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SS-4th gr-ch 1 test


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A small group of people who work together to do activities is called __________
meet, exchange
Olmecs traded with people hundreds of miles away which gave a chance to ____ and ______ ideas.
Sand and straw
Adobe is a mixture of _______________ that is dried into bricks.
towns or village
After thousands of years these people reached what is _____________ today.
Scientists taht study the cultures of people of long ago are known as _____________________
Scientists must find proof or _____ to support their theories.
These people built smaller mounds to _________ the dead.
Later, people learned to make containers from ________________
serpent mound
In Southern Ohio, there is a famous earthworks shaped like a snake called ________________
Over time American Indians began to plant seeds and grow food. This was the beginning of _________________ or farming in the Americas.
They began to die out
What began to happen to the animals because of climate change?
Large mounds or hills of earth are called ___________
The atlatl is also called
They found a way to make a ____________ point by flaking off pieces of the stone.
beliefs, languages
Over time, people in different cultures came to hold different ________, speak different _________ and live in different ways.
Because so much of the water was locked up in glaciers
Why were the oceans more shallow during the Ice Age?
pots, weaving and trading
What are examples of specializing?
Asia, North Ameirca
SInce the oceans were more shallow, a strip of land was exposed that connected ______________.
is the use of the scientific knowledge or tools to make or do something
Hopewells made speak point and knives from a hard, shiny black stone called ____________
AD 300
By ________ the Olmec civilization had been replaced by other civiliations.
Ice Ages
Long periods of freezing cold weather on Earth were known as ______________
number system, writing system and calendar
THe Olmecs developed their own __________________
The greatest mound-building civilization was the _____________
The hunters who wandered searching for food and had no settled home are called _____________
People began to _______________________ or work only one job they do well.
the Olmecs built one of the earliest ____________________ or a culture that has developed forms of government, religion and learning.
What is the land bridge called connecting Asia and North America.
drier and warmer
Over thousands of years the climate became ________________________
The Olmecs carved giant stone ________
The migrating people were hunting for ________
The anasazi people lived in groups of houses called
Anasazi or ancient people
From 100 BC to 1300 AD the civilization in the southwestern United States were called the ________________________
hunger, sickness, war
By 1500 AD the Mississippian culture began to break down b/c of _____________________________
What is the huge Ice Age animal that was a giant, hairy elephant?
Cultural Diffusion
Olmecs traded with people hundreds of miles away which gave a chance to meet and exchange ideas. This is called _______
arts and crafts
The Hopewells had great skill at ___________
origin story
Indian people tell stories that tell of their beliefs about the world and their place in it called_________________
High flat topped hills
sticks, animal horns and bones
Tools and weapons were mostly made from this?
Pueblos were made from ________________
were special underground rooms where religious services were held.
A dry spell is called a _________________
What is the possible explanation of something?
These changes caused the people to stay in places ________________
To honor the gods, they built ________ or places of worship.
What is the name of the largest Mississippian city, which is near present day St. Louis?
Adenas, Ohio River
Abut the same tie as the Olmecs, the _________ were buliding a civilization on the ___________ Valley
These scientists find _______ or objects that early people had made.
a building with three or more triangle shapes sides
fish, to hunt smaller animals, to gather and store more plants for food.
When the environment changes and the huge Ice Age animals died out, the hunters changed their lives and began to __________________________.
mound builders
These were the first of several civilizations called
Olmecs, Mound Builders, Anasazi
THree of the early peoples were the ________________________.
over the next thousand yers, the giant mammals became _____ or died out
THere was a great movement or ________________ of people from Southern Asia into Siberia
clff palace
Some pueblos were built into the sides of high cliffs. One of these is at Mesa Verde and is called the ____________________
mother civilization
The Olmec culture is known as the ______________ because other groups learned so much from them.
The Olmecs believed in _________ gods.
Because they could grow their own food, Native Americans began to form large groups or __________________ with shared culture and land.
coast by boats
Some of these early people may have traveled along the ____________________-
sharpening stones
is the use of technology
These are huge sheets of ice
Mexico's 1500
Olmecs lived on ________ east coast as early as ______ BC
What are beliefs about God or gods called?
As each native group spread over North and South America, they developed their own _________ or way of life.
jewelry, clay pipes, beads
To help the dead enjoy their life after death, people placed _______, _______, ______ and other goods around the body.
tents or in caves
The early hunters lived in ______________ made from animal skins
What is another name for corn?
THey had a food _____________ or more than was needed.
as they gathered more food, they learned to make _________ for storing this food.
About 300 BC the ________ civilization developed.
AD 800
The Mississippian developed in the Mississippi River Valley about _____________
clothes, food, shelter and tools
List four ways these hunters used these animals to survive?

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