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iron hardness silicates
natural contaminates
ice caps and glaciers
most of the fresh water on earth
mass of solution - mass of solute
mass of solvent
everything will dissolve in water in given time because water has polarity
universal slovent
chemical that reacts to an acid or base causing the solutions to change color
universal indicator
causes malaria transmitted from mosquito
plasm odium
mosquitos affects weak immune systems
west nile virus
gravel sand sandstone soil clay solid rock
earth materials best to worst
5 particles of solute per million particle of solution
ground water leaving lake well
discharge site
animal wastes biological and chemical chemicals fertilizers pesticides sediments from land erosion
agriculture/ sewage causes
density is more as a liquid than a solid
ammonium nitrate phosphates nitrates
distance traveled/ time
rate of movement
illegal dump sites leaks from landfill sites chemical spills from pipe leaks or accidents
industrial causes
gets their fresh water from ground water
most people
rapid growth of algae due to over abundance of food food is used up quickly algae die bacteria eat dead algae
algae bloom
salt water solution
acid + base
carries disease dysentery transmitted through water or food
Dysentery Amoeba
the process by which liquid water changes back to a vapor
energy resources major cause for water pollution
aquifer material that is filled with water
zone of saturation
the process by which water returns to earth in the form of rain, snow and sleet
compaction of earth materials grain size of the earth materials the diameter of the pores
factors that affect ground water movement
ammonium nitrates phosphates nitrates sulfides chlorine
distance/rate of movement
where snow and rain falls
recharge site
the border between the zone of saturation and aeration
water table
bacteria found in intestines of animals and humans found in sewage and animal waste
e coli
hydrogen ion donors red 1-7 sour
mining sediments to water oil spills nuclear radioactive wastes power plants thermal pollution acid rain
energy causes
earth materials which do not allow the free movenment of ground water through it
is more common and causes more illnesses than chemical contaminate
biological contamination
earth materials which allow the free movement of ground water through it
is dissolved in a solutioin
single cell organism forms green scum
mass of solution x %solute / 100
mass of solute
is the process when an acid is added to a base, each particle of an acid an neutralize a base particle
the ability of water to move through earth materials most important
energy agriculture industrial sewage
sources of contaminates
chromium copper cyanide iron ph salinity
industrial hazardous waste
dissolved oxygen carbon dioxide
dissolved gases in water
the volume of open space between earth materials
single cell protozoa with cilia for locomotion
downhill direction in direction of a discharge site
contaminate moves in this way
aquifer material that contains mostly air
zone of aeration
hydroxyli or carbonate ion donors bitter slippery blue 7-14
shapeless one celled animal protozoa
the process by which a water vapor changes back to a liquid

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