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Agriculture Greenhand Test

all questions have to do with FFA


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In the FFA Emblem, the rising sun signifies:
progress and promise
The first state to become chartered in the FFA Organization was:
There are no STAR awards on the state or national levels. (T or F)
The rules a member should follow to act accordingly and be a good representative of the FFA, their school, and their community is called the:
FFA Code of Ethics
The paragraph of the FFA Creed that indicates a less dependence of begging and more on bargaining is the:
The National FFA Supply Service is located in:
Indianapolis, IN
In order to hold a national office, the candidate must hold the:
American FFA Degree
In 1953, President Eisenhower spoke at the National Convention as well as the release of a nationally printed ____, which both was the first ever in FFA history:
Special postage stamp
A member can maintain their active FFA membership until:
the 4th national convention following graduation
I order to receive the American FFA Degree, a member must have graduated from high school at least 12 months prior to the national convention at which the degree is to be granted (T or F)
In the year 2002, Karlene Lindow was named the first female American Star Farmer. (T or F)
Alaska was the last state to join the ranks of the FFA. (T or F)
The FFA montoring program based on partnering FFA members with younger students to build trust and develop self-esteem by working together in agricultural activities is called the:
Partners in Active Learning Support
The officer required to prepare and present meeting minutes is the:
The number of candidates allowed from each state to run for a national FFA office is:
The award given to the top Greenhand member in each chapter is called the:
Star Greenhand
The President's station is marked by the:
rising sun
The FFA was first established in:
The ear of corn can be found at the office of the:
An FFA Degree offered to 8th grade students in the:
Discovery Degree
Idaho is part of this national region:
SAE is an acronym that stands for:
Supervised Agricultural Experience
Idaho has had one individual serve as National FFA President although he was not elected to that position. (T or F)
The office responsible for receiving and depositing FFA funds is the:
The officer responsible for welcoming guests and maintaining and orderly meeting is the:
The FFA Colors are:
National Blue and Corn Gold
Proficiency Awards are based primarily upon a member's:
SAE project (Supervised Agriculture Experience)
The title "Future Farmers of America", although still under a trademark, was changed to the "National FFA Organization" in:
Supervision of the FFA chapter or association is given by the officer holding the position of:
There are ___ chapters in our district.
The silver pin worn below the name on the FFA jacket signifies the:
Chapter FFA degree
The Idaho state FFA president is:
Kelsey Day
A two-day conference designed primarily for high school freshmen and sophomores focusing on personal growth of each individual is called:
MFE (Made for Excellence)
The present Idaho State FFA Advisor is:
Alison Touchstone
The program of activities is developed under the guidance of the:
A National Chapter Activity in which FFA members present to elementary students a program about the inportance of agriculture and to educate children about where food comes from is the:
Food for America
The words Agriculture Education and FFA located on the FFA Emblem indicate that FFA is an important part of the Agriculture Education program combining learning and leadership. (T or F)
State FFA Officers must hold at least the:
State FFA Degree
The North Magic Valley District Advisor is:
Holly Church
The award given to individuals who have rendered oustanding FFA services is the:
Honorary FFA membership
In the FFA Emblem, the plow signifies:
labor and tillage: backbone and strength
The official name of our district is the:
North Magic Valley District
An FFA member should only wear ___ pins on their jacket
Three (Degree, Officer, Highest Award)
Puerto Rico became as associated chapter in the FFA in:
In 1969, a significant change happened in the FFA. It was allowing:
girls to become active members
The ____ has the responsibility of releasing news info. about the FFA.
Membership in the FFA in a post-secondary school (college or university) is referred to as:
Collegiate Membership
Courses established in vocational agriculture under the Smith-Hughes Act began in:
The paragraph commonly referred to as the Unison Paragraph is recited during the:
Opening Ceremonies
The NMVD President is:
Calvin Walgamott
A President of the United States that has addressed the members at the National FFA Convention, besides Dwight D. Eisenhower, is:
Gerald Ford, George Bush, Jimmy Carter
The phrase "Learning to Do, Doing the Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve" is the:
FFA Motto
The American Flag is required to be displayed at all official FFA meetings and functions.
To earn the Greenhand Degree in the FFA, a student must:
learn and explain the FFA Creed, Motto, Salute, and FFA Mission Statement; demonstrate a knowledge of the FFA Code of Ithics and the proper use of the FFA Jacket; be enrolled in agricultural education and have satisfactory plans for an SAE program
The official delegate assembly at the National FFA Convention is made up of:
475 members
The acronym CDE stands for:
Career Development Event
The national leadership program held in Washington D.C. is commonly referred to as:
Following the roll call of officers and members, the next item on the meeting agenda should be:
reading of the previous minutes
The Reporter is stationed by the:
U.S. Flag
The Vice President is stationed by the:
Using correct meeting room arrangement, the officer stationed at the meeting room entrance would be the:
Public Law 740 was passed by Congress in 1950 giving the FFA:
a federal charter
The FFA Mission Statement is the developing a student's potential in a premier leadership, personal growth, and:
career success
The gold charm is the highest recognition of advancement given by the state association and symbolizes the:
State FFA Degree
The present location of the National FFA Convention is in:
Indianapolis, IN
The FFA Salute is customarily given during the official FFA:
Closing Ceremonies
Lisa Shively is presently serving the Idaho State FFA as:
FFA Coordinator
National FFA Week is celebrated in the month of:
February (George W. Birthday)
The Future Farmers of America joined with the New Farmers of America, which was an organization for African-American agriculture students, in the year:
BOAC is an FFA acronym which stands for "Building Our American _____."
The FFA Creed was written by:
E.M. Tiffany
The paragraph of the FFA Creed containing "for I know the joys and discomforts of agricultural life..." is:
The 17th state to be chartered in the FFA in the year 1929 was:
The first paragraph of the FFA Creed has the sentence:
with a faith born not of words but of deeds
The NFA has an emblem that is similar to the FFA emblem except for the cross section of an ear of corn being replaced by:
a cotton bowl
The Idaho State FFA Dues are:
5 dollars
The final paragraph of the Creed is the only one of the 5 that do not contain the words "I believe..." (T or F)
In order to hold the office of District FFA President in Idaho, a member must have:
been awarded the State FFA Degree
The present location of the Idaho State FFA Convention is in:
Twin Falls, Id
The Virgin Islands and Guam were granted association charters in:
The National FFA Dues are:
5 dollars
School letters and insignia:
cannot be worn on the FFA jacket
The FFA magazine is titled:
FFA New Horizons
The symbol of knowledge and wisdom found on the FFA emblem is the:
The only FFA degree medal that can be worn above a member's name on the FFA jaket is:
State FFA Degree Charm, American FFA Degree Key
The FFA Colors were adopted in:
The FFA was organized in:
Kansas City, MO
In order to be an active FFA member, a student must be enrolled in an agriculture education class:
at least one semester
The leadership programs of Made for Excellence(MFE), Experiencing Discover, Growth, and Excellence (EDGE), Advanceded Leadership Development (ALD), and Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) are all part of the national FFA program referred to as the:
FFA Leadership and Personal Growth Series
The Greenhand degree holder is given the:
bronze pin
To advance to the Chapter FFA Degree, a student must have:
received the Greenhand Degree
FFA membership open to students grades 7-12 that are enrolled in an agriculture program and pay membership dues is called:
The Bust of Washington signifies the office of the:
The owl is the symbol located at the office of the:
Unity; common interests in agriculture is symbolized in the ___ of the FFA emblem
Cross-section on an ear of corn
The officer responsible for presiding over the meetings is the:
The paragraph of the FFA Creed that addresses leadership and respect is the:
An organization that is designed on a national level to encourage individuals to provide finances in supporting and furthering the programs of the FFA is the:
National FFA Foundation
The national symbol outlining the scope and freedoms in agriculture is in the Emblem and is depicted by the:
Those individuals who are interested and supportive of the FFA can have membership in an ___ chapter.

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