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APUSH - Reconstruction to the end of the 19th Century

Set to review for Adler's test on Reconstruction through the end of the 19th Century!


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This act was supposed to help Native Americans by making them better "farming" Americans just when farming was rapidly declining
_____ Civil Service Act passed due to Garfield's shooting; merit awarded over party loyalty in government jobs on most levels
These Europeans filled the Dakota territory during the wet cycle
John Wanamaker
Started the first department store
Jane Addams
Associated with the Hull (settlement) House in Chicago
The last of the great chiefs; surrenders and is sent to Florida in 1886
Tenure of Office
Act that was used by Congress to weaken the executive branch
Major innovation that dominated the progress of the 2nd Industrial Revolution
Andrew Carnegie
Major advocate of the Gospel of Wealth
Wounded Knee
Massacre of Indians
Joseph Glidden
Invented barbed wire
Leland Stanford
Best known of the Big Four
________ v. Illinois; temporary victory for the Grange
Major lode here led to massive migration to Nevada (temporarily) and ended the Panic of 1857
The Great ___________ was caused by the overspeculation of railroad stock and labor strikes
George Pullman
Major strike started at his workers' factory led by Eugene V. Debs
Black Hills
Sacred burial grounds of the Sioux were mined in the 1870s; located in Dakota territory
Hall v. DeCuir - Supreme Court allows ___________
A group of corporations that combine their board of directors for the purpose of collusion
Credit Mobilier
The biggest scandal of the Gilded Age
William Jennings Bryan was trying to get the government to mint more of this to help the Populists pay their debts
Bozeman Trail
Runs through Montana and through sacred Teton Sioux territory
Great movement of freedmen out of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri to Kansas
________ Gauge - The standard width of railroad tracks so certain companies wouldn't hold monopoly over entire tracks of railway
Thorstein Veblen
Coined the term "conspicuous consumption" to describe how the nouveau riche flaunted their money
_______ gave us Labor Day because he walked on the grass
A piece of paper that says you have the rights over an invention and no one else has the right to sell it
Seward's Folly
1874: The last herd of _________ exist in N. Texas
___________ takes control of surrounding area; vertical builds up (ex. skyscrapers)
Chinese _________ Act - Kicked the Chinese out of the US
Hiram Revels
First African-American US Senator
George Eastman
Made photography a hobby for anyone near Rochester, NY
Due to rapid technological innovation in manufacturing and shipping, the macroeconomy went through a long period of ________
Pacific Railway
________ ________ Act - aided in the completion of the transcontinental railroad; government gave hand-outs to railroad companies because of this act
William Tweed
"Boss" who dominated Tammany Hall
Cornelius Vanderbilt
He controlled all railroad traffic and out of New York City
______ Codes replaced the Slave Codes
Thaddeus Stevens
Led the Radical Republicans in the House of Representatives
President Hays called out the US Army to shoot strikers in the big event of 1877; the Great ______ (Upheaval) Strike
Crime was almost always blamed on immigrants; ________ was most prevalent
Birds of Passage
Italian immigrants were considered this due to their seasonal migration pattern
Samuel Gompers
Started the AF of L (American Federation of Labor)
Edward Bellamy
Wrote "Looking Backward"
Henry George
Father of the Progressive Movement with his "Progress and Poverty"
The ________ of 1877 took the last of northern troops out of the South
_______ v. US - Supreme Court allows voting qualifications (Literacy test, grandfather clause, etc.)
E. C. Knight
US v. ________ pulled the teeth out of the Sherman Anti-trust Act
US v. ________ - Supreme Court defines Native Americans as "wards" under the "protection" of the American government
________ Act - designed to speed up Native American assimilation
This was officially closed in 1890 by the Department of the Interior
Little Big Horn
Custer's Last Stand
A Century of Dishonor
Helen Hunt Jackson's book about the mistreatment of Native Americans
Union Pacific employed ________ to build their railroads (Mostly Irish and Chinese)
Homestead Act
Provided "Americans" could get title to 160 acres of "public land" for use as a "homestead" to develop agriculture in the West
Levi Strauss
Manufactured heavyweight trousers for gold miners
Robber Barons
Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, and William Tweed are examples of _______ _______
Largest Asian group to the US; most settled in Hawaii
Dead Man's Hand
Aces and Eights
Social Darwinism
"survival of the fittest" in society
Knights of Labor
Lawyers, stockbrokers, gamblers, alcohol peddlers, and bankers could not be a member of Powderly's club, called _________
Like the ________ of the early 17th Century, the Jews of the New Immigration came as nuclear families
Montgomery Ward
Along with Sears, Roebuck took advantage of railroad lines to sell products through mail-order catalogues
Biggest strike of the 1890s against Henry Frick's heavy-handed management style
Haymarket Square
Ended Terrence V. Powderly's growing labor union
Name given to group of northerners that came South during Reconstruction
The Biggest political issue of the Gilded Age
John D. Rockefeller
This man controlled 90% of the nation's oil refining capacity
Most common death along the Oregon Trail
Brigham Young
Took the Mormons to Salt Lake City

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