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Brazil - Chapter 22 Section 1


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Nation with a strong national government headed by elected leaders.
Who replaced the dying slaves in South America?
People from Africa.
The first and largest group to colonize Brazil.
The Portugese forced Natives to grow what crops?
Tobacco and Sugarcane.
Describe Brazil's Land
Brazil has narrow coastal plains, highland areas, and lowland river valleys.
Low area surrounded by land.
Tropical rain forest in Brazil.
What famous festival is celebrated right before Lent?
Native Americans
These people find it difficult to follow traditional ways of life.
What is Brazil's population?
About 172 million people.
How do Brazilians earn a living?
By agriculture, mining and forestry.
Where are the Brazilian Highlands?
They drop sharply into the Atlantic Ocean.
Widespread cutting of forests.
Brazil is famous for what sport?
Many cities are surrounded by these slum areas.
Steep cliff between higher and lower land.
Brazil's culture is largely what?
What are Favelas?
Slum areas.
What percentage of the rainforest will be set aside for parks and for native people?
Ten percent for each.
Describe the living conditions of Brazil's people
As many as one-fifth live in extreme poverty.
Amazon River
The world's second largest river winding almost 4000 miles.
Where and when was the capital of Brazil moved?
In 1960 it was moved from Rio De Janerio to Brasília.
How large is Brazil compared to other countries?
Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world.
How many inches of rainfall is there in the Amazon River?
It can reach up to 120 inches a year.

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