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What was the most important event(s) during James II's reign
Catholic King, English Bill of Rights, and removed and replaced from throne
What year did France attack the Netherlands
What was the Grand Remonstrance
A list of grievances
How was the nobility's role in the government weakened yet again
Their tax exemption made them have little to no say in how the government spent tax money
Why were members of the House of Commons willing to pay taxes
They got some say in how the tax money was to be spent
What did the House of Commons do
Guarded the state funds
Three conflicts of James I
Power struggle with Parliament, Religion, and Money (taxes)
What was Louis XIV main goal
"one King, one law, on faith"
Why did Louis XIV hate the Dutch?
The Dutch represented everything he hated, middle class values, religious toleration, and independent political institutions
Where does James I's daughter marry off to
The three main conflicts that James I faced were
Power Struggle with Parliament, religion and money specifically taxes
Where did James I place his male lover?
As the Duke of Buckingham
In 1685, who revoked the edict of Nantes
Louis XIV
How did Charles I get money for wars with France and Spain?
Forced loans and illegal taxes
Whose enemies did Richelieu always support?
Reign of Charles II
What was James I's biggest contribution to religion
The King James of Bible
Charles I's reign
What did the Dutch control in terms of trade?
The Baltic Grain trade
When was the Long Parliament formed?
When Rump Parliament called for elections, what was Cromwell's response
Dissolved Parliament with military
Who signed the English Bill of Rights
William and Mary
Which religious group did Charles I relax laws against?
The Catholics (pressured by his wife)
Who ended French domination of the Netherlands
William of Orange, after he took the English crown
How many years did Charles I dismiss Parliament for
Richelieu's second goal
Humble nobles
What did Calvinism emphasize
Hard work, sobriety, thrift, competition and postponement of pleasure
The Dutch Republic was a strong _______
What position did James I give his male lover
The Duke of Buckingham
What was banned under Cromwell's Puritan state
theater, singing, dancing, gambling, cock fighting, fancy clothes, Christmas
Overall result of Richelieu
Created foundation for Absolute state
What was the most important event(s) during Cromwell's reign
ruling as military dictatorship, Irish and Scottish revolts
Henry IV was of what ruling family
Bourbon Dynasty
How did Louis XIV make nobles dependent on him
Required nobles to spend three months at Versailles, took political privileges, and kept nobles from rebelling
When was the Dutch East India Company formed
Where and when did Cromwell massacre the civilians
In Ireland during the Irish Revolt
What did the Triple Alliance make the French do
Withdraw from the Netherlands
Third result of the Frondes
Louis XIV had a distrust of the bureaucrats (attacked him and his family as a child)
What was the Grand Remonstrance?
a list of grievances
What was James I's contribution to religion
The King James Bible
What does the Elector of Brandenburg become?
King of Prussia
Years of the English Civil War
What was the most important event(s) during Charles II's reign
secret agreement with Louis XIV and the restoration
How did Charles I attain money for wars with Spain and France?
Used forced loans and illegal taxes
How were issues handled in the Dutch Republic
all issues were referred back to the Estates for approval
Who did the Long Parliament call to be king
Charles II
What was the Petition of Right
(1628) no loans or taxes without consent of parliament, no housing soldier in private homes without consent, no imprisoning subjects without cause and no imposing Marshall Law in times of peace
Who did the London Militia support in the conflict between Charles I and Long Parliament
Long Parliament
What event in 1588 sent the Spanish into a downward spiral?
Philip sent the Spanish Armada to invade England a complete disaster for the Spanish
What did the weak middle class in Spain cause?
Poor agriculture and population decline
What did the Triennial Act state
Parliament must be called every three years
What was the Scots reaction to Laud's imposition
They formed an army and threatened to invade
Who wrote "The Trew Law of Free Monarchy"
James I
Results of Richelieu's second goal
creates Royal "intendants" to normal administration
Second result of the Frondes
Economy was badly disrupted and would take years to rebuild
What was Charles I's reaction to the Long Parliament?
He tried to arrest Parliament leaders
Louis XIV's reign
Who was James I married to
Anne of Denmark
Royal Intendants
Appointed by and responsible only to King
Why was the Bank of Amsterdam the financial system of Europe
Advanced exchange rate
What did William Laud try to force the Scots to do
Follow the Church of England
What was the most important event(s) during Charles I's reign
English civil war, refused to call Parliament, his beheading
Results of Richelieu's third goal
Creates fleets, 30 Years War, marriage of Henrietta Marie
What began happening to the Spanish ruling family?
Excessive inbreeding cause mental retardation in Philip III, Philip IV, and Charles II.
Anne of Austria was a?
The intendents were strengthened in order to weaken which group?
The nobility
Louis XIII's reign:
What happened to Charles I after he was captured
Tried for treason and beheaded in 1649
What happened in South America that damaged Spain?
Mexico and Peru localized their industries eliminating their dependence on Spain
Duties of Royal Intendants
Recruit soldiers, collect taxes, issue laws, and regulate merchants
Richelieu's first goal
Ruin Huguenots
Who did Charles I marry
The French Catholic Queen Henrietta Maria
"L'etat c'est moi"
I am the state -Louis XIV
Who were two important Dutch painters
Vermeer and Rembrandt
What two countries began trading with Spanish colonies cutting Spanish revenue
England and Holland
What is the result of Louis XIV's four wars
Drains treasury
Who did Laud try to force to follow the Church of England
The Scots
James I's reign
Reign of James II
Did the English people like Duke of Buckingham
James I is the son of
Mary Queen of Scots
French art works resembled those of what time period?
Renaissance Italy
When the English Bill of Rights was signed, who was given more power than who
Parliament was given more power than the monarchy
Edict of Nantes
(1598) allowed Protestants liberty of conscience and liberty of public worship
First result of the Frondes
Government would have to compromise with bureaucrats and social elites
Who becomes the leader of the New Model Army
Oliver Cromwell
How long did Charles I dismiss Parliament for?
11 years
Who was the first English king to try to rule without Parliament
Charles I
When the Scots revolted who did they claim as their king
King Charles II
What was the role of the London Militia in the conflict between Charles I and Parliament?
They supported Parliament
What was the most important event(s) during James I's reign
assertion of divine right and the King James Bible
Who was the Duke of Sully
Mazimilian de Bethune
Who was Colbert
Controller-General (1619-1683)
What was the Act of Union in 1707
An act that officially unified England and Scotland
What did the Scots do in response to Laud's imposition
Formed and army and threatened to invade
Who was Charles I married to
Catholic French Princess Henriette Marie
What was Charles I's reaction to the actions of the Long Parliament
He attempted to arrest leaders of Parliament
Parliament could not be dissolved without who's consent?
Divine Right
God-given right to power
What was the Long Parliament
The Parliament that was formed after Charles I recalled in 1640
The Frondes
Two revolts by nobility during regency of Anne and Mazarin
Builder of Versailles
Louis XIV
What four wars did Louis XIV get France involved in
War with Spain (1667-8), War with Dutch (1672-8), War with League of Augsburg (1688-9) and War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14)
What did the decline in population mean for France
decline in taxable resources
Why did the Spanish have a weak middle class?
Expulsion of Jews and Moors
Cause of Frondes
Parliament had to approve Mazarin's tax increase, and they refused, Mazarin tried to arrest them, resulting in riots
What confirmed Dutch independence
Westphalia in 1648
What did Henry IV do for the peasantry
Lowered the tazed that had long overburdened them
Whose policies did Charles I support?
Archbishop of Cantebury William Laud
Cardinal Richeliou
Chief minister of France (during Louis XIII)
Year of Mazarin's death and Louis XIV's beginning of power
What three countries were in the triple alliance
Netherlands, Sweden and England
When William and Mary arrived, what happened to James II
James II fled to France
What was the Toleration Act (1689)
No religious predjudice
What did the Test Act of 1673 states
All officeholders must be Anglican
In 1640, why does Charles I finally recall Parliament?
To request money
Why does Parliament recall Parliament in 1640?
He needed money
What were the wealthy merchants' values in terms of the people
Strongly middle class; emphasizing thrift, hard work and simplicity in living
Cardinal Richelieu's protege
Cardinal Mazarin
From what religion did Henry IV convert (and to what religion)
From Huguenot to Catholic
Louis XIV ruled without the influence of who?
wife Maria Theresa or his mistresses
Spain cedes what region to Britain?
After Anne, who did the crown go to
The Hanoverian Georges
James I was the son of who?
Mary Queen of Scots
What happened to England after Cromwell's son abdicated
"Long Parliament" reconvenes and reinstates monarchy
By 1689, what has happened to the English monarchy
Their power becomes extremely limited
Regent of Louis XIV
Anne of Austria
Who was James I married to
Anne of Denmark
In 1666, Louis XIV appointed who as secretary of war
Francois le Tellier aka Louvois
Who had the largest navy and most wealth in Europe?
Who did Charles II have a secret agreement with, what did it say?
Louis XIV; to be lax on the Catholics and reveal military and government secrets in exchange for money
What was the Navigation Act of 1651
Any goods being imported into England must be transported by English ships
Richelieu's third goal
Raise France in Foreign Affairs
What religion did Cromwell outlaw
How did Henry IV die
assassinated in 1610
Reign of Oliver Cromwell
Who succeeds Louis XIV after his death in 1715
Louis XV, his great-grandson
Why was Colbert important:
Mercantalism, insisted French self-sufficiency, system of state inspection and regulation, abolished domestic tariffs and raised foreign tariffs, and created merchant marines
What does the Bourbon Philip (Louis XV's grandson) become?
Philip V of Spain
After La Rochelle, what did Richelieu ban
Fortified cities
Who impeached William Laud
Long Parliament
What was the Dutch government composed of
A weak center, provinces had an oligarchy of wealthy merchants (regents) who handled all domestic affairs
Louis XIII's regent
Maria de' Medici (and mother)
What was the Golden Age of the Netherlands
the flowering of Dutch scientific, artistic, and literary achievement
Treaty of Pyrennes
Marriage of Louis XIV and Marie Theresa, but none of their children will have claim over Spanish throne
What did the Petition of Right (1628) say that the king could not do
No loans or taxes without consent of Parliament, no housing soldiers in private homes without consent, no imprisoning subjects without cause, no imposing of Marshall Law in times of peace
Where does James I's daughter go?
Who was the Lord Protector of England
Oliver Cromwell
The Act of Settlement in 1701gave the crown to who
Anne of Hanover
political power is embodied in the person of the ruler
Charles I's reign
Who enacted Edict of Nantes?
Henry IV
Charles relaxed laws against which religious group?
the Catholics (pressured by his wife)
Did the English people like the Duke of Buckingham
What did the Puritans believe?
The Reformation had not gone far enough
Peasants began to emigrate after what year
What groups made the Roundheads in the English Civil War
Purtians and members of Parliament
Who was the Archbishop of Cantebury
William Laud
Mazarin's goal
raise taxes
Key to power and success of Absolutism
How the government solved financial problems
Who appointed Richelieu in 1624
Marie de' Medici
After Cromwell's death in 1658, what did his son do
Abdicated the throne
The Federal Assembly or States General handled what?
Foreign affairs such as war
Reign of James I
Why did the Navigation Act hurt the Netherlands
The Netherlands had the greatest shipping fleet in all of Europe
Who did Parliament ask to take over the throne
Mary (James I's daughter) who was married to William of Orange
What was the Triennial Act
Parliament must be called every three years
What groups made up the Royalists in the English Civil War
nobles and churchmen
Treaty of Utrecht
Promises that the French and Spanish throne will never be joined
When did the Dutch economy begin to decline
When was the Glorious Revolution
1631, Richelieu signs a treaty with what king?
Lutheran King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden
Results of Richelieu's first goal
No military protection of themselves
When did the Dutch found Cape Town
What was the meaning behind "The Trew Law of Free Monarchy"
a monarch has a divine right to authority and is only responsible to God
What did their religious tolerance attract to the Dutch Republic
Foreign capital and investment
Around what year did the Dutch reach Japan
In 1625 which group revolted in France
Huguenots in La Rochelle
What did Cromwell abolish in English government
The monarchy and the House of Lords
What were William Laud's policies?
rituals and rich ceremonies, uniformity in church services through the Court of High Commission
What did the "Acts for Settling Ireland" do
Confiscated property

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