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2006 Chicago Sgt. Test - 3


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Temporarily barring an individual from re-entering his home unaccompanied while officers obtain a search warrant does not violate the Fourth Amendment so long as officers have______to believe that there is evidence of a crime within that may be destroyed
Probable cause. / Due diligence.
Officers preventing destruction while seeking a search warrant will make sure that until the warrant is signed nothing on the premisis is:
Touched or searched.
In order for officers to bar an individual from entering his home, the officers must have______that if the individual goes into the premises unaccompanied, he will destroy contraband.
Reasonable belief.
What must the officers have to detain the movement of a subject while obtaining a search warrant for the premise?
Probable cause.
The court held that a brief seizure of the premise and the monitoring of the individual's movements, while officers obtain a search warrant was permissible under the Fourth Amendment in which case?
Illinois vs. McArthur.
What is not a requirement for a legal "plain view" seizure?
That the officer has probable cause to arrest.
If P.O. Smith observes cannabis being grown in a "fenced in" yard at someones private residence, what would be Smiths best course of action?
Have other officers establish surveilance of cannabis while Smith attempts to obtain a search warrant.
A reporting member will sign a form in blue ink when?
The report is computer generated to indicate that it is the original signature.
Access to computerized data, dissemination and retention of computer data who can authorize the purging of records as needed?
Bureau of investigative services chiefs. Editors note (What a fucked up question!)
The Chicago Police Dept. may enter into agreements with outside agencies to provide limited remote access to its computerized information systems with written approval from?
Who is responsible for approving information in suspect persons vehicles before it is entered into the departments computerized information system?
Bureau of Investigative Services Chief.
The data systems division will purge criminal intelligence records no later than_____from the last validated entry.
5 years.
If a department member is making a query into the Dept. info system on behalf of an outside agency and the results yield, "non criminal identifying information" relevant to the investigation, the dept member will_____________.
Have a sworn supervisor approve the inquiry request worksheet prior to disseminating the information.
Officer Jay works in bomb and arson. which maintains its own database of offenders and statuses. Palatine police call inquiring a printout of known arsonist in their area. Can Officer Jay release the requested information?
No. The units database is self contained and cannot be shared with an outside agency.
Officer Ryan is investigating a robbery pattern in which elderly women leaving banks are targeted. The identifying details of the victims are considered what type of data?
Non-criminal identifying information.
Who has the responsibility of notifying Operations Command for all newsworthy missing persons incidents?
Preliminary Investigator.
What is the established time limit that a person of any age to be missing before that subject can be reported missing?
There is no established time limit.
You are assigned to a found person. While interviewing the found person you locate the persons address, transport the person to that address, and turn him over to a family member. What report will you complete?
Miscellaneous Inncident Exception Report.
When the subject of a missing persons complaint returns or is located before a preliminary investigator has obtained an RD number, the member will:
Prepare a Miscellaneous Incident Report explaining the circumstances.
In order for a person to be considered an elderly missing the person must be of what age?
65 years or older.
When a member discovers the location of a reported missing person, who has the responsiblity of notifying the complainant that the missing subject has been located?
The member who discovered the location of the missing person.
LEADS, NCIC,NILETS, are external databases connected to:
Computer Aided Dispatch (PCAD).
This section is responsible for the processing of specific, designated non-emergency calls requests for service:
Alternate Response Section (ARS)
How many priority 2 jobs can a dispatcher put in the beat cars stacked assignments?
None. Priority 2 jobs cannont be stacked.
What are the responsibilities of a district supervisor when it comes to radio communications?
To monitor the radio and PDT to ensure assignments are consistent with the policy of beat integrity.
Whenever a death is classified as a medical examiner's case, all personal effects and other items found upon the body will :
Remain with the body and be transported to the Medical Examiners Office.
After an incident occurs, how many days does the requesting personnel have to request a recorded voice transmission from OEC?
30 days.
What is now in use to store 1800 hours of OEC voice recordings?
Magneto Optical. (Why do we need to know this?)
A missing juvenile is defined as?
A person younger than 17 years of age whose whereabouts are unknown by a person having responsibility for their welfare.
The police computer aided dispatch system retains event summaries of an event for_____days?
When a relative or guardian is unavailable and cannot be notified of the death, the preliminary investigator will provide all information relating to the identity of the deceased to__________?
Violent Crimes officer in the area where the relative resides.
According to G.O. Citywide Channel 5 is used to communicate from___________.
The subway.
The Set numbers engraved on the body of the radio is used for_______________?
Record keeping and control logging for radio maintenance.
Who will make a death notification when notified by an outside agency requesting to notify a relative or guardian or the deceased?
District Field Supervisor.
The top sections of the Intrastate Hold Affidavit issued by an Illinois Court after a determination of identity has been made will be completed by the_______?
Extradition Officer.
Who will be contacted for final approval of charges on a felony warrant case other than narcotics or bond forfeiture warrants?
Felony review.
Members assigned to return a wanted person being held by a police agency outside Cook County will obtain a _______from the Field Inquiry Section for the wanted person prior to going and picking the subject up.
Facsimile copy of the warrant.
When a person named in a warrant is in custody and it is determined that the warrant is invalid or the person in custody is not the person named in the warrant, the Central Warrant Unit will immediately notify__________?
The Watch Commander of the detention facillity.
Who will inform an officer obtaining a non traffic arrest warrant that prior to an immediate execution of the warrant, the officer must first deposit the warrant with the Central Warrant Unit and obtain a warrant number before the warrant can be served?
Police officer/ warrant clerk.
Whenever a Bond Forfeiture Warrant is issued in any court with a regularly assigned court sergeant/ officer, the court sergeant/ officer will do all the following except?
Forward a photocopy of the arrest report to the Central Warrant Unit.
When probable cause exist, the police officer warrant clerk requesting an arrest warrant will prepare all of the following except?
P.O. Smith places offender Sykes into custody for PCS. After a name check is completed, it is learned that offender Sykes has a Dupage County warrant for PSMV with no bond. After P.O. Smith is done with the arrest report, offender Sykes will be_______.
Held in the district lock up and held for the PCS offense first.
An arrest warrant can be requested from the warrant clerk assinged to Branches 23,29,34,35,43, for the following charges except?
Misdemeanor domestic battery.
Who is responsible for picking up an arrestee who is arrested on a Chicago Warrant but is arrested by an agency outside of Cook County?
Detective Division.
When processing a person who has been apprehended on a warrant issued within the State of Illinois, the copy of each LEADS hit printout for each warrant will be attached to what copy of the arrest report?
The Court Copy (Pink Copy)
When a person is arrested on a warrant only, what information must be entered in the Reference and Offenses boxes of the arrest report?
Warrant charge and type of warrant.
If significant discrepancies between the physical description of the arrestee of a warrant and the person named in the warrant are noted, who has the final authority of determining whether or not the arrestee will be processed for the warrant?
The watch commander of the detention facility.
Who has the responsibility to ensure that the weekly listings of active warrants for persons is distributed to appropriate sworn personnel,i.e. watch commanders, tactical teams, gang tactical teams, mission teams...etc...?
District unit commanding officers.
An elderly woman has been struck by a speeding vehicle that just ran a stop sign. The elderly woman is able to driver her car to the District and walks into the desk personnel. Who should the desk personnel notify first about the accident?
Office of Emergency Communications. OEC.
When there is a crash which results in the hospitalization of an injured person or persons or a fatality, the call to MAIU will be made by:
The dispatcher of OEC.
According to department policy, who is responsible for police services on limited access expressways within the city?
Illinois State Police
When an individual has additional information on a previously reported traffic accident crash, what report would be needed?
Supplementary Report.
Beat 2612 is assigned to 100 N. Damen for three vehicles involved in a crash which caused a fatality. According to the Illinois Traffic Crash Report, which sections should be filled out?
Both front and back.
When should enforcement action be taken in type A crashes?
Hit and Run crash.
When a type A accident occurs, parties involved in the crash will remove vehicles safely from the road, exchange information, and go to the nearest district station to make a report, unless__________?
There is a disturbance at the crash scene.
While on patrol Bt. 1812 encounters a crash involving two vehicles. There is little damage and no injuries. However, the drivers are involved in a heated argument over whose fault it is. Bt. 1812 should___________?
Notify OEC and complete a type A report.
A party arrives in a district stationto complete a traffic crash report; however, the other party is not available. Desk personnel should________?
Determine if a report has already been generated and complete the report or supplementary report as appropriate.
Officer Miller prepares a medical reporting and re-examination request MRRR). Who is the report submitted to?
Traffic Crash and Training Unit.
P.O. Carr stops a driver for running a red light. During the course of the investigation he learns that the driver is 98 years old. Can he ask for a drivers license re-examination?
Who determines a vehicle crash classification when reported to OEC?
OEC call takers.
Would a three car collision that caused scratches on all cars be considered a type B crash?
Sgt. Blow observed Officer Cool eating at his lunch location for twenty minutes before letting OEC dispatcher know. Could the Sgt. SPAR, SUSPEND, or EXCUSE for the DAY, P.O. Cool?
SPAR Officer Cool for his actions.
P.O. Smithis working Bt. 2535 on the 1st watch. He notifies the OEC dispatcher that he will be working overtime. He still needs his PDT. Officer Smith should log off and relog on as: 2535 1st watch? x2535? xt2535?
Department member will not transmit inappropriate messages over the PDT. Additionally,all messages will_____________.
Be transmitted in the English language.
P.O. Parks notifies the dispatcher via radio then accesses the out of service screen menu. Would Court, Traffic stop, or Detail would not put Parks out of service?
Traffic stop.
More than 3 multiple assignments may be dispatched only with prior approval of a__________?
Supervising Sgt.
A assigned to transport a body from a high rise building. The body was released by the detectives and the M.E. It is 0045 Hrs and the 3rd watch has been released. The RD has been pulled but the original case report is not available. The P.O. will
Document all items found on the body, prior to transport on the supplementary report. Upon arrival have the M.E. Office sign the narrative section indicating receipt of the property.
When will a death be classified as a public administrators case?
When no known relative or guardian can be located and death not classified as a M.E. Case.
P.O. Smith is on the scene of a DOA that is ruled a medical examiners case. A diamond necklace is lying on the floor away from the victims right hand. What is P.O. Smith to do with the item?
Item should be brought to the station and inventoried.
To request re-assignment, a non bargaining civilian member will complete a __________ to the commanding officer of the unit to which member is requesting a transfer.
A To - From subject report.
A person who unlawfully discharges armor piercing bullets and strikes a person will be charged with?
Class X Felony
Which of the following violations and subsequent conviction would impose a Class 2 Felony sentencing?
High school custodian sells johnny a handgun at a local park.
Joe Blow sells a Beretta 9mm to susan who just turned 17 years old today. What law has joe blow broken?
Unlawful sale of firearms.
Upon conviction of an offense in which a weapon was used or possessed by an offender, any weapon seized shall be confiscated by?
Trial Court.
A firearm dealer must withhold the delivery of any shotgun or long gun for a period of ____________ after application for its purchase has been made?
24 hours.
According to Ill Comp Statutes a dealer of firearms of a size which may be concealed upon a person must?
Keep a register of the sale containing the name, address, age, and occupation of the buyer.
Officer Brown sees another person hand a small handgun to Tommy, who is 17 years old. Officer Brown is arresting Tommy. You as the sergeant notify officer brown to arrest the other person for?
Unlawful sale of a firearm.
A seller or dealer of firearms will produce for inspection the register and allow a peace officer to inspect such register and all stock on hand only when?
Any police officer upon demand.
You are in violation of the firearms child protection act of the Ill Comp. Statutes if?
A minor under the age of 14 years of age caused great bodily harm with a firearm and it was not locked in a locked box.
The charge unlawful sale or delivery of firearms on premises of school or public housing, residential property is a
Class 3 Felony.
An altered credit card means changing the card in any respect by addition or seletion of any material except for?
The signiture to whom the card is issued.
Jane Doe, while applying for a credit card lies on the application about her employment history. Jane Doe has just committed a?
Class 4 felony.
Tommy sells Sarah two credit cards that are not his nor does Tommy have the permission of the cardholder to sell the cards. Sarah knowing this is guilty of _______and Tommy is guilty of_________?
Class 4 Felony Class 4 Felony
A customer leaves his credit card on the counter at a store. The next person in line takes the credit card and walks away and waits in line at another register. store security observes the incident and detains the subject. The appropriate charge would be
Receiving lost or mislaid credit card.
Bruno the clerk takes a check that he received for his birthday from his grandma and changes the check from 10.00 to 100.00. Bruno then deposits the check. What is Bruno guilty of?
Prohibited deposits.
An offender was arrested for having a 357 revolver in his possession. The offender is not a felon but when he was taken into cumstody he was near a school. What is the distance required to make this a Class 3 Felony?
1000 feet of a school.
A shotgun having one of more barrels must be no shorter than___________inches?
18 inches
It is unlawful for any person to store or leave, within premises under his or her control, a firearm if the person knows or has reason to believe a minor under the age of___________ and without an FOID card may gain access to the firearm.
A minor under the age of 14.
Any person who shall knowingly or intentionally change, alter, remove or obliterate the name of the importers or manufacturers serial number of a firearm commits a ?
Class 2 Felony
The department of regulation requirs a(n)___________ hour training course for commercial security guard.
40 hours.
A security guard authorized to carry a weapon and certified by the department of Professional Regulation must keep his firearm authorization card:
On his person at all times when he is in possession of a concealed weapon.
Persons licensed as private security, if their duties include carrying a weapon have_______ hours to accomplish the commute from home or place of employment with said weapon.
One hour.
A person convicted of disorderly conduct may be imposed a court sentence, to perform community service for not less than__________and not more than ____________hours of community service is available within the jurisdiction of the county where the offens
30 and 120
Mr. Wilson has called the 26th district three times today about rowdy teens gathering in front of his house. He calls a fourth time and falsely states that the teens have guns to prompt a stronger police response. what could Mr. Wilson be charged with?
Disorderly Conduct.
Mr. Shrub call 911 and states that there are four large barrels of a radioactive substance stored in the elevator shaft of the daley center and will explode at 1 pm. today, knowing the barrels do not exist. What could Mr. Shrub be charged with?
Disorderly Conduct.
Joseph received an email transmission from Mike that contained video footage of Grace removing her clothes in the locker room of an xsport fitness gym. Joe then forwards the email transmission to steve. What could Mike and Joe be charged with in this sit
Unauthorized Video Recording.
Dr. Kilroy is a veterinarian. He is presented with a dog for treatment of injuries he suspects is the result of dog fighting. According to ILCS Dr. Kilroy should file a report with which agency?
Department of Agriculture
Matt owns a pit bull dog that he keeps confined and regularly beats in order to toughen it up for upcoming fights with other dogs. What, if anything can he be charged with?
Dog Fighting
Interference with emergency communicationsis a Class B misdemeanor, except when serious bodily injury or property loss is in excess of 1,000.00. In these cases it then becomes a ?
Class 3 Felony
Danny boards a bus for work. After paying his fare, the driver tells Danny that he owes more money. Danny begins to scream which disturbs the rest of the passengers on the bus. What should danny be charged with?
Disorderly Conduct.

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