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History Exam Review Packet - Rome [Pages 1, 2, + 3]

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writes the letters to churches he founds that later become part of the bible, spread christianity
July and August
July and August were added to the Calendar by Julius and Augustus Caesar. These two months were the best months of the year by terms of weather in Rome.
god of gods and sky god
built to transfer water into towns
mean savior in Greek
Conqueror of Gaul (Julius)
conquers more and more of gaul "Ceasar crosses the rubicon (a river between gaul and italy)" starts the second civil war
Julian Emperors
BAD, pax romana, bad, crazy rulers; Tiberus, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero
Carthaginain general in the second punic war defeated by the romans, defeats Scipio a first
Marcus Aurelius-Commodus
The last of the good emperors. His son his Commodus (commode-potty) the empire goes down the toilet
Bigger that assembly served for life and proposed laws.
Punic means
war against the Phonicians (Carthage)
Second Triumverate
Agustus, Lepidus, and Mark Antony
Reforms (Augustus)
keeps roman republic traditions (senate and elections), gave poor food and entertainment, police force and fire departments, put people to work cleaning the cities, built public buildings and temples, next 400 years the things he lay down continue
3 groups of barbarians who conquered the empire in the 400's AD
Goths (visi and ostro), Frank, Vandal, Angle, and Saxon
Veto means
I do not allow.
old testement (history of the hebrew nation) and new testement (life of Jesus): gospels (matthew, mark, luke, and john) and paul's letters
middle class consisted of workers, artisans, and merchants
Battle of Cannae
Second Punic War, Hannibal kills 55,000 Romans
Assembly of centuries patrician rule elected people in the executive branch
upper class consisted of nobles and land owners
Pax Romana
It means Roman Peace (31 B.C.- A.D. 180). The highlight of the Roman Empire.
and apostle and disciple, spread christianity, later dies as one of the first martyrs
Circus Maximus
horse racing and chariot racing (gambled)
Bread and Games means
The poor people were given bread and water twice a day and were allowed to sit up in the high sections of the chariot races and gladiator fights to make them happy.
branch of Judaism
founder of christianity
durning Tiberius' time breaks off of Judaism, and becomes official religion
Roman Law - How is it like ours?
the senate, fair taxing. common law. doomsday book,the 2 branches of goverment.
First Triumverate
60 BCE, with Pompey and Crassus, an alliance to rule rome
roman slaves (rome gets there slaves from prisoners of war)
Chosen representatives by patricians Assembly of tribes elected them.
She was an egyptian queen who had an affair with Marc Antony. She commits suicide (or possibly snake kills her) with Marc Antony because Marcus was defeated at Actium and Augustus was after them.
Battle of Zama
202 BCE, Scipio defeats Hannibal in Africa in the 2nd Punic War
part of the first triumvirate, a general, marries ceasar's daughter, defeated and killed by J. Ceasar (gets mummified in Egypt)
The Twelve Tables (Tablets)
written laws by the Tribunes in the market place which was the center of the city
Two classes of early romans
Patricians and Plebians
First Emperor of Rome
Augustus Ceasar also called pontifex maximus (chief priest)
first used by romans to make roads, a roman invention, a building material
Why was Julius killed?
44 BCE senators killed him stabbed 23 times by the elite of the senate who were jealous, some historians say he planned it because he was an epilectice
Gaius Marius reforms of the army
The army was made of unemployed poor people who were paid, given supplies and equipment, and promised land.
(Before Theodosius) Divides the empire into two different provinces.
God od agriculture, weights, and measures
The Goof Emperors
The good emperors were good for th empire because they increased the empire to its greatest size, brought it to the height of its economic prosperity.
Bishop of Rome
Pope, Peter is the first one
god of war and the spirit of the season of warfare (same season as harvest)
fighting, naval battles, gladiator fights, gambaling, and animal fights
Julius' Early Life
a patrician, had an aunt married to Gaius Marius, married a patrician named Cornelia, Sulla purposely messes with Julius' life as revenge
The pantheon
Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn
spirit of man in the head (man) of the family
war captives that were forced to fight for entertainment of others, Tracian (lightly armed) and Samnite (heavily armed)
The Roman Citizen in the Republic
He was a family oriented man and hard worker. Honest and loyal.
people who die for their faith/ what they believe in
Barbarian means
You do not speak Latin.
goddess of love an beuty (daughter of Jupiter and Dione and was born full grown from the foam of the Med. Sea)
Reforms (Julius)
fair tax collection, land for the poor, rebuilt rome, rebuily roads, changes roman calendar (July is named for Julius - best month), ceasar = king
representative for the plebians, no law could be passed without their consent
The first Christian emperor and makes Christianity accepltable.
Leader of the Vandal barbarians. He burns rome to the ground.
Byzantine Empire
east half of the empire (capital Byzantium, later Constantanople), ancient knowledge of Greeks, Presians, and Romans is perserved
God of all the waters
Gracchi Brothers
THey wanted to limit latifundia land and giving land to the poor. But they both were murdered.
Julius Ceasar
70 BCE, early life, soilder, 1st triumverate, conqueror of gual, and reforms
Julius (Soilder)
sailed to Rhodes to study rhetoric and studies to become a laywer
Aenied by Virgil
This epic poem was a story of a hero. It was the Roman version of the Odyssey.
fights Hannibal in the second punic war and wins, defeats the carthaginians
writes the aenied
Carthage and the Punic Wars
3 punic wars, Carthage vs. Rome, rome wins all three
Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii
volcano near pompeii, ashes 'froze' them
He divides the Roman Empire into two different empires (Roman & Byzantine). He also makes Christianity the only religion you could be.
Augustus Caesar
Octavian, Julius atopted him
what won the first punic war for the romans, part of the ship added by the romans, a plank used to put soldiers on other ships an fight them
Romulus and Remus Myth
myth about 2 twin boys found by a wolf as infants under an olive tree and the wolf nurses and cares for them, they grow up and found rome, rome is names for Romulus

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