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chap 18 history


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4 viceroyalties of Spain in Latin America
New Granada
New Spain
La Plata

ruled viceroyalties under the King
Born in Spain

Criollos or Crioles
Had parents born in Spain, born in the Americas

mixed Amerindian and Spanish
mixed African and Spanish
mixed French Canadians and Amerindians
order of spanish hierarchy in latin america
African slaves

How many armadas full of silver were sent to Spain each year

Purity of Blood
- Having only Catholic men of pure spanish blood in the government
- Father of the family was responsible for making sure his daughters were pure until after they got married

is the blending of old beliefs and some ideas from another religion
Inez de la Cruz
-most famous child prodigy
- Latin
- Entered a convent bc denied admission to Univ. of Mexico and wrote poetry still used in Mexico today
- work was censored and outlawed by conservaties and she was forced to sell her library.

Convents were an option for the
In Latin America marriages were
if poor women need to work what was not an option?
a convent
Portugal wanted to colonize ________

_____ was more of an afterthought for Portugal
how many slaves in brazil?
150,000 half of the population
major gold deposits were found in _____
Amerindians were displaced by Africans in ________
the gold mines in Brazil
Jesuit missionaries played a significant role in Brazil. Both ____ and ___ were religions in colonial Brazil
Catholism and African religions
runaway slaves
Maroons often went into ______ groups or formed___
Amerindian groups
formed quiolombos
most famous quilombo
Pennsylvainia was the only state where German and Dutch outnumbereed the
colonies make mother country wealthier
what groups dominated Carolina and VA
Only religiously tolerant colonies?
Rhode Island and Penn.
Protestant/Catholic divide of England and Spain made
the English view the Spanish and their empire negatively
In English literature the Spanish seemed?
barbaric and cruel
English and Spanish were equally inhumane to the
indigenous ppl
English worked harder than the Spanish on
conversion through missionaries
english did not make room for ________ unlike the Spanish
race mising
Olauda Equiambo wrote
The Interesting Narrative
Miguel Zeravantes wrote
don Quixote
first slave auction was in
New Amsterdam (dutch Nyc)
Africans traded by fellow Africans in exchange for
African slaves came from
the west coast
-Cierra Lione
- Senegal
-ivory coast

slaves called
black gold
slave boat called
floating coffins
revolts were common or not common? Why?
not common, if it failed life was more miserable
how many slaves came over
12 million
still slavery today?
most slaves went to
west indies
Equiambo was going to
how much space did each slave have?
3ft 3in
-something created to fit a need
-iron muzzle so slaves couldnt eat or talk
Charleston was
Carolinas main port and slave trading captial
in SC what style slavery?
flogging, lashing means
whipping (punishment for slaves)
slaves on the ships could be whipped for
not eating
children aboard a slave ship often fell into
neccesary tubs (where they went to the bathroom)
Equiambo had something valuable. what was it ?
because equiambo was young
he was not put in the fetters
Catalina de Erauso
escaped a convent, disquised herself as a man, and became a Spanish soldier in the Americas
Potosi is in present day
Potosi was in
the viceroyalty of peru
What American possesions were small compared to the Spanish
French and English
Repartimiendo system was harsher than the
sugar producing islands of the Carib. were the Spanish ruled islands of
Cuba and Puerto rico
sugar producing islands of the Carib owned by england
Jamaica and Barbados
New Amsterdam was given to the ______ by the dutch and renamed ________
given to the english and renamed New york
the French sailed up what river looking for a northwest passage?
St. lawrence
What is a Northwest passage?
a maritime route to Asia
What kind of cultural adaptations did the French make with the Amerindians?
smoked tobacco, had children with them
Why did many of the Huron seek baptism
thought the holy water would save them from small pox
who was the founder of quebec
samuel de champlain
quebec was owned and settled by
the french
the french had what type of relationship with the amerindians?
most lucrative of all French possessions in Americas and why
small caribbean islands, because of the crops
two reasons that the englasih did not use the amerindians for labor in the virginia colony
Amerindian men were not usually engaged in agriculture so did not have much experience

local pops. decreasing cause of smallpox

sir walter raleigh was
a major investor in the virgaina settlement
sir walter raleigh pushed the amerindians to the frontier just as he had done to the i
irish people
if indentured servants worked for a set period of time they earned a
return passage or a small plot of land
in what year did the first slaves arrive in the virginia colony
differences between carolina and virginia?
-plantations were much larger in carolina
-africans were more of population in carolina
-rice and indigo were carolinas cash crops and tobacco was virginias main cash crop

in the rural areas of Spanish colonies it was harder to maintain
The Spanish made a mistake in not developing
new military technology and as a result the dutch english and french could challenge spain
spains main economic goal
extract minerals and other raw materials
in colonial latin america what based market?
large estates that owners had total control of their lands with little refrence to outside authority
Amerindians were legally prevented from
leaving the haciendas
debt peonage
Amerindians wages were not high enough to pay back their debt to hacienda owners. vicious debt cycle
inca had used what system of labor
differences in spanish mita and inca mita
under inca mita
every household contributed labor
exemption were given for pppl in unusual circumstance
workers were fed clothed and well treated

In Spanish centralized govt in Americas blurred boundaries between
state and church
often top spanish government officials
church leaders
New granada captial
greatest discovery of silver in world history was made
in the Andes at Potosi
primary motive for conquistadors
lust for gold
whipping, branding, dismembering, castrating, or killing of slaves was legal under what laws?
black/slave codes
What was Equianos book called? 2 names
Interesting Narrative
Gustavus Vassa the African

What does pestilential mean?
harmful, destructful, evil
~plagues, diseases
What does copious mean?
abundant, plentiful
what does avarice mean?
What does inconceivable mean?
unimaginable, unthinkable
What does fetters mean?
a chain or shackles placed on feet
the first settlers in new england were dissenters of what church?
they were Calvinist dissenters of the Anglican church
other two reasons fro settlers coming to new england
the land was cheap and wages were high
What role did the Dutch play in brazil?
more investments
brought more slaves for sugar plantations
Dutch West/East India Company

how was new england homogeneous in cultre
Men and women were balanced in number so there was less mixing between races, from the outside looking in everyone seemed the same
What islands did the English rule?
barbados and jamaica

What was the Northwest passage?
direct water route to asia
Commercial center of new england?
what provided the original wealth to boston?
fishing and shipping industries
What kind of relationship did the French have with the indiginouse people of new france?
had children together-metis
smoking tobacco bcame an impt ritual

where was the poor quality cod from boston sent?
to the Caribbean to feed the slaves
why were the british mainland colonies of little importance to britain?
compared to the peruvian silver and brazilian sugar and gold, the crops that came from the americas were not nearly as lucrative
Who was the founder of Quebec?
Samuel de Champlain
What were the most lucrative of all French possessions in the Americas?
sugar plantations
small carribean islands; generated huge profits using slaves to produce sugar for European markets
What did indentured servants get from working in the Virginia colony?
the trip to the Americas was payed for and at the end of 4-7 years of work they got to go home or they got a small peice of land
What was the greatest fear of the colonial authorities in Virginia?
sexual contacts and relationships b/n white settelers and african slaves

What were the 2 main differneces between the cAROLINAS and Virginas?
Virginia was a royal colony and the number of slaves outnumbered the English settlers in the Carolinas
The reparmiento was what compared to encomienda?
Discuss the challenge the Catholic Church encountered in the Americas?
-syncretism~the virgin mary and the saints were blended with gods and fertility
-easier to enforce religion in Spain then in Latin America
-inquistion to root out heretics (get rid of Muslims, Protestants, Jews)
-the amerindians and africans were illiterate (didnt understand) sos they wanted to convert them
-heretics escaped persecution (went to the americas)

slave ships?
floating coffins
connects the Afircans as they went to the coast

African countries?
sierra lion
ivry coast

What was Cape Coast Castle, W. Africa?
it was built by africans
were they came to trade slaves for guns and rum
slavery still occurs today? in what form
sex trafficing
how many slaves total were brought sold in the slave trade? triangular trade
12 million

What was the only successful slave revolt?
Tu Sant Lui Bator

what was the ideal age of slaves?
teens, young adults

Flogged means what?
What country posed the biggest threat to England?
wHAT was the mercantalist theory and what was the effectiveness of the mercantalist laws?
it was an economic theory that the mother country will become wealthier b/c of resources of her colonies; colonies were only allowed to trade w. mother county
-The colonies found ways around them; pirtates.
Where did Erauso leave?
Who was Ines de la Cruz?
-most famous child prodigy
-denied entry into U. of Mexico
-entered a convent
-wrote poems
-had a library of books that got taken away

What was the economic focal point for the English?
carribean islands
House of Burgesses was?
first government in Americas
How did Boston become wealthy?
cod fisheries/ shipping
What kind of environmental and political effects did the fur trade have on the indigenous people of New France?
-had to venture farther away to set traps
-competition for beaver pelts increased
~caused conflict w/ other idig. p.
-use of guns (along with horses, iron tools, and alcohol) made warfare more lethal
-more efficient buffalo hunting
-women lost their status because the men became so impt (hunting, beaver pelts, fur)
-Siberian, Russia became wealthier due to fur trade
-French actually lived with amerindians
-great demand of fur in China and the Ottoman Empire

What was the theme of Miguel Cervantes book, Don Quixote?
new kind of hero who didnt get caught up in the casta system(doesnt conform)

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