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Why does Mcain think taxing the rich won't work?
Tax more for the wealthy than less money will trickle down and people will loose their jobs
peasants revolt
tax, drought, not enough food
Who founded Australia
What is nessasary to control foreign markets?
sea power
What goes up when trade goes threw a middle man
Who does Obama want to tax?
people who make a income of 250,000 a year
Domino effect
on country begans a revolution then other countried have a revolution
Good things cause Revolution
middle class wants more money
first enslaved people in the Carribean and South AMerica
Native Americans
intolerable act
England closed port of boston and took control of Massachusets goverment
What is the idea of a Mother country?
sugar act
tax on sugar, molaces, rum, coffee, wine
What is bullionism
fold and silver into a treasury
why does England rely on agriculture?
food and raw materials
enumerated goods
sugar, tobacco, cotton
What did they send to Australia
where does the tax go?
Federal goverment
police force
enforces laws and goes around to solve everybodies poblems
evolution change
when a change keeps growning and growing
Who is the mother country?
Fog of War
things never go right
where do enumerated goods have to be directly sold to?
More than ___percent of all north american vessals involved in Rhode Island
what did colonist provide England with?
raw materials, workers, and a saftey valve for England
What does Fortnox pride us with?
cause for revolution, make mother country richer
Four risks slave traders faced.
disease, storms, financial risks, and loosing slaves
Friendly fire
shoot your own men
When does Revolution happen?
whe people are being pushed down
Why did England need money?
7 year war
stamp act
any printed piece of paper had to have a British stamp on it
Any american who wanted to trade with france must sail to England with a boat made from england and get a tax from them and then they may sell it to whatever country they wish to
2 navigation laws
Townshend act
tax on lead, glass, paper, paint, tea
upware of slave ships sail from Rhode Island per year during slave trade.
Where did England get rid of their criminals
sent them to colonies
what could you use to trade with other people for goods?
if caught smuggling where do you get trialed?

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