use.
A waterway dug across the land.
A part of a canal in which the water level can be raised or lowered.
A large city together with its suburbs.
metropolitan area
A huge urban region formed when 2 or more metropolitan areas grow together.
Growth of cities.
urban growth
The spreading of urban areas and the growth of new centers of business and shopping.
urban sprawl
Why was the Erie Canal built?
To increase trade, agriculture and manufacturing in the region of New York City.
Why do Pennsylvania steel mills produce less steel than they did in the past?
Because steel can be made more cheaply elsewhere,they face competition in other countries.
How has urban spraw changed the cities?
Many workers commute very long distances to and from work.
In what kind of region do most people around the world live?
Metropolitan area or cities
Who were the first Europeans to settle in the Middle Atlantic Colonies?
A. Dutch
B. English
C. Spanish
D. Germans
The Declaration of Independence was sign in ___
A. New York City, NY
B. Philadelphia, PA
C. Washington D.C.
D. Bostom, MA
Philidelphia, PA
Whic of the following mountain ranges does NOT run through the Middle Atlantic states?
A. Allegheny Mountains
B. Catskill Mountains
C. Adriondack Mountains
D. Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains
What document states that all people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
Declaration of Independence
Why did the colonists decide to leave their independence from Britain?
Freedom to govern themselves and they didn't want to pay new taxes.
What body of water connects the Erie Canal ot the Great Lakes?
Atlantic Ocean
What ways were the Middle Atlantic colonies like the U.S of today?
Trade and good jobs. Freedom of speech and religion.
What resources are needed to produce steel?
Iron, coal and limestone
What port city grew up on a harbor at the mouth of the Hudson River?
New York City
Many immigrants moved to Middle Atlantic Cities during the late 1800's and early 1900's because of what?
_________ is to travel back and forth to work each day.
________ was one of the first Europeans to explore the Middle Atlantic region.
Henry Hudson
_________ is deep and wide enough for ships to use.
Navigable River
________is a loosely united group of governments working together.
______ is a trading center where ships are loaded and unloaded.
________is the contest among companies to get the most customers or sell the most products.
Name 6 forms of transportation to help Middle Atlantic States to grow.
Horses, canals, trains, aircrafts, roads, waterways
Name 3 benefits of living in cities:
1. jobs
2. college
3. ethnic life
Name 3 problems of living in cities:
1. traffic
2. pollution
3. crime

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