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Modern World History-Williams

Mr. Williams Imperialism Period 4 Honors


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Chinese Gov't
corrupts and peasants rebel
Berlin Conference
(1884) All Europeans are invited to avoid fighting over Africa. No Africans allowed.
1275- Niccolo and Maffeo Polo
Treaty of Nanjing
(1842) 1. Brit gets indemnity(payment of losses from war 2. opens five ports 3. Brit citizens get extraterritorially(live under all laws and courts in China) 4. Brit gets same rightas as any other country
not taken over, Emperor Menelik II, modern roads and bridges, opens western(modern) schools, imports weapons
trade deficit
westerners bought more than china boight
1800-1914, the domination of the political, economical, and/or social life of another area. "Bullying"
New Imperialism
Hong Xui
leader/teacher people thought was Jesus Christ
sphere of influence
the influence of the people around them changing culture
Livingstone's books
"Evil" and "The Zambezi and Its Tributes"
Boer War
1899-1902- Dutch vs. Britain
balance of trade
china exports more that imports
David Livingstone
(Scottish) Dr. and Christian Missionary- goes as a missionary ->repulsed by Boers-discovers Bangwelu, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls
Alexandrine Tinne
(Dutch) upper Nile and NE Congo (Cent. Africa) was murdered by Tuaregs
direct rule
also called pateralism- (French) impose on your culture
Stanley's books
"How I found Livingstone" and "Through the Dark Continent"
Indian soldiers loyal to Britain
Taiping Rebellion
1850-1864 (20-30 million die)
Opium War
grown in poppy fields in India, chinese gov't outlaw it, Brit says "Right to Free trade" 1839 war --> Brit wins easily
karma-what goes around comes around dharma- fulfill your life
Empress (Upheld Confucian tradition), institutes open door policy-where anybody is free to come in or out of China
Rules for taking Land
1. Notice Belgium claims 2. Must have government official on site 3. Must then send own officials *Boundaries done in 20 yrs.
Second Hundred Years War
France vs. Britain (Robert Clive)
Been around Before
1) Age of discovery 2) Gengis Khan in China 3) Alexander the Great in Northern India 4) Rome in Carthage
1. Economic 2. Military, Political 3. Humanitarian/Religious 4. Social Darwinism
Britain takes Egypt as Protectorate
Muhammad Ali
"Father of Modern Europe" had 95 children, built up military and became more modernized, #1 export=cotton, conquered Arabia, Syria, and Sudan
Guang Xu
hundred days of reform tries to quickly modernize China
controlled by a country
Hindues believed in...
reincarnation, cows are sacred
The five pillars
1. only one god 2. pray five times a day, 3. fast during Romadan, 4. alms to the poor 5. Pilgrimage to Mecca
"Dark Continent" blank maps, made up features
Two religions of India
Hindus and Muslims
British East India Company
Company owns India for $$$$
Henry Mortan Stanley
(Br./Amer.) commissioned by NY Times to find Livingstone,famous line "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" fought on the confederate side during the Civil War, discovered Lake Edward and Rowenzori (Mts. of the Moon)
indirect rule
(British) leave local ruler in charge (puppet government)
caste system
top-priests, upper middle-warriors, lower middle-merchants, bottom-servant/slaves, out of triangle- outcasts/untouchables
Indians become upset
1. abolish slavery 2. tried to end caste system 3. women get rights
duch farmers in Cape Colony who dicover gold/diamonds
Sepoy Rebellion
1. make the travel over seas 2. let their widows remarry 3. new ammo crthridge with cow wax
legal segregation
cure for tropical disease
these trades only ake place at...
change of culture (adapt)
Britain bought if from...
Egypt in 1875 because they couldn't pay what the owed.
African people are divided...
different languages, governments, socially
Old Imperialism
the 3 G's, ---> God, Glory, Gold
Suez Canal
(1869) built by Ferdinand de Lesseps(Fr.) 100 mi waterway link (Med. Sea and Red Sea), cut down 42% of trip, moves 75% of cargo out of Mid. East.
Union of South Africa
est. in 1910
big brother colony
(Islam)- Muhammed= Islamic Prophet, Allah=God, Koran/Quran=bible, jihad=holy war

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