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Ch. 11 Study Notes


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What was Jackson's proposal about moving the Indians?
He offered to pay for their present lands, move them west at the U.S. expense, and give them land beyond the frontier.
When was the Removal Act passed by Congress?
What happened at the Conference in September 1830 where 5000-6000 Choctaw Indians attended?
They were given food, cloth, soap, razors, etc and were told of the plans to move them west.
What was the treaty signed by the Choctaw Indians called?
The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek
When was the first indian move made?
Winter of 1831-32
How many indians were resettled?
More then 45000
Who ran for president and won in 1836 with Jackson's approval?
Van Buren
What was the Independent Treasury System and who developed it?
It made all money become gold and silver instead of paper money; Van Buren.
What was the Log Cabin Campaign and when was it?
Where whigs supported Harrison for presidency (he brought down Tecumseh) in 1840 and said that he was just a simple man like Jackson.
When Jackson won the election of 1832, how did he try to get rid of the Bank of U.S?
He withdrew government money and placed it in various state banks, and quit depositing money into the national bank.
Where was Jackson wanting to move the Indians to?
Undeveloped territory west of the Mississippi River.
What was the result of the state banks lending money recklessly?
Prices rose, borrowing money rose, demand rose, (Inflationary spiral of 1837, ended in depression, Panic of 1837)
What was the South states and what were they good at?
South of Pennsylvannia and East of the Mississippi River; Slavery, cotton, tobacco, slave owners were the richest, aristocrats had most political power.
What was in the West?
Poor unhappy people moved west, unlimited land and oppurtunity, farmers, self sufficiency, social equality, easy to work as hired hand up to a farm owner.
Who were candidates in the Election of 1824 and where was their support?
John Quincy Adams-NE
Andrew Jackson-W
Henry Clay-W
What was the deciding factor that helped Adams win?
Clay knew he wouldn't win, he served as Secretary of Treasury under Monroe along with Adams who was Secretary of State, so he pushed his supporters over to Adams.
What did Jackson supporters start calling themselves?
What were nominating conventions?
Where delegates nominated people to run for president.
What was the spoils system and who started it?
Where you tried to get as many supporters in the government as possible; Andrew Jackson.
What started the Nullification Crisis?
The 1832 Tariff (Tariff of Abominations)
What state held a special election that in November of 1832 passed an ordinance nullifying the tariff?
South Carolina
What 2 things did Jackson do to try and stop the ordinance?
"Proclamation to the People of South Carolina" (Warning them), and threatened to march down there and hang the leading nullifiers.
Who worked out a compromise in Congress about the tariff which led to the South Carolina legislature appealing the ordinance of nullification?
Calhoun and Clay
When was the Second Bank of U.S. founded?
What were bank notes?
Paper money given out by banks that garuntees hard money if turned in.
Why did the Bank issue for a recharter during the election campaigning of 1832?
In hopes that Jackson would sign it because otherwise it could be used against hime for re-election.
What 2 things could Indians do and not do in the southern states?
They could be taxed and serve in the militia but they couldn't testify in court or vote.
What was the Era Of Good Feelings?
Monroe was president, Republicans had no political competition, nation was growing, at peace, and prosperous.
Why did the Era Of Good Feelings end?
Regional conflicts
When did President Monroe take the Goodwill Tour of New England and why was it ironic?
1817; New England is Federalist country and he was a Republican that was greeted nicely.
How many states were there in 1821?
What was the Farming Boom?
Crop rotation, plows, new and improved livestock, fertilizer, and draingage techniques.
What was specialization?
When one region is better at something than another region is.
What was the North East states and what were they good at?
New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvannia; Manufacturing, most important seaports, varied diets, big homes, low prices, machine made goods, agriculture, industrial changes were positive.

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