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The West


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What animal was hated by cattle ranchers because of its grazing habits?
What Sioux chief fled to Canada with some of his followers?
Sitting Bull
Of these states, which was not a site of a gold discovery?
California, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona
What was a round-up?
when the cattle would be gathered on the open range
What was a cattle drive?
when cowboys would drive the herds to market
What was the term used to describe the public lands used by the cattle herds?
open range
What term meant a community that grew up suddenly when a mine opened?
boom town
On what two animals did the Plains Indians depend?
buffalo and horses
What was the primary purpose of the Dawes Act?
provide Indians with private land ownership
What name was given to the 300 mile forced march of the Navajo Indians to reservations?
The Long Walk
What was a system of messengers on horseback called?
Pony Express
What were range rights?
water rights
What was the Comstock Lode?
a rich deposit of gold and silver
For what purpose did the federal government give land to the states under the Morrill Act?
to sell and use to build colleges of agriculture and engineering
Which battle was the biggest defeat of the at the hands of the Indians?
Battle of Little Bighorn
Where was the meeting point of the transcontinental railroad?
Promontory Point, Utah
Who were the Exodusters?
African Americans who moved west after the end of the Civil War
Which group used the Bozeman Trail to travel between Wyoming and Montana?
the miners
What was a bonanza?
a large deposit of precious ore
What batle between the U.S. army and the Sioux Indians marked the end of the fighting on the Great Plains?
Battle of Wounded Knee
What was dry farming?
growing crops which needed less water such as red wheat
Who invented the steel faced plow?
John Deere
What law gave railway companies loans, land grants and money for laying track in exchange for carrying U.S. mail and troops at reduced rates?
Pacific Railway Acts
What factors led to the decline of the Cattle Kingdom?
severe winters and overgrazing
What invention allowed for fencing on the Great Plains?
barbed wire
What law provided land for free if you lived on the land for a minimum of five years?
Homestead Act
What were generally the first two buildings in a pioneer community?
a church and a school
What was the primary breed of cattle raised on the Great Plains?
Texas longhorn
What inspired much of the dress and equipment of the western cowboy?
the Mexican vaquero
The lives of the Great Plains Indians changed dramatically when they were forced to live where?
What religious movement, begun by Wovoka, was seen as threatening by the U.S. Army?
the Ghost Dance
Why were mining towns dangerous?
there was little law and order
What was the name of the first major agreement between the U.S. government and the Plains Indians?
Fort Laramie Treaty

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