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energy = ?
energy = calories
building blocks for sugar; have only one molecule of sugar
combines 2 monosccharides
quick energy reserve; when thse become full, it turns into body fat; stored in liver and muscles
Two types of CHOs
Simple and Complex Carbohydrates
What is the best source of energy for runners?
? calories should come from complex CHOs
Carbohydrates (CHO)
energy-giving nutrients made of sugars, starches, an fiber; represent body's primary source of energy (quick source of energy); 1gCHO = 4 Kilocal. of energy; 1kcals = 1000 calories
Hitting the Wall?
running out od CHOs
US Department of Agriculture
nutrient dense
foods that are high in nutients and the amount of energy it provides
the science/study of food and the ways in which the body uses food; the study of how ans why we make food choices; and the study of the nutrients food contains
Major forms of complex CHOs
Starches and Fiber
Complex CHOs
combination of long chains of saccharides; includes veggies, grains, beans, cereal, potatoes; contain vitamins, minerals, and provide energy
empty calories
sugars that are high in calories but have few nutrients
Lactose(di) = ?
galactose(mono) + glucose(mono)
Poor diet
a contributing factor in 4 out of 10 causes of death
6 Classes of essential nutrients in food include:
Carbohydrates, fats, protiens (these first 3 give energy), vitamins, minerals, water
Simple CHOs
(mostly bad; short chains of sugar units); sugars such as glucose, fructose, and galactose; as well as sucrose and lactose; includes table sugarm honey, candy, soda, fruit, and most dairy
individual should not comsume more than ? tspns of sugar a day
10 tspns
CHO Loading
helps maintain energy levels during endurance activities
the individual comsumes more than ? tspns of sugar a day
20 tspns
Maltose(di) = ?
glucose(mono) + glucose (mono)
the indigetible portion of plat foods that binds to waterin the intestinal trace to help make stool softer allows it to move your bowels along; prevents colon cancer; provides NO ENERGY
Sucrose(di) = ?
fructose(mono) + glucose(mono)
stored the polysaccaride form of glycogen, which is the form CCHOs take on when you have eaten more CHOs then your body needs; in flours, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, veggies, beans

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